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So, are you afraid of the Patriots?

What if the NFC South champion wins it all?


Ryan from Chaing Mai, Thailand

Is a 6-10 record going to be good enough to win the NFC South this year? It would be kind of funny if the Seahawks end up having to play a sub .500 Saints team on the road in the wild card game.

What goes around comes around.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, the Saints at 4-7 are leading the NFC South, which means the 2-9 Bucs are two games out of first place. If you had to change something about the playoff format, what would you change?

Nobody could ever force me to change anything about the playoff format except to add another team or two. I love it just the way it is. I especially love the complaints about the unfairness of it.

Tom from Plymouth, MN

What is your impression of the Odell Beckham catch? Do you think it is getting a little overhyped? It is now ranked as the greatest catch of all time on NFL Network. The only catch from before 2000 on their top 10 list is a grab by Lynn Swann. Do you think the media is just being biased towards the recent NFL?

It's always been that way. Old is bad, new is good. Once upon a time, Swann's catch was new. One day, Beckham's catch will be old. The whole rating thing is ridiculous. It's what people who are bored do to occupy their time. They're being played by the media.

Josh from Dekalb, IL

Vic, one thing I have noticed lately is that it seems Eddie Lacy is good for one or two screen passes a game for big yards. Do you attribute that more to teams focusing more on the wide receivers, or that Lacy is just too big for people in the secondary to take down?

It's what happens when defensive ends get caught up the field. If you rush too hard and too often, you'll find your little defensive backs having to tackle a runaway train in the open field. The screens to Lacy are a great device for softening the rush.

Ian from Duluth, MN

Vic, I just wanted to say thank you. I've been a life-long Packers fan stuck in Minnesota, and I finally saved up to go to my first Packers game at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday. Unfortunately, when I got to the gate the tickets I bought turned out to be fake and I couldn't get into the game. After the initial disappointment, I knew I still wanted to watch the game, so I went to the nearest restaurant, sat down and watched the game on TV and read's coverage. It was truly impressive and made my day far more enjoyable.

I'm so sorry you were deceived, but I am the one that is truly impressed. I am truly impressed by the attitude that allowed you to enjoy the day. You are, yet, further proof Packers fans are winsome.

Chris from Mancos, CO

The blowout wins show they are clicking in all phases and getting the ball back in Aaron's hands.

Yeah, but I think it's a bad blueprint for the postseason, and I think it hurt this team in 2011. It's been my experience that championship teams win the close ones. They play their best football at crunch time. In a blowout, there is no crunch time.

Scott from Green Bay, WI

Vic, this is the first time in NFL history a division leader is three games under .500. Did you ever imagine such a day?

I never thought about it. What does it matter? Think about this: What if the NFC South champion wins it all? What would that say about getting hot at the right time of the year?

Pablo from Oak Creek, WI

Vic, is it just me or did the Patriots become an even more formidable opponent when they reacquired LeGarrette Blount? He's quite a bruiser and Tom Brady is an excellent quarterback, reputation or not. With Bill at the steering wheel, I don't need to go further. I simply see this as a great test for the Packers defense in the long run.

This game will define where the Packers defense is in its development.

Koigi from Lynchburg, VA

Vic, you see a shootout, but I see Belichick running the ball over and over, playing keep away from Rodgers. I then see McCarthy doing the same thing to give his defense a rest.

I don't see that. I see bomb's away. I see two coaches that each have a quarterback for the ages, and expect to have to use their quarterback to keep pace with the other quarterback. A run-the-ball game with Brady and Rodgers the quarterbacks? That's illogical.

Max from Ottawa, Ontario

Vic, are the Packers more scared of the Patriots, or are the Patriots more scared of the Packers heading into Sunday's game?

These teams don't scare. Think about how many big games these teams have played. Here's the operative question: Are Packers fans more scared of the Patriots, or are Patriots fans more scared of the Packers? R-E-L-A-X.

Jim from Indianapolis, IN

I've been reviewing the discussion of Odell Beckham's catch and comparisons to the greatest catches of all time. I've seen no mention of Max McGee's one-handed catch in Super Bowl I. Am I just old?

If you're older than 30, you're too old. One of the best catches I've ever seen wasn't a catch. It was a one-hand grab by John Stallworth in the back of the end zone in the 1974 AFC title game in Oakland. Stallworth was ruled not to have gotten both feet down in bounds, but the replay showed he did. Hey, we lived with those mistakes back then. The irony is that I still see that "catch" featured in NFL Films highlights videos. Every time I see it, I say to myself, "It wasn't a catch."

Thaddeus from Chattanooga, TN

I wish I were at this game. What do you think the atmosphere will be like at Lambeau Field on Sunday?

It'll be the best of the season.

Todd from Saint Paul, MN

Vic, congrats. You have transformed your readers into a bunch of mini-Vics, claiming they have gained perspective, must stop the run, and to be leery of free agency. What will you tell your lemmings next?

Lemmings, unite.

Alan from Albuquerque, NM

Vic, which will be more important for a Packers victory, stopping Brady or beating Belichick's defense?

Stopping Brady, but I don't think it's possible for either defense to stop the other's offense. This game is going to be an old-fashioned 49ers-Chargers, early-'80s shootout.

Erick from Charlottesville, VA

The Internet is blowing up over this Beckham catch. This is ridiculous. Brandon Marshall's touchdown reception against us in the final game of last season was the best catch I've seen in a while. He had to readjust his direction and momentum while the ball was in the air, make the catch, and then somehow stay in bounds. We should be talking about those kinds of catches.

I'm going to end this debate once and for all. That sturgeon Mike and I speared is the greatest catch in the history of the world.

Dan from Lakeville, MN

The notion that the win in Minneapolis "proved the Packers can play postseason-style football" is nonsense. Postseason style requires postseason competition. The Vikings are not postseason competition.

Do you know what you have to do to prove you can play postseason football? Win in the postseason. Do you know what we have to do to know the Packers can win in the postseason? Wait for it. Sunday's game is big, but I encourage fans not to use it as a measuring stick. Didn't we do that with the opener in Seattle? How accurate was the read we got from that game?

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