Packers-Vikings Postgame Notes & Quotes


Packers Begin Season 1-0

-Green Bay's 24-19 over Minnesota tonight marks the first five-game winning streak in the teams' rivalry in more than two decades. The last five-game winning streak in the series came during the 1983-85 seasons, when the Packers won five straight.

-As the first Packers starting quarterback in nearly 16 years other than Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers turned in a solid performance, completing 18 of 22 passes for 178 yards, one touchdown passing and one rushing TD. His final passer rating was 115.5.

-Coach Mike McCarthy remains unbeatten against the Vikings (5-0) since arriving in Green Bay in 2006.

-Green Bay improves to 49-36-3 all-time in season openers. Only Chicago (50) has more wins on opening day.

Other Postgame notes:

-Tonight's paid attendance was 71,004, the largest regular-season crowd in Lambeau Field history (besting 70,945, vs. Min., Nov. 11, 2007). It marked the 270th consecutive sellout (254 regular season, 16 playoffs) at Lambeau Field.

-Korey Hall's 1-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter was the fullback's first-career TD. Also, the TD toss was Rodgers' first at Lambeau Field.

-With a first quarter sack, Aaron Kampman passed Ezra Johnson (41.5) on the franchise's all-time sack list. Kampman (42) now stands at No. 4 on the list.

-Rodgers' 21-yard rush just before the half established a new career high. He finished the night with 35 yards on eight carries.

-Rodgers' second quarter 56-yard pass to Greg Jennings was the longest of his career.

-Minnesota's Cedric Griffin blocked a 33-yard field goal attempt to end the first half. It was the Packers' first blocked field goal since Nov. 18, 2007, when Carolina's Julius Peppers blocked a 49-yard Mason Crosby attempt.

-Will Blackmon's 76-yard punt return touchdown was the second punt return TD of his career. It also was his longest career punt return.

-Sidney Rice's 23-yard TD catch in the fourth quarter (14:12 remaining) ended a long offensive scoring drought for the Vikings at Lambeau Field. Their last offensive TD came near the end of the third quarter (0:46 remaining) of the 2005 matchup. The drought spanned over 12 quarters of play (181 minutes, 34 seconds).


(on Aaron Rodgers' performance ) "I thought Aaron Rodgers played well tonight. Number one, I thought he managed the game, especially starting in the number of unfavorable down and distances that we had particularly early in the game with all the penalties. I thought he did a good job managing the game without taking chances. Playing with the play call and taking what the defense gave you and so forth. So I was pleased with his performance tonight."

(on how the defense played at the end of the game) "We believe in the defense. Everything with our football team starts with our offensive and defensive line. That's the starting point. When we talk about things, we played to our defense at the end of the game, obviously with the way we handled the situation. And they stepped up. It was a big play by Atari Bigby. He needs to kneel on the ball, but the big play to end the game, I was pleased with how they finished up the evening."

(on Blackmon's punt return for a touchdown) "Huge. That was a big play in the game. Big plays are important. We talk about explosive gains all the time, especially in big time games. It's great to have him back healthy. We talked about it particularly before the game, and we talked about it again at halftime. It was time for special teams to step up and make a big play. We thought we had some favorable matchups on our special teams units, and they played big tonight."

(on Ryan Grant) "I thought he did a nice job. I thought we were smart with him, too. I wasn't interested in seeing him play a bunch of plays tonight. I was conscious of that. I thought he did a nice job when he was in there. It didn't change the way we called the game. It didn't factor at all with Ryan or Brandon (Jackson). That was a nice situation to be able to call to. He had the big run there, and he had a chance to finish it off. I thought he ran well."

(on containing Adrian Peterson after the first quarter) "I thought they came out and ran the ball very well. We were giving up too much per carry there and I thought our defense did a good job hunkering down. He bounced out of there a couple times early. But I thought our defense played well. Our problems on defense, frankly, were on third down. We had a number of favorable down and distances on third down and we need to do a better job on getting off the field."


(on how he felt he played) "The things I really wanted to get done tonight - to make quick decisions, not hold the ball - I felt like I did those things well. Throwing the ball I felt like there were a couple poor throws, but for the most part I felt like I made good decisions in the pocket."

(on how it felt emotionally) "It feels great. You've got to remind yourself it's just one win, but it was a big one. I think that the talk this week was a lot about the Vikings, and I don't think enough about the kind of team that we had, so we definitely wanted to play well tonight and I think we did."

(on whether he's glad if this game is over with) "It is good to get the first one under your belt and move forward now. This game was talked about a bunch this week. It was a huge game for us. That's what it was made out to be and I feel like it was. A lot of guys took, I think, some of the stuff that was said personally and really wanted to make a statement tonight. And although we didn't play as well as we wanted to on offense, I felt like we beat a very good football team tonight and we're excited about being 1-0."

(on the TD pass to Korey Hall) "That was an important pass for me. I was pretty ticked at myself about missing Donald Lee wide open a couple plays earlier, but Korey was really the third read in the progression. They covered Donald Lee and John Kuhn in the flat and somebody grabbed my leg so I was trying to kick out of it and I was kind of off-balance when I threw it but Korey made a really nice catch for me."

(on his first Lambeau leap) "I've been dreaming about that for four years to be honest, and I was hoping my first leap would be maybe something a little more flashy - 10 yard, 15 yard run or something - but at that point in the game I just said 'What the heck, I'm going to go for it.'"

