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Stop analyzing; enjoy the win

Ty Montgomery had lots of help from his blockers


Dan from Rothschild, WI

Can I be the first on "Ask Vic Extra!"?

You can and you may. "AVE!" is back, baby, and it's gonna be here for as long as this season lasts. I've scheduled the final "AVE!" to appear on Monday, Feb. 8, if you know what I mean.

Bruce from Grayslake, IL

The Bears highlighted the defensive weaknesses yesterday: defense against the run, penalties and coverage in the slot. I also saw Micah Hyde looking out of his element. Of course, the Soldier Field turf didn't help. What do you see and how will the Packers shut down the beast in the Seattle game?

I saw a Packers defense improve as the game wore on, which says a lot about the Packers' conditioning. I saw a Packers defense hold the Bears to a field goal and a meaningless, after-the-fact touchdown in the second half. The turf? Really? Is there anything that can escape the wrath of my inbox? The Packers won, right?

Ryan from Highland, IN

The Bears won the battle in every statistical category, except turnovers.

The Packers won the battle of the most important statistical category, crunch time. In the fourth quarter, the Packers dominated time of possession and rushed for five first downs to the Bears' one. Those two stats almost always belong to the team that won the game.

Diana from Three Rivers, MI

We have "The Man," we have the team. What do I need to watch for on Sunday against the Seahawks?

Have fun. Watch the ball. Watch the scoreboard. We're getting too analytical. Just win, baby.

Eric from York, PA

Vic, why did we sign free agent James Jones?

To catch touchdown passes the Packers weren't sure their young receivers were ready to catch. The angst over final cuts was ridiculous.

Josh from Loveland, OH

Vic, I messed up. I decided to read the comments section after a win. Here I was enjoying starting the season 1-0 and being first in the NFC North, and I didn't realize the sky is falling so fast we will be lucky to win another game the rest of the season. Please fire Capers, fire me and then fire yourself.

I have a feeling we won't be as analytical next Monday, should the Packers beat the Seahawks. I have a feeling winning will be good enough. I think the not-good-enough attitude in my inbox today is a result of the cavalier feeling Packers fans have developed for the Bears in recent years. Once upon a time, a win over the Bears would've been good enough.

Drew from Flagstaff, AZ

Were you surprised by Montgomery's kick returns on Sunday vs. what you saw in the preseason?

I wasn't surprised. Ron Zook had more or less predicted it last week during his media interviews. I saw a rookie finding huge open spaces in the Bears' kickoff coverage. Those returns were blocked. The Packers' success on kickoff returns was about more than Ty Montgomery.

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