Packers-Seahawks Postgame Quotes



(Thoughts on when (Aaron) Rogers was hit hard in the second quarter, was that a wake up call...) Yes, I would agree with the timing of it. I don't think that we need to get our quarterback whacked before we start playing better.

I will say this as a whole. I thought that the win today was a smart one for our football team. I thought that we played well throughtout the major situations. That we were able to control the time of possession the way that we did. To come into this stadium, which is a tough place. They (Seattle) are a very well coach football team. I was very pleased with the victory, the number of long drives that the offense was able to sustain. That was obviously a big factor, the defensive playing at the level that they played at with the turnovers in the second half, to.

I am very pleased with the victory. I thought it was a smartly played game by our football team...

Losing is hard. We haven't won a game in a month. So its something that we talked about as a football team all week. The investment that we have made in our preparation. And we have not been able to cash in on that investment. So it was important for us to come uphere. We knew that is was going to be a big challenge because of the territory your walking into here. Its important to win this game, no doubt

(Thoughts on running the football over thirty times...) The offensive line was where it needed to be...It wasn't as clean as we would like it to be, based on the communication and some of the things that we did with the run blocking unit. But I'm sure that when we watch it tomorrow, those are things that we can correct and get better at. I think it goes right back to the fundamentals, that we have been stressing here, more that we have, as far as the practice commitment, so far. The (amount of) plays that we had, I was very pleased with that.

(Thoughts on Rodgers' play on third downs...) I thought he played excellent, I thought that he was smart with his adjustments, through out the protections. And with the decisions that he made on the outside on what they (Seattle) were giving us coverage wise. I thought that Aaron had a very fine performance today.

(Packers offense vs. Seahawks defense...) They (Seattle) do a very good job. That's a veteran defense. They have some excellent football players. They have some pro bowl players, players we have a lot of respect for. Their a quick defense, especially up here. So I was very pleased with the protection we gave to Aaron. We were able to give him a little more seven (man) protection in certain situations. They (Seattle) checked out of some coverages because of that. So we had a little chess match going back and forth because of that. But I thought that it was a well played football game.

(Did your defense step up today...) Excellent performance from the defense today. We will take that every game. It was what we needed as a team. We need to come in here and play very well on defense, win the field position battle. The offense was able to generate the long drives. We had some different combination of personnel groups that we are using because of our medical situation. And I think that it's a credit to the players, to stay right on track here with the game plan. I give a lot of credit to our coaches. They got after the players in a positive manner throught the week. Our practice structure and our practice performance, finally carried over to the game.

(Was your preparation any different facing Seattle's third string quarterback...) Charlie (Frye) has played with in this system before. Its something that you take into consideration. But they pretty much run their offense. We thought that he would make some more plays with his feet. Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca (Wallace) make a lot of plays with their feet. That was something that we were able to train during the course of the week, in terms of pass rush in the lane, with discipline and everything. So a lot of our training was in order even when we discovered that Charlie Frye was going to go today.


(On taking a shot early in the game...) Yeah, Kerney gave me a pretty good shot on that one. That was a play I actually probably should have checked to the run. I didn't think that Grant was going to come. It was a deep pass. Greg was running real deep, and Donald coming from the other side. I rolled out and saw Grant right in my face, and he actually went for the pump fake, and I knew I had a little bit more time. It was one of those things where you throw it, and you feel pretty good about the throw, so the hit doesn't hurt as bad. But, it definitely jarred me a little bit, I looked over at Jeff and I was thinking he might call a penalty on that one.

(On the offense today...) We did a nice job on third downs today. 10 for 18, that's a good job of keeping drives alive. Two real long drives, the one right before the half, to finish off with seven, and then the 85 yard drive to put us up 14, those drives were kept alive with good work on third downs.

(On his shoulder...) It felt better than last week. It felt like it loosened up as the game wore on, actually. Maybe that hit from Kerney helped out a little bit. It felt a lot better than last week.

