Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 10

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(Did you say anything to Jones to help put that game behind him?)

We moved on. I think it was very important, particularly with the skilled players. We've been very good with yards after the catch. Our guys have been very good with the ball in their hands. We need to continue to do so. We just need to do a better job of protecting the football.

(Does that affect you calling any plays for him?)

No, we're fine. We've moved on.

(The fact that he's a good hands catcher, catching the ball out in front, impact that?)

Both of his were on very tight plays. I think Tillman made a good play on the ball both times. Still, anytime you carry the ball around your waist you're asking for trouble. You have to catch it, bring it to your body and secure it high and tight. It's something we practice all the time and it can happen as fast as it did to him in the game. He has very good hands for a young guy. As good as anyone I've ever worked with, of catching the ball away from his body and bringing it in to his body. He's just got to be quicker with securing the football high and tight.

(How do you see your receivers matching up with Washington's secondary?)

I've been impressed watching the defense. Any time you play an uncommon opponent you have a little more film study to do. Having an opportunity to compete against Gregg Williams in the past, he's playing them a little differently, particularly playing against him two years ago. I think their secondary is playing really well. Both their safeties are very active in the run game, big physical players. I think their corners are doing a good job. They're playing a lot of zone. They played with nothing but zone against Detroit. They started off playing more man in the beginning of the year. I think their corners, all three of them, will be good match-ups for our guys.

(How is Brandon Jackson today? What do you expect to get out of him?)

Brandon took the opponent work today. I thought he did well. It was good to have him back out there. We'll see how he feels in the morning.

(If Koren Robinson is reinstated, do you have a place for him on this team?)

I can't even comment on Koren's situation right now. But that is something that we will watch.

(Is Jennings out of the woods yet with his hamstring?)

He's not out of the woods yet, in my mind, with the hamstring. The plan is to be safe with him this last week before we get into the bye. His shoulder is a pretty good injury. We're going to shoot for Friday anyway. Talking to Dr. McKenzie, he's more worried about the shoulder than the hamstring. You talk to Greg, he feels like he's going to be fine. We'll see how he goes Friday.

(How did Harrell look in the game Sunday?)

He stayed square. I thought he got off to a good start for his first time out. He's just going to get better with reps. It was good to have him in there.

(Did he do enough to earn a spot for next week?)

We roll all of those guys. Daniel Muir, Colin Cole, the whole crew of those guys. We'll sort that out at the end of the week.

(With Woodson banged up, have you considering taking him off punt returns?)

I don't think punt return is where he's getting the bumps and bruises. It's really a product of how he plays. He's a very physical corner. It's a product of our scheme, the bump-and-run and collisions that he's involved in. He's a very good punt returner. He does not fair-catch the ball. There's a number times where that six-, seven-, eight-yard gain is very important. He does it over and over again during the course of the game. He's credited with probably 50, 60 yards of field position. That's where he's such an asset to us. We lost the field position battle against Chicago and frankly it was more because of the game plan, the way we went about it. We've been very good in field position in the first four games and he's a part of that.

{sportsad300}(You've talked about stacking successes. Is it equally important to handle a loss and make sure it doesn't snowball?)

I think it's very important to keep your eye on the target. We're a football team that won eight games in a row. It was different. You laugh about it, but we haven't lost a game in a while. Our Monday meeting was very similar to the week before. We lost the game, that was disappointing. We feel that we lost the game. We feel that we weren't beaten in that game. That in itself is more disappointing. The encouraging thing is that all of that is something that you can correct. At the end of the day we need to keep focused. Our house is a little sloppy. I talked about it with the team today. There's 75, 85 percent of the things we're doing week in and week out that we need to continue doing. You can't lose sight of that. That's much better than the way we've played in the past. This football team is improving. It's just what's happening is that other 15 or 20 percent that the drop off is too low. We just have to get a better level of consistency when things don't go our way. The turnovers, penalties, that's about as bad as performance we've had since I've been here. There are no doubt other factors involved that we're not even going to talk about but that's the reality of that football game. I understand how it is on the outside. Trust me, we don't like losing to that team more than anybody but we can definitely learn from that. That's what we plan on doing. This team coming in here, the Washington Redskins, just on watching the film, is the best team that we've played to date. Just based on what we've seen on film. They're an uncommon opponent. They're a veteran football team. They have a number of good football players. They're playing at a high level. They're playing with a lot of confidence. They have a young quarterback that's getting better week in and week out. They challenge you schematically. The head coach is in the Hall of Fame. That speaks enough in and of itself. The football team reflects the way he wants to play. We have a challenge ahead of us and we're excited about it because this will tell us a lot.

(Until the second half last Sunday, the short passing game had been so effective. Why has it been so hard to stop?)

It's all execution. There are teams that run it very good and teams that throw it very good. We're throwing it very good right now, best in the league. The most important thing is to be No. 1 in the league when the season's over. Our quarterback and our perimeter guys are on the same page. We spend a lot of extra time together. We'll get together in our post-practice meetings at 2:30 and they'll be together the whole time. We're seeing a lot of benefits from that. Our offensive line is doing a good job in pass protection. Once again, those are the positives. We need to continue to build on those and work on the things that we're not doing as well as we'd like.

(Jason Campbell came out in the same draft as Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. Did you look at him much?)

I thought he was a young man that played in four different offenses during his time there. He was very productive his senior year. He could make all of the throws. He's very talented. What happens to all quarterbacks in my experience training them, they reach a point in their career where the game slows down for them. That's what you're seeing for him. Any quarterback benefits from a run game. He has that and I thought he played really well against Detroit last week.

(What have you seen of Washington's defensive line?)

They're a veteran group. They do a nice job. I've played against a number of those guys in the past. It's a salty group. They were able to get after Detroit with a four-man rush. I think we'll see some of that. They may play us differently from a coverage standpoint. It will be a challenge for our group. This is a veteran football team that's playing very well right now. They have an understanding of their defensive scheme. London Fletcher does a nice job. They do a lot of Tampa-2, variations of cover-2. I'm going off of last game. They still have the ability to get into what we refer to as a jam-bear defense. They have a number of things in their background, from a pressure standpoint, that you have to be ready for.

(Have you ever crossed paths with coach Gibbs?)

I've never had a chance to talk to coach Gibbs. I read his book back in the early '90s and thought it was excellent. Anytime a coach has had the success that he's had, and when you look at his football team and they play the way you lead them, I think that's the true sign of a coach. There's a reason he's in the Hall of Fame. It'll be an honor to go up against him this week.

(How is Spitz adjusting to the center position?)

Jason is pretty natural in there. He handles all the cadences in the shotgun with Brett. We worked it a little more than we usually do on a Wednesday. He had a good day in there and I thought he played solid against Chicago.

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