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Pick or trade, CB or ILB?

The countdown to tonight begins


Paul from Graceland , TX

Vic, I wanted to say when I first started reading your commentary just a few years ago, I initially didn't like you based on some answers I read. However, I learned a lesson from a work partner years ago to give people the benefit of the doubt and he was so often right. The more I read your responses, the more you began to grow on me. I respect you now after seeing a fuller account of your work, especially your resistance to judge people too early on character issues. I know very few people who aren't seriously flawed in the eyes of the Lord. Thank you for that.

It's not a game for the timid.

Roger from Auburn, CA

Vic, you talked about how each team has its risk evaluation team. Can you think of a time when a team rolled the dice on a character concern and hit a home run?

Yeah, the Dolphins with Dan Marino.

Conor from Milwaukee, WI

What is the best draft-day trade up you have ever witnessed and what is the best trade back?

I don't have ready lists for these kinds of questions. I'll tell you that in 2010 Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews finished 1-2 for defensive player of the year, and they were each selected with trade-up picks. Trade back? Jordy Nelson and Eddie Lacy.

Del from Sterling, IL

Vic, I'm going to the draft tomorrow and my gut is telling me I won't see the Packers make a pick. What does your gut say?

I think they'll pick. If the talent gap at the bottom of the first round is what it's supposed to be, why would a team trade up into it?

Kellan from Madison, WI

A new poll just came out looking at the grammar skills of each NFL fan base. The Packers are second, behind the Lions, averaging 5.1 errors per 1,000 words. Vic, wood you agree with this?

I wood.

Sean from Peotone, IL

Vic, who is the Ha Ha Clinton-Dix this year?

There isn't a consensus choice. It's spread out mostly over several inside linebackers and a couple of cornerbacks.

Josh from Pullman, WA

Mike Mayock has us getting Denzel Perryman this year. If Perryman has a career like other Miami linebackers, we will all take it.

I'm sensing a groundswell for Perryman.

DeVarious from Stone, MT

Vic, why did we draft him in the first round? So many other players we could've drafted and we let them slip by. Why?

After months of talking about everyone, you can only pick one of them. It comes down to that. You don't have to get them all right; just make sure you get your guy right.

Vic from Green Bay, WI

Vic, who is the greatest draft pick of all time?

Tom Brady.

Herb from Palm Desert, CA

GM Vic, over the last 20 years, has there been a wide receiver you would have taken with the first pick in the draft?


Riyadh from East Orange, NJ

Do you think the Packers will take a CB or ILB for the first pick?

What about the other positions? I don't know how to answer your question without knowing who's available and where they fit on the Packers' board. What I will tell you is I believe cornerback is the Packers' greatest need.

Ben from New York, NY

It's all about Malcom Brown from Texas.

Tony Pauline thinks he's perfect for the Packers.

John from Kansas City, MO

Vic, I'm reviewing a proposal right now and I'm removing unnecessary "that's" from the text. Of the 83 or so I found, I removed about half. Thanks!

I'm reading a book in which the author has gone "that" crazy, and it's really annoying me.

Jeff from Minocqua, WI

Vic, in this day of the salary cap, I see the draft as a way to maintain quality at the right price. Other than quarterback, in general what position has the most cap allotment?

Star players are going to make star money at any position, but quarterback, left tackle, shutdown corner and featured pass rusher are considered to be the premier positions and will probably cost a team the most money.

Keith from Greendale, WI

Vic, do you think it's easier to draft when you have multiple positions of need?

I do. If you had need at every position, you wouldn't have to target players and then move to where they fit; all you'd have to do is pick from the top of your board.

Jim from Racine, WI

Put me on the side that enjoys your feature videos on Love the '80s sitcom-style opening on "Final Thoughts". Please don't get rid of it. If you change it, use the same kind of humor. I love that kind of creativity! I like where this site is progressing to.

We'll no doubt shoot a new intro for next season. I see myself as Jack Nicholson in an "Easy Rider" skit.

Nathan from Ogden, UT

Has a team ever selected two Hall of Famers in a single draft?

How about four in 1974? Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Mike Webster.

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