Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 28

(How much was Tauscher able to do in his limited participation?)

Mark feels very good about where he is today. Really we'll see how he feels in the morning. He went through the jog-through and was taking his share of reps. You could probably put him anywhere between limited and full. We'll just see how he feels after his work today, and we'll give him every opportunity to play in the game Sunday.

(He did take a fair amount of team reps?)

Yeah, he took some team reps.

(How'd he look to you?)

Looked OK. I didn't sit there and watch him and study him. We had a conversation on the field about it. He feels good. He feels good about his chances.

(Did you get outside for team drills today?)

No we did not. The field was still frozen. We were unable to get on the field today, so we stayed inside the whole time.

(What are they doing to the field?)

When they clear it, it had snow on it, so when they do clear the snow off it, it looks like there's some dead grass, some clippings.

(Going back to Aaron Rodgers' tackle, do you like to see that kind of aggressive mentality? Some quarterbacks would only give minimal effort on something like that.)

Absolutely. I think you want to see that attitude throughout your team, regardless of the position. Even if it's the punter of the kicker. There's no doubt about it. It's a competitive sport. He was in a frustrating mindset because he just threw an interception. But I'm also aware of the fact that everybody was concerned about his potential injury. But Aaron is a competitor, and the fact that he covered the interception the way he's supposed to and kept him out of the end zone, that's what they're trained to do.

(How do you feel practice has gone during this short week?)

Practice is always distorted on these types of weeks. The volume has to be cut back, plus you have the early day on Thanksgiving and so forth. So it definitely was distorted. It wasn't as clean as you probably would like it. We had an opportunity to clean up some mistakes we made yesterday, and after we watch the film today I'm sure we'll clean up some things tomorrow. But that's always a challenge coming off a Monday night game.

(Do you think Rouse is going to play?)

We'll see. We have all three of those guys pretty much in the same boat. Aaron Rouse, Charlie Peprah and Atari Bigby. I'll go through the medical staff and see what they think. Also special teams will factor into that too. We'll look at that throughout the weekend. I'll probably go with two of the three, to answer your question.

(No offense to Tony Moll, but how important is it to have Tauscher?)

He's a starter on our football team. He's a veteran on our football team. I think that in itself answers the question. But we want to make sure, A, Mark's healthy. We don't put players out there in position to get hurt or do things to get them ready for a game that may be a short-term answer. It's an important game. Mark realizes that. Our whole football team realizes that. It's important for him to play. He's a starter for a reason. But that's also why you train the way we do with our offensive linemen, and the fact that Tony can step in there and play.

(What kind of week of practice did Derrick Frost have?)

I hope he had an awful week of practice, OK? (laughs) I thought he kicked OK. Just thinking, yesterday I know he started off a little sluggish in yesterday's practice, but he kicked the ball fine. And it looked like he kicked the ball fine today.

(He does seem to kick very well in practice ...)

He's a very good directional kicker, but as we all know, it's what you do on game day that counts, and Derrick needs to perform better.

(How much of that is psychological? Are you concerned where he's at?)

Our focus is on training Derrick, everybody. Whether we're throwing the football, kicking the football, catching the football, it's all part of the fine motor skills involved in performing on Sundays. Is part of it mental? Yes, of course it is. But I'm not a psychologist. I know part of my job is to be a psychologist. But he needs to perform better just like we all do. I need to perform better. We need to play better and perform at a high level to beat the Carolina Panthers.

(Since you're not a psychologist, when a guy gets a mental block like that, would you consider getting one?)

I haven't thought about it, but I'm sure there's people that do that. I'm sure we'll get all the calls after this press conference. It's an option.

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