Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 25

(With the guys you have at linebacker depth and making the switch to the 3-4, does it make the transition with Aaron's injury a little easier this week?)

Well, I feel we have depth there, to answer your question. I feel good about Brady Poppinga, Brad Jones and Jeremy Thompson, having him back healthy. So we feel we have more depth and more options.

(Did Wells make significant progress or is it just a pain tolerance issue?)

He had the knee injury and he's probable for the game. He practiced today. We feel good about Scott.

(Was today like a regular Friday practice or not even that much?)

Really today was more of a combination Friday-Saturday. Yesterday was a Wednesday-Thursday, if you're looking from a scheduling standpoint.

(So what's Saturday then, something in the gym?)

Our meeting structure for Saturday was today. Our practice structure was more of a cutdown Friday.

(The guys have seemed pretty loose the past couple of days ...)

Loose? I thought our practice yesterday was very good. Just to go through all the situations. And like a lot of times in football, when your quarterback practices extremely well, the practice goes a lot better. I thought he was extremely sharp yesterday, and today was just more of a review, because it is Saturday on their time clock. But I thought the work was good. I'm very pleased with what we were able to get done and get in.

(Do you think you're going to need a couple of guys to fill the roster spots, or can you go into the game with just 51?)

We're talking all of our different options today, if we do something today or not. We'll be at 51, and we're ready to go. We don't have much more time or options to really change. We feel good about our players, we feel good about our plan.

(How much in a short week were you able to feed to Bell?)

He came in, he worked out, and once he signed his contract, he was with the special teams coaches throughout the night, and Joe Whitt had a chance to meet with him. We're trying to catch him up as fast as we can. He has some game experience and special teams. We had an opportunity to talk to some people in his past and so forth, so we feel like we have a good handle on where he is.

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