(On the TD pass to Jennings...) It was a call by Mike, actually. Two posts on the right side, with Driver running the first post, and Greg was the second post. I think Ruvell was on the back side coming across the field. They brought pressure, and DeShawn Wynn made a great block that gave me time to throw, and I just stood in there. I knew that Greg was one on one and Don was one on one as well. Don was getting held a little bit, I just wanted to get it up quick and give Greg a chance. He made a great catch for us.

(On the offense in the second half...) Two things that really contributed to that were the run game, Ryan doing a nice job. We didn't have a lot of explosive gains, over 12 yard runs, but we stuck to the game, we pounded it out, and we converted on third downs. That keeps drives alive, that keeps the ball in your hand, that keeps the clock running, and gave us more run opportunities for Ryan. He had 33 carries today, that is a testament. He didn't have a ton of yards, but we definitely controlled the clock, kept our defense off the field, kept them fresh, kept their defense on the field. You could tell they were wearing down a little bit, especially on the 85 yard drive.

(On the ability to sustain drives...) To be 10 for 18 today, was definitely a testament to the protection, to guys making plays, and those keep drives alive. You have to have those to score points and we were able to cash in in the red zone, and get some points after Wood's turnover as well.

(On the win today...) We'll take it any way. The turnover I had today was very poor. We needed to put together a drive right before the half. We came in at halftime and felt good about that drive, and felt confident that we were able to get the job done in the second half. The defense just kept giving us good opportunities with the field position; special teams did a nice job. We were able to cap that off; Greg made a great catch and we came back the next drive and went 85 yards, and that was a huge turning point for us.


(On the importance of ending a losing skid...) It's huge. I think we came out and started fast. The enthusiasm was there. We played four quarters, finally. Obviously you're not going to have success all the time, every play, but we had success more than we had negative plays. I think that's the key to winning ball games. We were able to move the ball. Obviously we kept the ball away from their offense, kept our defense fresh and gave ourselves a chance to win.

(On the success of throwing deep and keeping possession...) We were able to run the ball. Obviously when you're able to run the ball you can let that clock run a little bit. We were able to move the chains and get some crucial first downs. When you can keep a defense like that off the field, they're going to be able to play faster and make plays for you.

(On if he was surprised Aaron Rodgers, playing in pain, could throw deep...) Honestly, when we left the huddle there was one play I think we both had double gos, and I just [unclear; maybe "wondered"], "Well, do you think you can get it out there?" [Laughs.] But he has the heart of a champion, the heart of a warrior, man. He's just going to continue to make plays. He's going to continue to play through whatever injuries that are bothering him or nagging him. That's the type of quarterback you want on your side. It wasn't an adjustment not playing with him in practice. We've been playing with Aaron long enough that we know what he's going to give us. He's extremely accurate. He has great ball-placement. We pride ourselves on running good routes, stacking our guys, getting on top and allowing the quarterback to have a throwing lane. Aaron is one of the best in putting the ball on a pinpoint. When it's in the air, you know it's all on you.

(On his touchdown reception...) [Seattle CB Marcus] Trufant was pressed up on me. The safety was deep, [in the] middle. I was able to stick him inside, and he kind of jumped inside, and I was able to stack, get over the top of him, and Aaron threw a perfect ball.

(On keeping possession...) We being successful on normal down-and-distance, meaning first and second down. We put ourselves in position to allow our playmakers to make plays on third and short.


(On the importance of the win...) It was huge. Not being able to play we wanted to play for the last couple of weeks, we finally got back to playing Packer defense. We had some energy out there. The front seven did good, the DBs played good, we had some good turnovers. We've just got to continue to keep this train moving.

(On the importance of the offense keeping the defense fresh...) The offense moved the ball well. We were able to control the game. They had 37 minutes of possession. We had a couple of three-and-outs that were big. They were moving. We were moving.


(On the outcome...) I was really happy with the way we played emotionally. Fundamentally there are certain things we could clean up but for the most part we brought that energy today. That's what really helped us.

(On the importance of the win...) It's tremendous. It really is. We'll enjoy this one for a little bit. Hopefully we'll get on a roll now.

