Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 29

(Did the Sitton thing happen today?)

Carryover from yesterday. It's not an issue. He took every rep in team.

(What did he do exactly?)

He has a bruised hand.

(Would he have to play with anything on it?)

He'll be fine. He'll be fine. We're just filling out the reports properly. We like to hold our money in our pockets.

(Is there any difference in the way Aaron Rodgers is moving in practice?)

Yeah, Aaron's foot, he has a foot sprain. There's certain things that bother it, and we're just being smart through Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow's practice is obviously different than the way we practiced these last two days. It's very similar to where he was last week.

(Was this Tauscher's first full practice?)


(How did it go?)

It went well. I thought he did OK. I haven't seen the film yet, but it looked like he's moving around well out there.

(If you had to play him, is he ready to go?)

I think he's close to ready to go, yes.

(Are he and Barbre, and Clifton and Lang, splitting snaps in team?)

Well, Clifton didn't do the team. Clifton participated in some of the individual drills.

(How about Tauscher and Barbre?)

Yeah, Tauscher is taking some reps over there too. Frankly, just because of our numbers with our practice squad and Jason Spitz not practicing, those guys are taking a lot of reps on the opponent squads too. If you were there in the team periods, I wouldn't spend any time trying to evaluate the reps, I mean the way they're being distributed. We're rolling the guys in there and we're getting as much quality reps as we can with groups together, but they're practicing a lot more than they normally do.

(How much closer are you to knowing which five you'll go with?)

Same thing I said Monday. We're going to take Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and take in all the information. We have a 1 o'clock game management meeting every Friday. We'll talk about it then as a staff with the coordinators and so forth. I'll probably be ready to give the answer either Saturday or Saturday night. I'll probably tell the players Saturday night.

(What happened with Spitz?)

I was incorrect yesterday. I thought he was on the higher side of being ready to go. He came in this morning, and he's not ready to go. I don't know if you want to call it a setback, but I thought he was about ready. His workout last Friday before the Cleveland Brown game was very good. He felt no pain and we felt like we were out of the woods at that point. But that is not true, as of yesterday and today.

(Are you confident it's not a disc issue, that it's muscular?)

He's seen a number of doctors, and I think he feels good about the information he's given. I think it's just a matter of time. It's low back. There's always some unknown there.

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