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Ted Thompson knows all about Seneca Wallace

Packers aren’t the only team that releases good players


Derik from Mesa, AZ

What do you think about Wallace over Young?

Seneca Wallace was originally drafted by Ted Thompson in Seattle. Thompson knows Wallace as well as anybody, therefore, he's likely comfortable with Wallace's talent and his ability to learn the offense quickly and fit into the backup role. This just didn't pop up. Personnel departments keep a close watch on other teams' rosters and likely cuts. I have to believe the Packers had Wallace on their watch list. It would seem the Packers hit a point of not being able to live with their quarterback situation the way it was. They made a bold decision to rebuild it. Wallace gives the Packers a veteran backup, as Young did.

Joe from Bloomington, IN

If I'm Harbaugh, I'm confidently going to make McCarthy run the ball.

Of course you would. That's the way it was last season and that's the way it will continue to be until the Packers prove they can run the ball against a seven-man front and demand an eighth defender be brought down into the box.

Nathan from Nashville, TN

It appears Ted Thompson knew what he was doing at backup QB. Apparently he knows more than the fans. What do you think he has in mind for RB?

The Packers aren't the only team in the league that releases good players. The Steelers released their leading rusher of a year ago, Jonathan Dwyer. All teams have needs. Even the best teams have a position of depth weakness and they need to find a short-term patch or one-year fix. That's where your pro personnel department enters the picture. It's their job to find discarded players that could become role players on a new team. DuJuan Harris that kind of player for the Packers last season. He was released by Jacksonville. There aren't enough rounds of the draft to solve all of a team's needs, but if you address those needs in March free agency, you're going to damage your salary cap. The situation requires patience. You do what you can with the young players you have, as you wait for players to come free that might become temporary patches for places where you have holes. Build your team through the draft, patch in free agency.

Dan from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Vic, this whole backup QB musical chairs game so close to the start of the season unsettles me no matter how strongly I trust the Packers front office. I mean, what else can we do as a fan but to worry? What I want to know is does it affect the mood in the locker room in any way? Do the players and staff also feel unsettled by these kinds of things?

Players don't think as fans do. Players think about one thing and one thing only: doing their job. That's all.

Bill from Coral Springs, FL

Vic, just looked at the depth chart and noticed there are eight defensive linemen there. Why so many?

Go heavy at a position and keep a good player, or allow predetermined numbers cause you to go light and lose a good player? In my opinion, you have to do everything in your power to shape your roster so you keep the best 53 players on your team, and I think that's especially true when it comes to big guys. You release a good big guy and you'll regret it for a long time.

Chris from Green Bay, WI

What are the chances the Packers added Tolzien to get information on the 49ers? I'm sure they like him as a player, too, but are their ethics when it comes to players, especially quarterbacks joining opponents? Do the 49ers need to assume Tolzien spills as much as he can in a week?

Of course the 49ers assume information will be provided. "They can definitely give you insight," Mike McCarthy said on Monday. Once upon a time, it was an unwritten rule that teams shouldn't do these types of things, but that day has long since passed with the arrival of free agency and the rapid turnover of rosters. The real question here is what does Jim Harbaugh think of it? That question will be posed to him on Wednesday when we do the conference call with him.

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