*(On if he was surprised by how QB Aaron Rodgers was playing in pain...) * No, not really, because I know what's inside of him. I'm really happy for him.

(On what made the difference in the game...) We kept the sticks [yardage markers] in our favor and didn't allow them to get too many third-and-shorts. They did it a couple of times, especially on that turnover that we had when they scored that touchdown. For the most part, we were able to keep the sticks in our favor and and get off the field on third down. It was a little bit of a challenge, but when we got them in third-and-six, third-and-seven and above, we felt like we could get after the passer as well as let our back end do what they do.

(On the importance of getting some sacks...) It's always good. In the end, pressure is the big factor. It's more about how many times you hit the quarterback, and thankfully we hit the ball a couple of times and got some sacks. It was a good thing for us.

(On whether the Packers would have attacked Matt Hasselbeck the same way...) No. We are who we are. Now, they might have done some different things, so I can't say that. Obviously, looking from an experience standpoint you're looking at two totally different quarterbacks. But our attack, our game plan didn't change.


(On whether the team "cleaned up" some things...) We didn't do as many things as we would have liked running the football. But to possess the ball as we did, to make first downs and put up some pretty good stats, win the game and put up 27 points, we're very happy with that. I just think it was important that we set kind of a blueprint for what it takes to win, and I don't know that we've done that up until this point. We really practiced well. There was a lot of energy, and it carried over into today's game.

(On feeling good about getting a win on the road...) "No question. Seattle is a tough place to play, and we handled the adversity and were able to play some pretty good football.

(On the fatigue factor that comes with playing in a "quick-strike" offense...) We want to stay on the field. We want to be a team that scores points. We're not upset when we have quick strikes. We have a lot of explosive receivers. There's no question we want to be able to possess the ball and do some things running the football and set up our play-action pass. Those are the things we're trying to set up and get done.


(Opening...) Well, it's tough right now. My message to the team when I called them together is one that they have heard before from me, but it is very important that they hear me now. It is a test of sorts, you know we are not used to this. We are certainly not used to losing games at home, and we are not used to being in the position we're in. It's been a long time, but here we are; so how do we deal with it, as players and coaches. It is very, very important that they answer that question. It's easy to slap people on the back and coach and play when things are going well, and then it becomes a little more difficult when it is not going so well. That is a challenge for us right now, because it is hard right now. We are not playing very good football. And we still have a lot of games left to play. So, we have to start dealing with that sort of question in our locker room and in our building.

(On playing with the third string quarterback...) It's a challenge. When you get into that situation, it's always a challenge. If you're in that situation in this league, you can't make other mistakes. And not just offensively, I'm talking about on special teams and on defense. You have to play a real crisp, solid football game in all areas to be successful, because all of the teams are pretty good. We had too many penalties, I thought, today. A little bit sloppy that way. And we couldn't get off the field on third down enough. That was one thing that I would have liked to have seen a little bit better. It happens. We're in that situation, there is no denying it. That's the situation we're in, so we have to do the things and make the most of it.

*(On Charlie Frye...) * He played OK. I think he did OK.

(On the status of Matt Hasselbeck...) I might have a better answer for you tomorrow at the press conference. There is so more tests that he needs to take, apparently. It's hard to put your finger on it. I think Seneca will improve day to day. So, I would suspect he would be available to play next week. I can't give you an answer on that.

(On whether Hasselbeck could have played...) The doctors said he could not play today.

(On the injury to Hasselbeck...) He had a hyper extension, that is my understanding, that's what I was told, I believe late last week.

(On the penalty nullifying the 51 yard gain...) That is what I was referring to when you are in the situation we're in, and you pop a nice play, and you get a penalty, that is one of those things that there is a noticeable sag. We finally got one, and we needed it, and it was important, and then we got it called back. Right now, it is hard for us to overcome those types of things. It would have been a big play for us, certainly.

