Packers at Lions Halftime Chat

Senior writer Mike Spofford took questions during halftime of the Packers-Lions game. See his take on the first half.

OK, folks, tight one here, as expected. Let's go.

Comment From Frederick

How loud is Ford Field tonight?

It's loud. This is the fewest GBP fans here that I can remember. Lions fans kept their tickets for this one.

Comment From Beau

For as poorly as they played--penalties, drop INT, giving up big plays on 3rd down--they must be thrilled to be only down 4 and getting the ball to start the second half.

That's kind of how I see it, too. Two big mistakes on defense, and sloppy on offense with the penalties, missed assignments.

Comment From Ryan

Seems like a lot of bad fundamentals leading to penalties.

They're calling it close. I didn't see the hold on Lang, but the Janis one was an easy call for the ref. That took away a big first down, too.

Comment From KD

Why was it 1st and 17 after the holding penalty in the 2nd quarter with about 3 minutes left? Shouldn't it have been 1st and 20?

Penalty was downfield, marked off from spot of the foul.

Comment From Guest

I know they said Ty was not blocking well, but why oh why are they not running with him?

He went the wrong way on a third-down screen pass early in the game, and it doesn't appear that went over too well.

Comment From Caleb

What's wrong with the secondary?

The third-and-15 was the killer. Otherwise, you have to recognize this passing offense is pretty good. Detroit's pass protection has been pretty decent, too.

Comment From Patrick

Hard to believe Matthews didn't make that play. Hopefully he gets another chance at one in the second half.

Yeah, for sure.

Comment From Guest

Is there a chance the packers could bench starters in the 2nd half, given having clinched the playoffs?

I don't think so. You want to be playing at home next week.

Comment From Michael Ryan

Now December is over, so is our mojo?

I'm not going that far, but the Packers have made more mistakes on offense in this first half than we've seen over most of the last month.

Comment From Gilley

Has there been any pass rush?

Not enough. Peppers drilled Stafford on one play, but he stood in there and delivered a strike. Jones going offside wiped out a potential sack. The ILB blitz got a sack, but then they gave up third-and-15 when Rollins got beat deep. Stafford is no slouch, especially in this building.

Comment From Jerry

The Packers seem to be complaining about a lot of missed calls. How do you see it?

It looks to me like they're calling the holding pretty tight on GB, but I saw HHCD get hog-tied down on a Zenner run and no flag.

Comment From Dylan

What does it take for the offense to explode?

Stop making mistakes.

Comment From Daniel

I like the changeup running with Ripkowsi. He's looking good.

Looks to me like Detroit wasn't prepared for him to get handoffs. The element of surprise is gone now.

Comment From Patrick

I want them to win and get the home game, but would playing Seattle again really be a terrible thing? I know it's tough up there but I feel like Packers match up better against Seattle than New York.

You've scored 38 on Seattle and 38 on Minnesota last two games at home. I don't care who the opponent is, your chances are better at home.

Comment From Tyler

How's the press box at Ford Field?

High up and loud. Open air so we can hear everything.

Comment From Greg

Why are we not able to get to Stafford? Why is Capers not adjusting? What they are doing is not working.

He's throwing plenty of blitzes at him. Most of the time, Stafford is reading the blitz and getting the ball out.

Comment From Guest

Trouble in the middle of the line? Zenner seems to have had several wide-open lanes up the gut.

Packers' run fits haven't been sharp all the time. Have to adjust to Zenner in the second half.

Comment From John

Where is Jordy?

They're rolling safety help over top on Jordy's side pretty much every play. Rodgers has to look elsewhere.

Comment From Steph

We are only down by 4 and not playing close to our best. I expect a better 2nd half.

My thoughts exactly.

Comment From E

Seriously, outside of Rodgers who makes play for this team? It's all Rodgers every week. We would be a dumpster fire without him.

And you think the Lions would be any good without Stafford? It's a QB league, man. See what happened to the Raiders today?

Comment From Dave, UK

How is Joe Thomas?

On the sideline with a back injury I guess. Too bad, because he was off to a good start in this game. Gave some hard hits. Too hard, apparently.

Comment From Noah

A tale of two halves has been the story for many games this season. What must they do to get things going?

Just settle down and not make the mental mistakes, clean up on the holding stuff. It's right there in front of them. OK, kickoff coming. Gotta run. Later.

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