Off The Field: T.J. Lang

Learn a little more about guard/tackle T.J. Lang away from the football field in this week’s installment of Off The Field. Favorite TV show...Dexter is my No. 1 show. Seinfeld too, going old school on you.


Favorite TV show...Dexter is my No. 1 show. Seinfeld too, going old-school on you.

Favorite movies...The best movie I have seen lately is Law Abiding Citizen. I'm also big into comedies, so Dumb and Dumber is a classic.

Favorite music group/artist...I'm starting to grow into country these past few years. Toby Keith, Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts are my top three.

Hobbies...sleeping and watching Food Network. I like to think I am somewhat of a cook, so I like to learn new things.

First car...A 1992 Ford Crown Victoria when I was a senior in high school. The thing was a big boat and I loved it, but I had to retire it last year.

First job...Before my senior year of high school, I went door-to-door passing out fliers for a construction company. It wasn't bad. I was making $10 an hour and I worked five hours a day. I pulled in some nice cash during the summer.

Favorite meal...Steak, baked potato, asparagus, and throw in a lobster tail too.

Favorite restaurant...I just like going to a nice steakhouse wherever I am at.

First big thing you bought when you signed your first contract...I bought my Jeep. I actually had a loan on that and I paid that off.

Greatest influence on you growing up...My family. I grew up in a great sports family. My parents were both huge sports fans so I got started into football early. They were just great influences on me, always positive and always motivated me to do my best.

Favorite athlete in another sport...I'm actually a big hockey fan, so one of the guys I love to watch is Alex Ovechkin. He does some crazy things on the ice and it takes a lot of skill to do that. I played roller hockey growing up, actually played in a league for a year, but guys my size don't really tend to last too long so I had to switch sports.

Funniest teammate...Jason Spitz. He's a good guy. You can always look to Jason for humor if you're having a down day. He likes to pull some pranks.

Talent or skill that you have that people don't know about...I'm a pretty good cook. That's one of my hidden talents. I make this pretty good chicken/broccoli bake. I actually stole the recipe from my mom though, so I won't take credit for that. It's a pretty good one though.

Favorite childhood sports memory...Probably the best days of my childhood were just going out and playing pickup football, basketball, hockey, or baseball in the big field next to my house. Those are the moments you miss about your childhood. I remember we used to always watch football games and me and my buddies would go out at halftime and try to replay the cool plays we saw in the first half. That's a great memory.

Favorite NFL player as a kid...Barry Sanders. Right when I was growing up and getting into football, he was in his prime. I watched the Lions a lot and he was just a special player, and I actually played running back in Little League so I kind of looked up to him.

Favorite NFL team as a kid...I would have to say the Michigan Wolverines because I was a much bigger college fan than the NFL. My dad was just a die-hard Wolverines fan so I kind of grew into it that way.

What job you would have if you weren't playing in the NFL...I went to school for criminal justice. One of my other favorite TV shows is The First 48; I love watching that. I could see myself doing some kind of detective work.

Favorite place to visit...Our family goes up to Mackinac usually for the Fourth of July. It's peaceful, relaxing up there and just a nice area. It's a good way to get away from the real world, away from football for a week.

What position would you like to play other than the one you do...Tight end was always the position I wanted to play. I thought I was pretty athletic for a big guy. That seems like a pretty cool position to me. You get to block but you also get to score some touchdowns, and that's an offensive lineman's dream. I've played five positions since I have been here, so why not make it six?

Favorite web site...Probably takes up most of my time, but I also like going to and

What you remember most about your first NFL game...Getting fined (for a block in preseason game against Cleveland). I wasn't really aware at the time that you could get fined for stupid plays, but I learned very quickly. That was my 'Welcome to the NFL' moment.

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