Packers included in Google 'Year in Search' list

Green Bay cracks top 10 trending NFL teams for 2019


The Green Bay Packers were revealed to be one of the top trending NFL teams on Google's annual "Year in Search" list for 2019.

The annual report takes a look at the year's top trending Google searches and showcases the people, topics, events, and places that captured the world's attention this year.

Green Bay ranked No. 3 in the NFL in 2019 Google searches in the U.S., finishing behind the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots.

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. New England Patriots
  3. Green Bay Packers
  4. Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Chicago Bears
  6. Cleveland Browns
  7. San Francisco 49ers
  8. New Orleans Saints
  9. Oakland Raiders
  10. Los Angeles Rams

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