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Packers playing at peak performance?

This is Packers' deepest, fastest roster


Jamie from Duluth, MN

Vic, I'm not a fire everyone guy, but when should a team move on?

When the players have moved on.

Brad from Baraboo, WI

Vic, it seems like the scheme the Packers execute best against a rush-four, drop-seven type of coverage is using Randall Cobb out of the backfield. I'd like to see that formation, but with Lacy and Cobb in the backfield. To me, you can run your entire playbook out of that formation. Do you think that might be something we see heading into this week and beyond?

When a receiver is moved into the backfield, a defender is likely to be moved closer to the line of scrimmage, which lessens the congestion in the secondary and gives the receiver an opportunity to work one-on-one with his defender underneath the coverage. It's an effective strategy against a loaded secondary, but there are adjustments the defense can make to counter that and just about any other strategy you use. The key is using it as a surprise tactic that allows you to exploit it until the defense adjusts to it. Be that as it may, you still have to win that one-on-one.

Randall from Omaha, NE

Vic, you've been following this team since 2011. Is this the most complete Packers roster in your time here? Also, this seems to be the toughest Packers team in years, but they have still struggled against smash-mouth defenses this season. What do they need to do differently in the playoffs to succeed?

It's the deepest and fastest roster I've covered in my four years here. Struggle against smash-mouth defenses? Does Seattle have a smash-mouth defense? How many teams don't struggle against Seattle's defense?

Bob from Cincinnati, OH

I saw two rookies made the Pro Bowl that I suspect were high on Ted's list last spring: DT Aaron Donald and ILB C.J. Mosley. If I recall, both were snatched before Green Bay's selection. Who do you think he most wanted? Who did you most want?

I was big on Mosley because I felt he would address a need and would also be the highest-rated player on the board. I didn't expect him to be available, but there were rumblings prior to the draft about some medical concerns that might cause Mosley to fall. Donald turned in the most dominant Senior Bowl performance I have ever witnessed, but the Packers' 3-4 wasn't a good fit for him. Donald is a natural three-technique tackle in a 4-3 and that fact has been confirmed by his selection to the Pro Bowl. Watch out for Donald in the future. I think he has a chance to become dominant. Ha Ha was a natural fit for the Packers where they were drafting. He was likely at the top of the Packers' board and he addressed a need. I don't know which player the Packers would've drafted had all three been available. I'd have to know their board.

Brian from Trinity, FL

It seems to me things are lining up pretty good for a playoff run this year. The defense is looking better than it has in years. The offensive line is a well-oiled machine. Between Rodgers passing and Lacy rushing, the Packers have a high-performing offense. To top it off, the Packers have never been healthier going into the playoffs. Being around the team as much as you are, do you get the sense the players see the opportunity before them and are expecting a successful playoff run this year?

I think the veterans on this team know this team is playing at peak performance.

Jason from Friesland, WI

For Christmas this year, I am asking for an entertaining football game with well-written articles about it after the fact. I feel confident that will happen. Thank you for your part in that.

We'll try to satisfy you, and in our quest to do that we're going to suspend the "Ask Vic Live Postgame Chat." It has a tendency to delay posting of the stories I have to write, and I want to get those to you as quickly as possible on what will be the biggest Sunday of the season. If the Packers win on Sunday, I'll do a chat during the bye week.

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