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What is the most underrated team of all time?


Dianne from Hayden Lake, ID

Why were we blacked out from seeing the special? Green Bay has fans all over the country and North Idaho is full of them, myself included. We scream our hearts out when the Packers are near in Seattle and we don't get to see the special. I think that was pretty short-sighted on the part of the powers that be.

It was a local production. It was only broadcast through the Packers' statewide NBC markets. Hayden Lake isn't part of the Packers' statewide market.

Matthew from Fayetteville, NC

Vic, are teams required to have a player at every position, such as fullback, on their roster?

No. There was no tight end on the roster of teams that ran the "Run and Shoot."

Eric from Madison, WI

Vic, who was Greg Cook and how did he influence the NFL?

Cook was an extremely talented quarterback who blew out his arm in his rookie season. He was rushed back too fast and that likely ended his career. His influence on the NFL is he taught teams to treat a great arm with great care.

Justin from Titonka, IA

MLB's All-Star Game decides who gets homefield advantage for Game 7 in the World Series. What are your thoughts on making the Pro Bowl outcome factor into the Super Bowl somehow?

Something as frivolous as the Pro Bowl shouldn't count toward anything.

Tom from Seattle, WA

Can you arrange for us out-of-state shareholders to see "One of a Kind" on the Packers website?

Why should it be limited to shareholders? "One of a Kind" will be shown on, beginning with Part I today.

Tom from Neenah, WI

Last night on the MLB All-Star Game, whenever a pitcher had good stuff the announcers called it "filthy." All three announcers used the term, including Joe Buck. That descriptive term was used at least 10 times during the broadcast. I had to finally turn off the television in disgust.

It's now popular to use negative terms to describe something positive: that's sick, for example. I don't like it, either.

Jonathan from St. Joseph, MO

Mitch's question yesterday got me thinking about pat-themselves-on-the-back Packers fans. Mitch wrote that Reggie White said players feed off the emotional charge given by fans (specifically Packers fans). If Packers fans would put their money where their mouth is, there would be no need for "Get Loud Lambeau" campaigns during the biggest games of the year. For one of the best teams in the league, there should be no reason Packers fans should need a reminder to get loud.

Once upon a time, a coach or a team would be fined for promoting crowd noise; I'm not kidding. At some point, it became futile. Crowd noise in domed stadiums, such as the Metrodome, made it impossible for the league to control crowd noise, so it just gave up. Coaches dealt with the situation by making silent-count practice part of the daily practice regimen. Still, noise is a big part of homefield advantage, and coaches want the same advantages in their stadiums as opposing coaches have in theirs. "Get Loud Lambeau" was, in my opinion, an innocent campaign to ramp up the excitement for a playoff game. I think it built fervor for the Dallas game; I liked the feeling. I'm not big on the "12th Man" thing because I think it implies a little more than making noise. I worry that it makes fans feel as though they're a player, and that's where it can get dangerous.

Karl from Green Bay, WI

Do you have any stories about John Jurkovic when he was in Jacksonville? He was one of my favorite Packers, and I always wished he could have been with the team one more year to get that ring with the Packers in 1996.

He was always a willing and cooperative interview. He loved the game and he loved to talk about it. He made my job easier.

Stephen from Colliers, WV

Vic, what is the best time to visit Green Bay?

I think training camp is the best time for out-of-state Packers fans to visit Green Bay. The weather is usually at its best, and training camp offers a feel for the franchise that goes beyond what you can get at a game. Camp is a festive time. People come from far away to have fun. It's a time to meet people with the same burning interest. It's a time when someone from West Virginia might make a friend from Iowa.

Lynn from Appleton, WI

At the end of each season, Mike McCarthy does an assessment and implements change to his football program. What types of changes can we expect to see this season?

I expect to see improvement in special teams play.

Joe from Clio, MI

With the death of Ken Stabler, it got me thinking that I believe the 1976 Raiders are the most underrated team of all time. What is your most underrated team?

The 1978 Cowboys. How many more of the players on that team would be in the Hall of Fame today if they hadn't lost Super Bowl XIII to the Steelers? The '78 Cowboys are one of the best teams in NFL history, but you never hear them mentioned in best-ever discussions. Just win, baby.

Spencer from Denver, CO

The cheapest ticket for the Packers vs. Broncos game on Nov. 1 is $387.50. No wonder the NFL is more concerned about their product on TV. The real money is being made by the fans who are selling their $50 tickets on the secondary market at an almost 800 percent markup. Vic, how do you turn a casual fan into a serious fan when the casual fan can't even afford to experience a game in person?

The market will bear what the market will bear, but I was greatly disappointed at the ruling that permitted ticket-scalping. It works both ways. It can also devalue tickets, and that's a bitter pill to swallow for fans buying tickets at face value.

Jane from New Brighton, MN

I'm enjoying watching the "Countdown to Favre" videos. I can't help but notice Larry McCarren's left pinky finger. I've never seen anything quite like it in all my life. Do you know the story behind it? Is it a football injury? Couldn't an orthopedic surgeon help him with it? Or does he keep it like that as the football equivalent of a red badge of courage?

Larry snapped the ball and Lynn Dickey grabbed Larry's pinky finger by mistake and handed it off to John Brockington. Brockington brought the finger back to the huddle and gave it to Larry and Larry put the finger back onto his hand, but he didn't get it back in there straight. It makes finding gloves tough, but it's good for sipping tea, and Larry can signal for a left turn without putting his whole hand out the window.

Chad from Noblesville, IN

Without our man, is this a playoff team?

Without Tom Brady, are the Patriots a playoff team? What playoff team is a playoff team without having "The Man"? Ravens without Flacco? Steelers without Roethlisberger? Broncos without Manning? Cowboys without Romo? You must have "The Man." The Packers have him.

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