*(On the feeling at halftime...) * I was okay at halftime, it was that type of game. If we could bring a game like this down to a field goal to win either way, then at least you played a competitive football game, and you're in it right to the end, and if you get a little break now and then you can kick it and win. Now we have 30 minutes to play, instead of 60, and we hung in there. The second half, it was big plays. They got the long pass play. And, we had the run called back. Right now, we're just not strong enough to overcome that kind of deficit, really. Maybe down the road we will be, but right now we're not.

*(On whether the inability to convert third downs is a mindset issue...) * It's not a mindset, it's a very real thing. Everyone is thinking properly, but you have to have some bullets in the gun. Right now, we have a couple of bullets, but not enough. So, we are not converting like we should. And, the field position thing hurt us at times in the game, and that is really what decided the game. Our inability to convert third downs and our opponents' ability to convert third downs, that is a big part of any game, and it was a part of today's game.

*(On running the ball more...) * We started out trying, and we could have kept doing that. Then, we had a couple of chances, but when you do that, unless you are getting big chunks of yardage running the ball, you wind up still having to convert on third down. It would have been nice to get the long run; we didn't. We weren't able to sustain it enough. Then, you get behind a little bit, and then I feel we have to throw a little bit more, and that is a bad situation for us to be in.

*(On the mood of the team...) * Emotionally, the guys are pretty good that way, but they are not dumb. We don't have the ability right now like we have had in the past to overcome those things and score a lot of points, so the game has to fall a certain way right now. I hope that down the road, it will be different. They are trying hard, it's just that we have to execute, and you have to convert some of those things, you have to convert third downs, you have to get off the field, you have to cover the kick. You can't have the penalty on the kick and have poor field position. All those things. When you start to press a little bit, I think those things become multiplied.

(On whether this is tougher on the players than the coaches...) It's no tougher, you get the same sort of feeling. I'm not saying it is desperation; but the frustration level rises to the surface a little quicker. We're not used to this, we're used to moving the football, we're used to scoring points. We are used to putting yards on the board, statistically. When you can't, for whatever reason, there is a certain frustration level for the coach. I think the players don't look at it quite the same way. The players are just trying to execute the game plan. They don't think like that. They think like this [makes smaller hand gesture] If they did OK, and played OK, with this group they feel bad that we lost the game, but then there is a side that says, if I can walk off the field and say that they say I did my job as well as I could do it, I've always told them, that's good. If they can't say that, then they have to look at it. But, it's different for players and coaches. It's not the same.

(On any other injuries...) Heller, on the onside kick, tweaked his knee a little bit. Kerney had a little bit of a stinger. Grant hurt his knee early in the football game, but came back in and played. I think those are the significant injuries.

(On Seneca Wallace's availability...) He was an option if Charlie got hurt. I would send him in with a very limited number of things he could do. He really couldn't play the whole game, and the position the way he normally could do. Half a dozen plays.

*(On Lofa Tatupu... ) * I am not willing to speculate right now if we knew the exact play. They have to play the defense. Film study and that gives him an edge, and he has as good as an edge as anybody, because he studies the game that way. They didn't complete the ball. Maybe we weren't in the correct defense, but maybe someone was a little out of position, and maybe they just did a nice job. When you look at the film, that is what you have to determine. I don't know until I see the film.

(On Koren Robinson...) He made a really nice catch early in the game. Our passing game right now is very average. We can't free up the way I would like to throw it. Players like Koren and Bobby, they will suffer just a little bit. But, Charlie also needs the time to throw the ball. Right now, we are just trying to find our way, and it's hard.


(On the game today...) I would have liked to have get in a rhythm a little bit earlier than what I thought I did. The game plan was to come out and run the ball, get Julius going, get T.J. going, get Mo going. I thought we did that, and then we had that long run called back. Those guys were making holes up front, and the touchdown pass, we ran that key pass earlier, and they really sucked in. Then, we ran it again on the 5 yard line, and he came in my face, and I just lofted it up and John got it in the end zone. The second touchdown pass, it was kind of an all up blitz, and I kept drifting backwards, and hit Keary in the end zone. Those were two positives, but it doesn't outweigh the loss.

