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Nobody's complaining; is everyone OK?

Packers playing old-school football


Christian from Copenhagen, Denmark

After a quarter of the season, the Packers defense is tied with Carolina as the third-best scoring defense at 17.8 points in average. Everyone seems to be contributing.

I didn't expect the Packers defense to get this good this quickly. Let's not forget, this team lost two cornerbacks in free agency and released both starting inside linebackers. The Packers' start to the season has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Sherman from Blue Lake, CA

What difference did you see between Dom Capers' approach to stopping Jamaal Charles last week and Colin Kaepernick this week?

Every week has required a different approach. The Packers attacked Marshawn Lynch in the north-south rushing lanes. They squeezed Charles to keep him from bouncing to the outside. Kaepernick introduced the read-option dynamic, and what I saw was a free runner in the form of a linebacker or safety, and they were much more successful at tackling Kaepernick than they had been in the past. That's the difference. Yesterday, the unblocked defender got Kaepernick on the ground.

Milton from Midland, MI

Vic, the Rams are good. How do the Packers stop them?

It begins with blocking Aaron Donald.

Dylan from Urbana, OH

Why is everyone complaining about the lack of blowouts? What matters is our offense and defense are playing good, if not great right now. So why are fans complaining?

They're not complaining. My inbox has no complaints this morning about the Packers' performance, only complaints about fans that aren't complaining.

Cyrus from Twisp, WA

Vic, I'm assuming your inbox will be filled with doom and gloom about our offensive line. I think we need to give the 49ers defensive front some respect for what they did. Your thoughts?

You assumed wrongly. My inbox is not filled with doom and gloom. This could be a tough week.

Kelly from Kaneohe, HI

Vic, most of the game was won by the defense, but our first and last drives were things of beauty.

I'm not even getting complaints about the Packers running eight consecutive running plays to close out the game. Did something happen while I was gone? Is everyone OK?

Troy from Milwaukee, WI

Jayrone Elliott, another game, another sack. Is it too early to buy a jersey? Man, I'm loving the way this guy comes up big.

How about Nick Perry? Another game, another two sacks. This is his stat line from yesterday: two tackles, two sacks, two tackles for loss and two hurries. That's too good to be ignored. Perry is quietly having a season that's going to earn him a whole lot of money.

Trevor from Atascadero, CA

I know Packers fans travel well, but I was disappointed with San Francisco's crowd. Being there in person, I couldn't believe how many empty seats there were.

Were you really disappointed? Come on, tell the truth. Or are you just chortling?

Tom from Sussex, WI

Vic, my Packers fandom has started only recently. I finally started seeing the game for what it is, and this full house backfield is a fairly new sight for me. Do you think we'll see any more of this? Maybe we can finally utilize Kuhn more than the occasional fourth-and-1 or small-yardage red-zone plays.

The Packers used the full-house look years ago. It's something else for which the opponent must prepare. A little variety is good, but I don't want too much of it. I want a lot of Eddie Lacy pounding on defenders. That's what opponents fear and respect. That's what opens the passing lanes for Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers played a lot of six in the box. They were giving the run. Take it.

Grady from Calgary, Alberta

Vic, how do you feel about Claymaker trash-talking Kaepernick during the game? Clay seems to overtly not like Kaepernick, and I personally enjoy it.

When you win, everything you say and do is right. Make sure you win.

Mike from Cullowhee, NC

Has Dom Capers had a stable of pass rushers like this since you've been in Green Bay? I think the time invested into the depth of the entire defense is really paying off.

You get what you emphasize.

Patrick from Fort Collins, CO

I enjoy watching this season's team form an identity. It's exciting to see the culmination of draft picks coming together on offense and, especially, on defense. This season will be fun to watch unfold. My biggest question, after watching Rodgers' press conference, is this: Will a young lion emerge as a deep threat on this team's offense?

How many deep threats are there in the league? This major point of emphasis on illegal contact, defensive holding and pass interference – as I predicted – has backed off defenses, which has resulted in an explosion in dink-and-dunk pass offense. I don't like it. I like big plays.

Jim from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

When was the last time the Packers were 4-0?

It was 2011, when the Packers got to 13-0 before they lost a game. The problem then was the Packers lost two of the next four games, so let's keep that in mind: A fast start is wonderful, but it's how you finish that'll determine how history records you.

Amos from Ankeny, IA

Thirteen sacks in two weeks. Is this defense the real deal or are they facing subpar offensive lines?

The sacks are the result of stopping the run and making the opponent one-dimensional. That's when you can tee off on the passer. Dom Capers has been preaching that sermon for a long time. It's old-school football and the Packers are playing it beautifully. Defense begins with stopping the run.

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