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The expectation is to win at home

Who'll be responsible for covering Jimmy Graham?


Kyle from Seattle, WA

Can we get a bold prediction from you about this weekend for the Packers-Seahawks game?

The Packers are playing at home. The expectation is always to win at home.

Gus from Eau Claire, WI

How's Sam Barrington doing?

Mike McCarthy said on Monday he didn't expect Barrington to be ready to practice on Wednesday.

Alex from Windermere, FL

Even though it's early in the season, does the 1-0 start help the Packers over the rest of the division, which is 0-1?

Sure it does. It also should temporarily suspend the question: Vic, is this the best division in the NFL?

John from Denver, IA

Well, Week 1 is finished. How many extra points were missed?

Four of 75 kicks were missed. I think this will become a bigger issue as the weather worsens late in the season, which is also when the games get bigger.

Steve from Rochester, NY

Vic, in the Seattle game, who will be charged with stopping Jimmy Graham?

I think we'll see several defenders in coverage against Graham. I expect Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers to spend some time with Graham, but I expect the safeties, especially Ha Ha, to be responsible for covering Graham in the deeper passing lanes. This could be a big game for Ha Ha.

Mackenzie from Columbia, KY

Vic, it seemed like the Bears tried to play at a brutally slow place to keep the Packers off the field. Although it ultimately didn't work, should we expect teams to emulate the Bears' strategy?

It's what I would do if I didn't have a quarterback to match Aaron Rodgers throw for throw. Do you know of any quarterbacks that can match Rodgers throw for throw? I don't.

Chris from Berlin, WI

It seems like most of the questions are from fans worried about the Packers' identity this year. They want the same identity as last year (or better) almost immediately. Should we remember identity needs to be formed over the course of the season?

You are what you do in December and beyond. It's how history records football teams. If it happens before then, it'll likely be something you won't want to remember.

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