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They don't get any bigger than this one

If you like scheme, this is your kind of defense


Brian from Albertville, AL

This has "trap game" written all over it. What do you think?

This has "division game" written all over it, and Coach McCarthy will make sure his team understands the critical importance of division games and how they impact tiebreakers. The Packers will not lack for perspective this Sunday.

Evan from Eau Claire, WI

Coach McCarthy talked a little bit about guarding against overconfidence. Instead of worrying, I've decided I will let coach worry about coaching things and I'll sit back and watch great Packers football. Thanks for the daily perspective.

Is there an option?

Kyle from Black Earth, WI

I hear a lot of analysts label the Packers as a finesse team. What does that mean, in your opinion? Can finesse win championships?

I think it's accurate to say power teams win championships far more often than finesse teams. Teams that win without pounding on you are generally considered to be finesse teams. The first two Packers teams I covered didn't pound on you, but this year's team does; this is a power team. It has a big, power running back that'll mow you down, and it strikes deep with its passing game, instead of nibbling its way down the field. Those are the two ingredients by which I measure a power offense. I measure power on defense by the ability to stop the run, rush the passer and take the ball away. Lately, the Packers have been doing all three. The Packers, in my opinion, have made a conscious transformation from a team that had been labeled with finesse, into one that is clearly in the power category. I am in awe of what the personnel department has done with this roster in the four years I've been here.

Justin from Janesville, WI

Single safety coverage? I would be more scared of Aaron Rodgers than Eddie Lacy. I would prefer to allow 100 rushing yards than 300 passing yards.

I, too, am surprised when I see opposing defenses get eight up in the box, instead of guarding against the deep ball, which is exactly what the Eagles invited and got on just the third play of the game. What eight in the box tells us is that defensive coordinators fear Lacy. They fear getting plowed under up front. Why? Because it can demoralize a defense. We saw evidence of that last night when the Steelers killed the final seven minutes of the game by pounding LeVeon Bell at the Titans. It took the air out of the Titans.

Rob from Dirty Sturg, WI

As a Packers fan, I'm a fan of Lacy, but Bell sure looks like a complete back. I love how he decides and explodes. The Steelers and Packers were both lucky, but the Steelers may have been luckier?

I wasn't big on Bell going into his draft. He struck me as an upright runner that, because of his hesitation, ran smaller than his size. I was dreadfully wrong. He has a unique style that makes him special. Lacy is more of my kind of back. I like pounders and pounders are best appreciated late in the season, in cold and windy conditions. I think we're going to begin seeing a lot more of Lacy.

Matt from San Diego, CA

Do you think Chip Kelly (or any opposing coach) watching Aaron Rodgers from the sideline thinks to himself, man, the things I could do with that guy?

Yes. Did you read Coach Kelly's postgame remarks about Rodgers? Coach Kelly gushed.

Nate from Ames, IA

Vic, I think we could beat the 49ers if we see them in the playoffs this year. What do you think?

This team can beat anybody. Again, I think we're seeing the prime of the Aaron-Rodgers-era Packers. Everybody knows I don't like the word expectation, but it would be an understatement to say I have very high hopes for this team.

Austin from Chambersburg, PA

Vic, as a fan, I love watching the Packers play on Thanksgiving. As a professional, do you rather the team you are covering play on Thanksgiving or on Sunday like usual?

I like covering the Thanksgiving game the Packers play in Detroit. It has a nice holiday feel to it, and it frees up my weekend for some serious TV time.

David from Cable, WI

Both you and the fans worry too much about Clay's label. You should be talking about how Coach Capers is creating the most versatile defense I have ever seen. Mathews and Peppers, all of the secondary, even the defensive line are becoming more versatile. That makes it hard for opponents to find weaknesses. I think he wants to control the run and attack the pass. By the end of the year, this defense will be considered revolutionary. As for Clay, I think Coach Capers will put him where he needs him.

If you like scheme, this is your kind of defense. Why is Coach Capers using all of that scheme? Because he can. Why didn't he use it last season? Because he couldn't.

Dustin from Indianapolis, IN

Vic, I know people are probably overlooking the Vikings, but other than the last game against the Lions, this is the most important game left on the schedule. You can't win the division without beating the teams in your division.

That's the perspective the Packers will be fed by their coach this week. It's right on the money. You want a big game? You don't have to look ahead to the New England game. They don't get any bigger than the game in Minnesota this week.

Jay from Sheboygan, WI

I read a piece on the NY Giants and Ben McAdoo's penchant for calling the same play repeatedly. The explanation was that the matchups were there so they ran the same play three and sometimes four times in a row at the goal line. Have you ever seen this before or is this just a first-time offensive coordinator going through the learning process of his job?

It's called scheming personnel and all good play-callers do it when they believe they have a personnel advantage. We saw it in the final seven minutes of last night's game. Bell up the middle, Bell up the middle, Bell up the middle, and the Titans never stopped it, so why stop doing it?

Ron from Cherry Valley, IL

Vic, I know you love quirkiness, but do you think the league will move to two, 16-team conferences, eliminating the divisions if a losing team wins a division?

There's a better chance I'll make snow angels in the parking lot.

Martin from Tisovec, Slovakia

Vic, what did Coach Slocum say to his players after Sunday's game?

What the hell's going on out here? Seriously, Shawn Slocum has an edge in his press interviews that I love. He doesn't mince words, and I'm sure he carries that same edge in his special teams meeting room. I think of Coach Slocum as "The Voice," because his is the voice you hear at practice, and I don't think that's a coincidence. I don't think Coach Slocum has to say much to his players to get his message across.

John from Kalamazoo, MI

I think Bridgewater is the real deal. What do you think?

I'm looking forward to seeing him play. Ask me again on Monday.

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