Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 2

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(How did Donald Driver look and what's his status?)

Donald is doing well. He went through rehab. He'll be limited for the remainder of the week. We'll make a decision on him at the end of the week.

(Are you optimistic he'll be able to play?)

Yeah, I feel the same way today as I did last week. He'll be limited starting Wednesday.

(How about Morency and Jackson?)

I'll have more information today on Mo. We wanted to get him through the practice segments that he went through today. Brandon went through the whole thing. He looks to be fine. Their status will be upgraded. Today was a big day for them.

(Morency didn't do team drills today?)

He was just limited today.

(How long will it take him to get back in football shape?)

That's a good question. When he does play I won't look for him to play every snap. We'll use him as a role player and be smart with him. I'm not concerned about that. He's an individual that takes care of his body. He was one of our top guys in the offseason, so it's an unfortunate injury. His rehab put him in as best of shape as he could be without playing. I don't think his conditioning will be a factor.

(Can you get Grant and Kuhn up to speed in a few practices?)

I like what I saw from Grant today. He's a bright individual. He has a lot of special teams experience. He played a bunch for the Giants throughout the preseason. He will factor into our plans this week.

(Herron had that third-down role. Who will you count on to fill that?)

We'll have to use the week to answer that question. I think our young guys have picked it up rather quickly. Brandon has improved throughout training camp. That was probably the part that came slowest to him. I think he's done really good in normal down and distance. DeShawn Wynn hasn't played a whole lot but he has a good understanding of protections. In the time that he has been in there he has done a good job with the blitz pick-up. Mo did it for us last year so he would be a contributor on third down. We'll use the week to answer those questions.

(Wynn had a couple of drops in the game. Is he shaky in that area?)

He practiced three times last week and played in one game. DeShawn just needs to play. I think the reps this week in practice will benefit him greatly. I think he has good hands. I'm not worried about his hands. I just think he needs more reps.

(Jackson had the most carries in the preseason. Will he get the majority in the opener?)

I'm going to use the next couple of days to answer those questions. Our running back questions are medical in my view. We have a plan. They all fit into the play as far as their ability. It's clearly a medical issue. We will use them in combination. We've talked about committee from Day 1. It's now time to put the committee into play. Their health will answer how much.

(Are you waiting until Wednesday to go with pads?)

We'll go pads tomorrow. I want to get on an in-season schedule with our football team. We'll go pads tomorrow and treat that as a Wednesday. Then Tuesday will be their off day and we'll work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

(With all the injuries, do you have a good sense of the quality of the running back corps?)

We are who we are. The way we go about our game-planning isn't based on one position. We have some experience in some areas that we'll push to. I look for those guys to contribute. Every week is a new week. The flexibility we have in our offense we'll have to grab a hold of and push forward. I'm excited about our guys. I can't control the medical part of it. There will be a running back and his health will have a lot to do with it.

{sportsad300}(With the excess defensive linemen, did you consider waiting for Herron to get healthy rather than put him on IR?)

It was a tough decision. The timing wasn't very good for everybody. An injury in the fourth game says enough about itself. Going off the advice of Dr. McKenzie, what he saw for the surgery, the time frame for the rehab and the numbers, particularly on offense, we had to make that decision. It was not an easy decision. Especially for the type of individual Noah is, how he's contributed to this organization on and off the field in the short time that he's been here. I can't say enough about him and the way he goes about his business. He was definitely going to be a contributor this year.

(How much did you work on Philadelphia the last week or two?)

We really didn't have a Philadelphia practice if that's what you're referring to. I know we did that last year with Chicago. We had some review days where they didn't realize they were working on Philadelphia but they were. Once again, our schemes are in. All the concepts we're using this week we used throughout the spring and summer. The way we package them and interface them with different protection is where the difference is. We just have to work to get better at the things that we do. We are who we are. That's the way we'll attack this game.

(Last year you kept four tight ends, this year two. With the way you moved tight ends around to adjust, how does that affect you now?)

By preference I believe when it's all said and done, from an offensive standpoint, the two-back system is the way to go. If I can play an ideal game I would run the ball 55 times and hold the ball for 40 minutes. What other factors go into that? When designing the roster we wanted to get to a two-fullback system as far as personnel. We accomplished that with the acquisition of Kuhn. He's a young man that we had on our radar the last two years. The four tight ends last year was just the way the roster shaped out. I've said this before up here, you have to have the ability to go from two-back to one-back. To me that's part of having a good offensive system. We've illustrated that. We have that ability. To me it's interchangeable. Is it four tight and ends and one fullback? Is it three tight ends and two fullbacks? You really like to have a combination of five people. I know we're not there yet but that's not to say that we won't be there in the future.

(What is Tyson Walter's injury?)

He had turf toe.

(What did you learn about your starting defense in camp and the preseason games?)

The biggest thing we were looking for and I feel we accomplished it, was consistency and communication. They illustrated that throughout training camp. I thought they were very consistent. There weren't too many days where they came off the field feeling like they didn't have a good day of work. They also put together four good games. That was something in the off-season that we wanted to improve on. I clearly think we did. We're talented. We have playmaking ability. On the defensive side of the ball we're playing with a lot of confidence and a lot of energy. They'll be a big part of our success against Philadelphia.

(You said in Tennessee that Wells has a neck thing. Who's the fill-in for him, Spitz or Palmer?)

Scott Wells is fine. Everybody's got bumps and bruises. Scott Wells is fine. Jason Spitz would be the second center then we'd go to Juice Coston after that. Those are our three centers.

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