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No letdown; give credit to the coaches

Packers' offensive line as good as any


Nate from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, how fun is it to watch, study and write about the best QB in the league week after week?

It's fun, and it's a source of pride that I'll be able to say for the rest of my life I covered Aaron Rodgers. I feel that way about all of the great players I've covered, and I think it shows in this column.

Terry from Milwaukee, WI

I think it was Damarious Randall who hit the receiver after the catch and was flagged for the hit. What was the reason? It looked clean.

It was Ha Ha on Jeremy Maclin, and it was the classic defenseless receiver situation. Ha Ha arrived at Maclin a split second after the ball arrived, and there was a blow to Maclin's helmet from Ha Ha's helmet. It's going to take a long time to acclimate defenders to hit with safety in mind. Football has taught the generations to hit to punish, and that's the instinct that has to be changed.

Doug from Mason City, IA

Vic, I am simply amazed at the number of first or second-year players, including undrafted players that perform when called upon. I know we are a draft-and-develop team, but have you ever seen another team get young players coached up as quickly?

Never. I'm amazed, too. Every coaching staff I've ever covered has been successful, but no staff I've covered has plugged in young players with the success Coach McCarthy's staff has, and they're doing it with, by far, fewer padded practices than any staff I had previously covered.

Duane from Hammond, WI

I realize we won the game, but why can we not close out the opponent? Adjustments by the other team? Or a more conservative approach to protect a lead?

It's a natural human tendency to lose your edge when the goal has been achieved. By the same token, I think the Chiefs lost their hesitancy when it became apparent the issue had been decided. One softens and the other relaxes, and that's the combination that produces garbage-time yardage.

Adam from Eau Claire, WI

Time for some more good, old-fashioned revenge on the 49ers.

If that's what turns you on, go for it, but I don't think a win over the 49ers is going to drive a stake into the hearts of the 49ers' players or fans.

Jeremy from Sobieski, WI

I understand there are two regular-season games awarded to the gold package or to Milwaukee ticket holders. I understand the reason for that, but it's frustrating in a way because they sell their tickets and opposing teams' fans gobble them up. I'm just curious where the gold-package ticket holders are actually from and why they would sell to opposing teams' fans instead of asking a Packers fan if they want to buy them. I would think it's pretty easy to find a Packers fan willing to go. (Yes, I understand they can get more money selling them online, but come on, sell to Packers fans.)

I completely agree. I hope San Diego isn't a gold-package game. I don't want Chargers fans coming in here and making the Packers go to their silent count. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Jerry from Des Moines, IA

I thought KC pressured Rodgers as much as the Packers pressured Smith, yet, one sack to seven and a 138.5 passer rating to 80. Rodgers does indeed tilt the field!

The Packers offensive line deserves the credit, especially the two tackles, David Bakhtiari and Don Barclay. I made them my players to watch because they were responsible for blocking Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, two fierce pass rushers. The Packers have more than an underrated offensive line; they have a line that belongs in the same conversation with the Cowboys'.

Kevin from Plainview, TX

It felt like the Packers defense played with a lot of pop last night. What do you feel brought that about?

Preparation. Dom Capers and the defensive staff had their players ready to play. What happened to that letdown after the Seattle game, huh?

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