(on his feelings knowing he was the starter walking on to the field) "A little bit different feeling obviously. Before when you take the field and you realize the only way you're going to get on the field is if something happens to Brett (Favre), which you don't root for, or (we're) way ahead or way behind. So, tonight, knowing I was going to get the first snap was pretty special and running out the tunnel to the electric atmosphere we had, it was a pretty special night."


(on his punt return for a touchdown) "I felt it all week, all game and prime-time play, time to step up. Prime-time situation and every time I got the ball I felt like I needed to do something. That's my main role right now, contributing on special teams. I've been here, it's my third year, I felt like I had to step up and make a play."

(on how a big play like that can really leave a footprint on the game) "I was excited. You want to play against your rival, under the lights on Monday night. Everybody's watching, what better time to do it? So I'm really excited about that."

(on the significance of special teams in the game) "The main thing is that my teammates on special teams, they're really convinced they can spring me for a big run, and they can't wait to block for me. If you saw, I pretty much ran untouched. I made a couple of moves, but they told me, 'we're going to get you one, we're going to get you one.' Just like the one last year against Oakland, they were ready and excited, and if I keep running behind those guys, we're going to see plenty more."

(on if he saw Jason Hunter's final block on the return) "Yeah, I saw it at the end. It's funny because I look at every single return while studying film, and I walked up to Jason and I said, 'If you watched every return, you'd know that you're with me at the end of every single return,' so I expect nothing else."


(on if he felt like he was up to speed after only playing one snap in the preseason) "Not really. I felt like I had to catch up. It was kind of controlled speed today because of my hamstring and everything. It was just being smart, trying to manage the game, not trying to do more than they want me to do and what we know we can do as a team."

(on chipping away at the Vikings with the run game until he sprang for a big one just short of the goal line) "Yeah, I don't have that gear yet. My hamstring's not 100 percent yet. When it's back, I'll get it in there, but it was a run we needed, the line did a hell of a job and was able to open it up."

(on when he saw the hole open if he knew he was going to rattle off a big run) "No, not initially. The way our offense is based, if I can break that tackle, that second-level tackle, usually some good things can happen."

(on the significance of winning the opening game vs. a divisional rival on Monday Night Football) "It's big number one, to open the season the way that we want, and get things rolling for us against a division team. You always want to get those wins. It set the tone for what we want to do, a lot of guys stepped up on different positions this week. Guys getting their first touchdowns (pats Korey Hall on the pads), Korey Hall, balling out. I think it's great confidence for Aaron (Rodgers) all across the board."


(on the play he scored his first career touchdown on) "It's one of those routes that we run all the time in practice. And it so happened he (Rodgers) was scrambling and it's kind of a third read. He ended up hitting me on it, and I was just real excited."

(on how he feels he played against a tough Vikings defense) "I feel like we did some real good things, especially at the fullback postion. I had a couple of good plays and then also I have a lot of things to work on. It's kind of funny, the difference in game speed, going from practice, preseason to an actual regular season game. I think there's a real big difference, and I got a lot to work on still."

(on how he feels Rodgers handled his first regular season start) "You know, I don't think he could have handled this whole situation better. You can't imagine the amount of pressure he has on his shoulders right now and he went out and he was collected and calm. He played great, made good decisions, and I think he won the respect of a lot of people, and I think a lot of people have more faith in him now. I think he's going to have a great season."


(on if he knew the ball was coming his way all along on his interception) "No, I didn't know it was coming all along. I just played my technique, he threw the ball and I was where I was supposed to be."

(on putting the nail in the coffin on the Vikings final possession) "We felt like we had them right where we wanted them. They were down in a two-minute situation, and that's where we thrive."

(on if he was trying to take the interception back for a touchdown) "No, I didn't want to take it to the house. Ran around a little bit, I should have just slid on the ground. No one was around, I ran a little bit, got down."

(on winning in front of a national audience) "Yeah, that's great. Next week we have the Lions. You always want to win those games more than teams that aren't in your division."


(on the loss) "It was a tough loss; they all are tough. It is all about developing consistency. We really lost this thing as a team - offense, defense, and special teams. Hats off to Green Bay. They did enough to be able to win."

(on missing scoring opportunities) "I thought we had some opportunities. We need to be able to throw it a little bit better. I thought we threw it around a little better in the second half, but again you want to be consistent. You don't just want a half where you throw the ball and a half where you have 16 yards."

(on how Green Bay contained defensive end Jared Allen) "I think your basic chip help and sliding the protection that way. I thought he had a couple of good rushes. I think it was the basic stuff that we will see all year long."


(on his fourth quarter interception) "I was trying to get it out on time, but I threw it too high. I need to check my mechanics on the film and see if my footwork was messed up. I feel like if I didn't throw an interception we would have won the game."

(on Minnesota's first half offensive woes) "We were pretty much limited. We didn't throw it a lot in the first half. We need to do a better job of completing passes. I felt like we did a better job in the second half, but we still have some improving to do."

(on how confident he is that Minnesota is a playoff team) "I am very confident. There are 15 more games. You can't turn your season up in one game. They are a good football team."


(on Will Blackmon's punt return touchdown) "It is what it is. We were all going after it, and it is one of those things where he got to the sideline, cut back across the field and it was open."

(on Aaron Rodger's mobility) "We got caught downfield by deep pass routes and he was able to sprint out, but I don't think it was the difference-maker in the game. He made some plays with his feet and we didn't get to him."

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