(On the penalty on the 51 yard run....) That is a momentum breaker, but I was just trying to get everybody back in the huddle, because they had run down the field 60 yards, and that play clock starts when the ball is spotted, and we have 25 seconds to get the ball off. I was just trying to get everybody back in the huddle and be positive. It was a momentum breaker, but I really didn't get to see it.

(On when he learned he would start. today...) I pretty much in my head prepared that way all week. Taking all the reps. In my head I told myself that I was going to play. It didn't take me by surprise.

(On the offense struggling...) We have struggled a little bit on third down. It seems that if we can get the first third down, then it seems like we can sustain a drive down the field. That is something that we will be working on.

(On whether the team can rally...) I love playing this game. Obviously, you want to go out there and win, but you can't win them all. This team, there are a lot of guys that have great character. The Bobby Engrams and the Walter Jones and the Matt Hasselbecks, they will rally the troops. We will get the troops rallied and we will be ready to go for next week.

(On the touchdown passes...) I have never really struggled in confidence. I'm pretty confident in my abilities, but that is only part of it. You still have to go out there an execute. That's the thing I told myself when I came in the game, to be disciplined and go through the reads, because when you don't get to run the offense on a regular basis, you sort of lose sight of that stuff. I really wanted to be disciplined in my reads, and go through my progressions.

(On his play today...) I did an okay job. I can obviously do a better job. The more you get to do it, the faster you can do it. That's the thing in this offense. Everything is a progression, so the faster you can get through it, and more opportunity you have to go to different guys.

(On the feeling in the locker room...) This is a group of high characters guys who are going to take responsibility. You don't hear guys making excuses, you don't hear that stuff. That is what is so encouraging. That's why we can believe that we can turn this thing around, with the type of leadership on this team. You don't see that everywhere. We didn't have that when I was in Cleveland. We had a bunch of young guys, but on this team there are a lot of veterans that will really pull this team together and get it going the right way.

(On his own performance today...) I thought it was average. I did some good things, but I did some bad things. They kind of equaled themselves out as an average grade. I can play a lot better, I know that.

(On third down conversions...) Most of those, we went 3 and out. If the first time we were in a third down situation, if we got that third down, it seemed like it gave us confidence. Those were probably our scoring drives. It seems like that has been the hump, getting that first third down and getting some confidence and getting rolling.

(On the early success with the running game...) I think our offensive line made some big holes. Julius, he's a great runner, he's going to run hard. T.J. came in on short yardage, and he got us a big fourth and one. Mo came in and he ran well. I thought our running game was going early. It just didn't seem like we had very many opportunities in the first half. It felt like we were on the sidelines a lot. It's hard to get in a rhythm when you are on the sidelines. You can credit their offense for having those long drives.


(On how it was starting today...) "Well, my first start, we actually won. This is my second start. I don't look at it as a big moment, hurrah hurrah, I'm going out there to play football. I just want to help this team and that's why I went out there and tried to do today. We weren't able to get the win, and obviously we didn't do what we needed to do out there."

(On whether playing so much wore out the defense...) "As a defense, you want to be out there. You want to be in control of the game. I mean, the offense needed us to be out there and we needed to put point on the board, get turnovers, that's what we want to do. We want it to be on our shoulders. We want to carry this team whenever possible. Today we just weren't able to finish."

(On why Green Bay was able to convert so many third downs...) "Can't tell you right now. I'll go look at the film and just whenever we get on the field, that's a big thing we need to do. Today we weren't able to accomplish that."


(On the defense looking a little better than last week...) "I would say for the most part, I think so. Can't really say too much right now about it. We got to go back and watch the film and see, if they did hit us on some runs, what did we do wrong? We need to make all the corrections and we need to go back and really see what happened. Then we can go from there as a defense."

(On how frustrated the team is right now...) "Right now, you can't get frustrated and get all angry. You got to just refocus yourself, come back next week, and work. Get your work done where we can have a grasp of the situation...We just got to come back and work. There's no frustration, we just need to come back and work."

