Random Questions With James Lee


A fifth-round selection out of Oregon State in the 2003 NFL Draft, defensive tackle James Lee has been with the Packers for over a year now. But in many ways he's still waiting to start his NFL career.

Sidelined all of last season after a pinched nerve landed him on injured reserve during training camp, since recovering from his injury Lee has been working extensively with strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin to prepare for 2004.

Lee is so excited for the coming season that he says he's actually looking forward to training camp, a period of the year that most players dread.

Recently, Packers.com caught up with Lee to learn a little bit more about the 6-foot-5, 325-pound giant through a series of Random Questions.

Packers.com: What's your strongest asset as a football player?

James Lee: "My size. Size and speed, I guess. Right now, it's just size as I'm working to get my quickness back."

What areas do you need to improve on for next season?

"My stance. The coaches have me working on a new and better stance. They want me to be a little quicker, to have a quicker 'get off.' The new stance should help that."

Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?

"I like to sit there and just keep to myself. I think about what's going to happen and what I need to do in the game."

What are your favorite DVDs?

"I'd say Friday would be my favorite one. That's a hard question, but I'll say The Matrix and The Long Kiss Goodnight. I've seen all the Matrix movies, I'll say that. It's pretty cool."

If you could start any business, what would it be?

"Probably a coffee shop. They need a coffee shop around here. I don't drink coffee myself, but I would start one because there isn't one around here. I'd be an entrepreneur."

What's your biggest fear?

"Being alone."

PBJ or grilled cheese?

"Grilled cheese."

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

"It's simple: just to sit there and talk about old times; just reminisce. We talk about what's going on with everybody right now and what things they want to do in the future."

On what game show would you like to be a contestant?

"The Price is Right. They seem like such easy games, but sometimes people just choke. I'm guessing right along with them. You never know, and that's why I'd like to do it."

Which of your fellow position players could you picture becoming a head coach?

"Aaron Kampman because he's got that character. When you look at him, you can just tell he would be a good coach. He has a certain character and demeanor about him. Kampman, for sure."

What's the worst job you've ever had?

"The worst job would have to be working at a grocery store. Having to pick up carts, bagging groceries for people who are not nice even though you have to be nice...that was the worst."

Who's the funniest player on the team?

"I'd say Carl Ford and Scottie Vines. They're more 'ha-ha' guys than practical jokers. They always have me laughing."

What athlete did you look up to as a child?

"I'd say Bruce Smith because he was a defensive end. That's the position I played when I was a little kid, but then I moved inside (to play tackle) because I got so big."

Who's had the most influence on your life and career?

"My mom. She's the one who got me into football. She was a single parent with three kids, and she went through it all. And right now, I think everything is going all right because of her hard work."

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