Spooktacular Fun Weekend At Lambeau Field Thrills Thousands

The Green Bay Packers may have been Jet-set to New York, but that didn't keep fans away from Lambeau this past weekend.


In fact, everyone from Spiderman to Harry Potter to fairies and witches made their way through the Lambeau Field Atrium. However, they were not there for an NFL matchup, but rather to join in the Halloween festivities.

The Green Bay Packers hosted the annual 'Spooktacular Fun' weekend, which included the Haunted Concourse Friday night and Saturday, and the Atrium event on Saturday.

As guests continued to enter the Atrium doors, Halloween fun kept coming their way.

Visitors had all sorts of Halloween festivities to enjoy, including 10-foot tall stilt walkers, professional jugglers, a comedic mime, various arts and crafts projects, and even a professional pumpkin carver who drew attention for his unique creations.

Although the stilt walkers towered over the majority of the guests -- most under three feet -- their intimidating height and witch apparel did not cause too much of a fright. In fact, 5-year-old McKenzie Roberts from Green Bay took a special liking to the towering characters.

"I thought they looked beautiful," Roberts said while she snacked on some Halloween treats.

Kids of all ages seemed to take the most interest in Saturday's silent performances. Armenrah, a comedic mime, brought a giggle from all as he not only performed for the crowd, but also included the crowd in several acts.

One such act, "The Bus Ride," needed the help of seven participants to fully capture the bumps and swerves the bus encountered.

While the festivities within the Atrium were entertaining for most, others ventured toward the Lambeau Field concourse for a more frightening activity, the Haunted Concourse.

And from the shrieks and screams echoing throughout the concourse, at only 10 in the morning, this year's Haunted Concourse lived up to its expectations.

The 4,400 square-foot exhibit, set up within the concourse, drew in hundreds of Halloween enthusiasts looking for a good scare. And after a week-long construction process to complete the exhibit, spectators were not disappointed.

"The expanded Haunted Concourse was awesome," said Cathy Dworak, Packers manager of community outreach and player/alumni relations. "We received a lot of great feedback on all the different scenes.

"It was a very enjoyable weekend for everyone. With the event landing on Halloween weekend, the atmosphere had a lot of excitement with kids in costumes."

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