Packers Notebook - 1-2 Record No Reason To Panic


Although no one in the Packers locker room is pleased with two losses in their first three games of the season, there isn't anyone hurrying to press the panic button either.

Most of the men on the roster now were around last season, when after a 1-2 start, the Packers made a charge to win the NFC North Division for the second straight year.

Safety Darren Sharper spoke Monday about the mood in the land of Green and Gold.

"For one thing, we're not panicking," Sharper said. "We saw how the season started off last year and how we put ourselves in the position to be in the running at the end of the year. We're not panicking at all."

Center Mike Flanagan echoed that sentiment just a few lockers down.

"It doesn't matter how you start - it's how you finish," said Flanagan. "Talk to us in December. We're going to go into this week planning on winning and go from there."

Walker Enjoyed High-Scoring Affair

Javon Walker, who obliterated all of his previous personal bests with 11 catches, 200 receiving yards and three touchdowns Sunday, is a big fan of the wide-open offensive approach the Packers employed at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis.

"The whole game was fun," Walker said. "It was a great atmosphere, we had a lot of our fans there, and we were trying to do what we could do to make plays. We had some great plays called for me to try to get downfield and run some crossing routes. We capitalized on them and got some points on the board."

The third-year receiver hopes the team can carry over that kind of offensive production on a weekly basis.

"It shows what we can do when given the opportunity," he said. "Hopefully we can continue to do that."

Walker said that he felt like he and quarterback Brett Favre were in a zone Sunday.

"When you're playing in a game like that that's real intense, a lot of big plays are happening, you just get in a zone where you feel like you can't be stopped. I kind of felt that way."

Defense Still Coming Together

Heading into the season, one of the strengths of GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman's lineup was that 20 of his 22 starters were returning, lending continuity from last season's division champions.

Although there was a new defensive coordinator in Bob Slowik, nine returning starters appeared to help in the transition throughout the preseason.

However, recent injuries along the defensive line and in the secondary have caused some shuffling of the lineup, and Sharper thinks that is part of the reason for their struggles of late.

"We're still having little bit of a mix-up in the lineup, which is something that we would not like to have happen," said Sharper. "We went into the first game with all the guys who had been together for about five weeks, knew what they were going to do. Now we've got a little bit of shuffling going on, and with our defense, you've really got to know where the guy beside you is going to be."

Sherman feels that, given time, the defense will come together, and he's not about to give up on them yet.

"I have confidence in our defense," Sherman said. "We certainly haven't played well, but it's a long season. If you check our teams, they get better throughout the course of the season. This defense will be a good defense. I have confidence that will happen."

The head man also holds a lot of faith in his defensive coordinator, and is confident that he will get the job done.

"(Slowik) is a great teacher," said Sherman. "He has great concepts. The fact that we have struggled here as of late doesn't detract from that. There are some great coaches out there in this league that have had struggles at times. That is part of the process. I think he's an excellent defensive coordinator."

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