Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 10

(The Ravens really picked on Tramon Williams. Why was that and do you expect the same from Chicago?)

Well, playing corner in our system, particularly when we pressure, no different than the system we played in before, you're going to get vertical balls. I don't see it as a problem. Yeah, I hope Chicago does do that. I'm sure Tramon hopes he has more opportunities. Throwing the ball deep in one-on-one situations is something that happens every week. We're not going to overreact to the penalties, and if you had a chance to go after Tramon versus Charles, I'm sure some people may go at Tramon more. That's all part of game-planning and that's all part of the game.

(Any better idea on the availability of your D-linemen?)

They're getting better. Tomorrow will be a big day, like it normally is. They're all confident that they're going to play, but I've said this before, the doctors tell you otherwise. Tomorrow will be a big day for those guys.

(How did Barnett look?)

Nick practiced in a limited fashion and he looked OK. He's coming back and he's going to need the full week to recover.

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