(On whether he felt extra pressure knowing the third-string quarterback was playing...) "Not at all. I mean, we're all in this together, as a team. That's our guy. Whoever's at that spot, that's our guy. That's who we roll with, no matter what, no matter who it is. That's what we are: we are a team."


(On whether he's perplexed as to why they're not performing well...) "It's rough. I really don't know what it is, you know? We prepared harder all week. It's just, in the game, we just don't get it done. We just got to figure out a way to get it done."

(On the defense falling apart after the first half...) "I don't know. They adjusted, did some different things. They made some plays and we didn't. Really, it's nothing special. They played and we didn't."

(On what Green Bay did better in the second half...) "They didn't do anything we hadn't seen or worked on. They made plays. We didn't."

(On the general feeling on the team...) "It's been a while since it's been like this. It's just a shock. I think everybody's shocked around here, because for the last six years, we haven't seen much like this."


(On why the team is unable to convert third downs...) "You know, right now, I really can't tell. Obviously, we have to really go back to the drawing board tomorrow as an offense. First of all, I think it starts individually, for myself, and how I played. We all got to look at ourselves individually and see where we had shortcomings and fix them."

(On whether it's too late in the season to go back to the drawing board...) "No. It's never too late. The number one thing in this game that you have to always have is the basics. You always have to go back to the basics. When all else fails, you go back to the basics. The techniques. You're making sure you're stepping right, you always go back to those basics. If you don't have those things, which is your foundation, then you don't really have much to go off of. But if we have that, that's a part of our tradition and that's exactly what we have to do."

(On whether this game against Green Bay felt like the playoff game last year in the way the momentum shifted...) "In a way it did. I guess we can't blame the snow. Today was an even-matched game and they came out the team on top."

(On the mood inside the locker room...) "Right now it's a little quiet. We're thinking about, 'How is this going on?' We're wondering. Like I said earlier, this is a test of our character. We're going to see how we're going to respond next weekend."


(On how he thought the game went...) "Well, you know, the first half, we didn't move the ball very much. It was tied going into halftime but, looking up at the scoreboard, they had double the yardage, I think....I don't think anyone gave up, but then we lost the game. It's unacceptable."

(On his good communication with Charlie Frye during the game...) "Yeah, he's a great player. He's a competitor. He played well. It can't be easy to step in that role, but I thought he did a great job. I thought he continued to fight until the end."

(On all the adversity and what the team will do to move forward...) "That's the nature of the game. That's the nature of football. You can't worry about who's not on the field, you just have to move on with the guys that are healthy and people have to step up and make plays."

(On playing on the road the next few weeks...) "It's hard because we have such great fans. But we're kind of backed into a corner right now and we have to go out and win some games on the road."


(On what he sees in the future of the team...) "I don't think about the future. I live for the moment. When the future gets here, we'll see. I don't think about all that."

(On how tough it is for the team to be struggling so much...) "You know, I hate losing...I get over it real quick. We have an opportunity to go out there and win games and still make it. We definitely have that opportunity. I look forward to that. After you lose a game, you watch film and all that, [then] I'm over that. You can't go back and play that team again, unless they're in our division. They're not in our division. We got to forget about that. Last year we started off [slow] and we made a run. We got to just do the same thing this year. Everybody keep the hope, have faith. We'll rally back."

(On their record...) "One and four is one and four. Losing the game is losing the game, regardless if you lose three straight, you lose one, win one, lose one, win one. We're still one and four. So if you play football, it's 'any given Sunday' anyway. You can't look at your record as one and four, you got to take one game at a time."

(On the defense carrying the team in the first half and then struggling in the second half...) "I don't know. We don't really pay attention to that. We just go out there and play. Second half, the defense, we just weren't doing what we were supposed to be doing."


(On the state of the season...) "We can still make things happen, it's still early in the season. But let's not kid ourselves: we need to get some of these wins, too. That's another team we just lost to in the NFC."

