President Bob Harlan's Statement Regarding Tagliabue's Retirement


"The Green Bay Packers organization is appreciative of Paul Tagliabue's excellent leadership of the NFL during his tenure as commissioner. Among his many accomplishments for the good of the league, his work in securing the salary cap in 1992 as a component of the CBA was of the utmost importance to the Packers. Its passage assured the future of our franchise.

"The subsequent extensions of the CBA and ensuing labor peace have ensured a competitive level of teams and strengthened the league's standing as the most popular sport in the country, which in turn gives the league financial strength through our TV contract and appeal to fans. He also oversaw the growth of stadium redevelopment and new stadium construction, which has helped the league immensely.

"His strong support of the Packers through the years has been invaluable as well. He recognized the importance of the Green Bay franchise to the league's history and tradition. When we planned for a stock sale in 1997 and some owners were concerned about its details, Paul assured them that the new funds would be going toward stadium improvements. He fought for us on similar fronts through the years.

"I remember he told our executive committee during a visit to Green Bay after we won Super Bowl XXXI that our victory was one of the best things to happen in pro sports in a long time. He said the Packers represented small-town, blue-collar America, were owned by the fans, and took people back to a simpler time.

"Paul has enjoyed visits to Lambeau Field and our fans have been honored by his attendance at many games and events in recent years."

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