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Next two games will prepare Packers

How do you deal with Khalil Mack?


Benji from Hudson, WI

Kind of wishy-washy, aren't we? Pretty old-school, don't fix it if it ain't broke on a lot of topics. You want to run it down their throats, Oklahoma drill, smash-mouth football that you can feel from the press box, but with the uniforms you want glitz and glamour? Which is it, Vic? Football made of steel or sparkles?

Steel with sparkles on it. I like bright colors.

Margo from Bloomington, IN

Jeff Janis says he just used "speed and hands" to get free and make tackles covering punts. Is that the same technique our wide receivers need to use to defeat press coverage at the line of scrimmage? I'm begging you to not respond, "I don't know, Margo."

Yes, it is, and why is the carpet all wet, Margo.

Dick from Oceanside, CA

You are a complete jerk. No more play-calling questions? The people have every right to ask whatever questions they want to ask. Please retire.

You're banned.

Clayton from Coeur d'Alene, ID

Will you please explain why offensive linemen prefer run blocking vs pass blocking?

It's because they'd rather be a hammer than a nail. Yes they would, if they only could, they surely would.

Paul from Wauwatosa, WI

The Kahlil Mack fellow is pretty darn good. What would Coach Vic do to try and get Mack off his game?

Hard count? No, forget that. I hate that hard-count stuff. I have a better idea: Block him.

Tony from Hamilton, Ontario

I read that Chuck Noll was an introvert. How can a person who doesn't like the spotlight be so successful as a head coach in the NFL?

He spoke with his silence. It was deafening, especially when he stared at you with his lips tightened into a bloodless scratch. I can still hear him.

Michael from Berlin, Germany

Vic, Pat Kirwan suggests in one of his books to get rid of the current overtime rules and simply flip sides and keep playing until a team scores. Do you think this is a good idea?

No, I don't, because he's eliminating the most dramatic element of overtime, the coin toss. One of my fondest memories from covering a football game is of an overtime coin toss. It was from a game between the Jaguars and Steelers at Three Rivers Stadium in 1997. It's one of the best games I have ever covered. Tony Boselli made the call for the overtime coin toss, which was broadcast for fans to hear. By that point in the game, I was down on the field. Three Rivers was a cavernous stadium, its cylindrical enclosure holding in all sounds. The crowd grew silent when the referee instructed Boselli to call it in the air. I remember hearing Boselli say, "Tails." Then I think I heard a bird chirp during a pause before the referee said, "It is heads," which was followed by an explosive roar. Why would I want something so memorable to be eliminated?

Tou from Eau Claire, WI

Before the regular season started, Joe Whitt refused to say the rookie cornerbacks were anywhere near the veteran leaders, Sam Shields and Casey Hayward. If he was being honest with you right now, what do you think he would be saying about them?

Let's find out. You've given me an excellent angle for next week's "Scouting report" story. I'll ask Joe for his opinion on Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins.

Tom from Green Lake, WI

Assuming we make the playoffs, which should be a good chance, what teams would challenge us with a four-man rush and flood the secondary to make passing lanes clogged?

With the return of Jason Pierre-Paul, the Giants can do it, and almost have to do it; they've struggled on the back end this season and desperately need to flood the passing lanes. How about rush seven and drop four? The Broncos played that way against the Packers, and so did the Panthers as they were building their lead. You do what your personnel allows you to do. The Giants have a star pass rusher. The Panthers have a shutdown corner in Josh Norman. I'll be interested to see the Cardinals secondary, which features Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu.

William from Kimberly, WI

I watched the TNF game. There were a lot of fans dressed as empty seats. How can fans feel the team is theirs when the fan base does not support it? I know in Green Bay we don't have Cardinals games to go to. We only have bowling and drinking to keep us occupied. I am glad to be a Packers fan.

Packers fans view support of the Packers to be a civic obligation. It's an attitude born of the stock sales that saved the franchise. That's not the way it is in the big cities. The team has to sell itself to the fans, and the competition for the entertainment dollar is stiff. The Rams are in direct competition with the Cardinals and Blues. We're talking about nearly 150 sports dates a year. The Rams also have the Los Angeles thing weighing on them right now. I expect that to get resolved one way or another this winter. In every city, there's a dominant team, and the other ones have to fight for their share of the entertainment dollar. Boston, for example, has always been a baseball town. I'll be interested to see what happens to the Patriots should they decline. Cincinnati has always been a baseball town, and the Bengals have struggled through losing seasons. Pittsburgh is a football town, and the Pirates have had their struggles. The Packers have the disadvantage of having to reach beyond their immediate market to attract fans, but they're the only game in town, so to speak, and that's a huge advantage for this franchise.

Maximillian from Sydney, Australia

Vic, would you agree this type of road game against a tough defense is perfect preparation heading into the playoffs?

These next two games will prepare this team for the road it may have to travel in the postseason. I also think the possibility exists these next two games will define this team.

Ted from Pittsford, NY

"A part of me will never get over the fact Woodson appears to be the last dinosaur." It just sparks so much emotion. You really have a gift, Vic. Thanks for always giving us such great pieces of writing.

Charles Woodson doesn't have to fear the media. Why? Because the media is his friend. That's the key. If you treat the media with respect, by helping them do their job, and with appreciation for treating you with fairness and an element of fondness, you'll find they'll defend you and support you when you need it. If you treat the media with disdain, they'll get you. The media will always win. All they have to do is wait. Nobody stays on top forever.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, a number of quarterbacks these days can scramble, but who have you covered who showed the most elusiveness inside the pocket?

Mark Brunell, prior to his knee injury, was the most elusive quarterback I ever covered. Aaron Rodgers is on a par with Brunell.

Riley from Blacksburg, VA

Do you think McCarthy will go back to letting Clements call the plays next year?

I think Mike McCarthy will be the Packers' play-caller for a very long time, and it's time to calm down and put this topic of discussion in the cold file.

Chad from Madison, WI

Vic, I know one of the things you enjoy about the game is the visual images it provides. In your opinion, what provides the best visuals, a day or night game?

Excluding domes, obviously, the best visuals occur during day games. I love looking out over the top of Lambeau Field. I can do that because the press box is so high. I loved looking out the south end zone in Jacksonville, and seeing the sun bounce off the St. Johns River. The downtown views out the open ends of CenturyLink Stadium, Heinz Field, The Linc and Paul Brown Stadium make those ballparks distinct. I love the colors of fall, and that's one of the reasons I love colorful uniforms. Football needs color because it's played during a time of the year when things are dying and turning brown. My eyes seek excitement.

Weston from Lake Geneva, WI

How much similarity do you see in the careers of Charles and Rod Woodson?

They're the same guy. They each began their careers as premier cornerbacks, and then moved to safety and extended their careers. They also each played some wide receiver in college. Rod Woodson was also good with the media. I see him from time to time, and we always stop and talk.

Adam from Chippewa Falls, WI

After seeing the Rams, do you still think the Packers should wear all yellow for their color rush game next year?

OK, I surrender. I know when I've lost. I think the Packers should wear all beige for their color-rush game next year. Beige shoes, socks, pants, jersey, sideline gear, etc. How about a beige helmet with a faded-green G? Maybe the other team will wear all grey and the game can be billed as the Dull Bowl. Hey, if that's classy, then count me out.

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