(On whether the defense is baffled as to why they're not playing better...) "It is [baffling]. It really is. My situation in San Fran, we didn't have this happen. Right now, at the beginning of this year, we were just banged up in all kinds of positions and it takes its turn. We just got to make things happen. We got to make plays. The substitutes, they got to step up even more. Right now we're not getting that done."

(On how it feels to walk off the field after the other team makes a big play...) "We just know what we got to do. We got to make plays, create turnovers. Right now, like I said, we only made one. Anytime we make two or more turnovers, most of the time, we win the game. We were just in there talking about it. We came close a couple times...We just got to do a better job trying to keep them out of field goal range, help our offense out, and get some more turnovers."


(On what happened during the game and whether there are any answers to the question of how to start winning games...) "I don't think they were really surprising us with the game plan, but the times that we didn't get off the field, we really hurt ourselves. We had a couple opportunities a couple of times, but Aaron Rodgers found a way to buy some time, kind of run the scramble drill, and that led to first downs. I don't want to sit here and make excuses. I mean, we need to get off the field. You let a good offense have a whole bunch of chances and you come up short. So, back to the drawing board, play harder, study more. Those are the only answers I know."

(On being 1-4...) "There's no doubt, the majority of the season is in front of us. So, I don't want to throw a bunch of cliches at you. We started 4-4 last year. That's one thing that's a fact. So, you just keep fighting. We try to get a win next week and then you worry about the next week after that. So tomorrow, I'll come in, find out how I could've played better today. That'll help me going forward...We have faith in the personnel we have, in the guys we have, but right now we're not getting it done. So, play harder, play better, study more."

(On whether he felt like there was more pressure on the defense knowing that the third-string QB was playing...) "You know what, personally, I play tunnel-vision. I have a job to do. There's a lot of people in place to worry about the other side of the ball and the special teams personnel or whatever those situations are. I got to play free safety, and that's hard enough. I'm going to play harder at free safety, hit as many people as I can, try to prevent big plays, and that's my job."


(On whether he felt like the defense was wearing out from being on the field so much...) "It's kind of hard to put your finger on it, but at the end of the day, you got to play good defense. And you got to make plays. You got to get the ball back to your offense to give the offense more opportunities. We didn't do that well enough today."

(On being a veteran player and how he prepares going forward...) "Well, tonight of course, you'll be upset and you're not really happy with our play. Personally I'm not happy with my play. But you just got to keep fighting. You got to go back to the drawing board, you got to go back to the film, you got to go back to practicing hard, and you just got to try to fight your way out of it. That's the only thing you can do."


(On how he thought Charlie Frye played...) "I was really-I don't want to say 'proud,' I don't want to sound condescending-but I think Charlie went out there and played his ass off under some tough circumstances. The way he finished that game, we can work with that."


(On how he thought the game went and what he said to the defense after the game...) "I thought we did all right in the run game. We let one get out that we really would've liked to have had that, but it didn't really hurt us. I don't know. It's frustrating, but we don't have any quitters in here. I told the guys: 'Keep your head up. I know you're not happy with what's going on, but all you can do is all go to work, work even harder. The little things. Watch more film. Know your opponent more.' I thought we did a good job, but it wasn't good enough."

(On how he feels about the state of the team...) "What's that saying? One of my coaches used to say it back in college: 'If you're staying the same, everyone else is getting better.' So you're either getting better or you're getting worse. There's no staying the same. 'The same' is the same as getting worse. Every day you put on this helmet, you've got to be ready to go. I thought today we were ready to go. I don't know if it was a mental lapse on some people on some plays, but you got to get off the field. You got to give that offense a chance. You got to give them field position. We got backed up a couple times, and all of the sudden they got field position. They get the short field, they get the ball on a punt, and they get the ball on the 50."

(On whether the guys on the team are hanging their heads...) "It's not a case of feeling sorry for ourselves, like, 'Oh, when will we win a game?' It's not one of those. We don't have any guys like that in this locker room. But we know it's a matter of doing. Like I said, it's frustrating, but we'll get this."

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