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This is a time for everyone to heal

Ron Wolf's great risk changed the franchise


Craig from Burbank, CA

I was in the Superdome for the Super Bowl win. I barely remember Super Bowl I or II, but that game is firmly planted in my head forever. Despite the extremely awkward breakup when he moved to New York, Brett will always bring a smile to my face as a Packers fan.

It's called taking the high road. It's time for everyone to do that.

Bob from Washington, DC

I left work for an Irish pub to watch Favre's retirement speech, and I cried, called my daughter, and we cried together. I don't know about others, but un-retiring made it hard to welcome him back much earlier.

I'm not big on crying about professional football. That might be your problem; you lost emotional control. It's professional football. It's a hard-edged game.

Keli from Milwaukee, WI

How does anyone with real history in this field get to feel high and mighty enough to crucify such a genuine talent and local hero of ours, an amazing quarterback like Brett Favre? Is it jealousy? How can anyone blame him for loving the game too much to leave?

Andy from Colorado Springs, CO

Vic, I love the column and what it brings to All of the buildup to Favre's retirement has me thinking of what he helped build the Packers up to. It has made me look back at what he stepped into and all of the hard work he put into making the Packers great once again. When he left, we were in a much better place than when he got to Green Bay. Through it all, I guess all I want to say is thank you, Brett, for building the Packers into what I love today and what I can share with my kids because of it.

That's half of the importance of this weekend. The other half is Favre thanking Packers fans for the support and appreciation he received while playing for this team. This will be a healing weekend. When it's over, I think we're all going to feel a lot better.

Martina from Tremont, IL

Vic, why didn't Brett Favre win more than one Super Bowl?

In my opinion, it's because the team was largely built through free agency. It did two things: It caused the Packers to get too good too fast and too old too fast. The Packers went to the bottom of the draft order and likely didn't get the lift out of the draft they would've gotten had they been drafting higher in the order. The other bad part about free agency is that when you acquire a free agent, usually he's at the halfway point or beyond in his career.

Mark from Vincennes, IN

You stated you saw Brett Favre's first start. What do you remember about that game?

I remember Rod Woodson having played what was probably the worst game of his career. I also remember it was a game between two teams on the way up. Mike Holmgren and Bill Cowher were rookie head coaches in the midst of roster building. Favre wasn't the only newbie that day. Leon Searcy, Levon Kirkland, Joel Steed and Darren Perry were all rookies.

Joseph from Rock Island, IL

Vic, you're at a bar and someone spills beer on your favorite pair of khakis. This is obviously going to lead to a bar fight, but this guy has five friends. Name five NFL players you would pick to be on your team.

I'd only need one: Ernie Holmes. He'd walk in the door and everybody in the place would leave, especially if Ernie still had that arrow shaved into the top of his head.

Ross from Stephenson, MI

Greg Cook was a mobile Joe Namath, until Cook got crunched.

At Alabama, Namath was one of the most exciting runners of any quarterback I have ever seen. Then he got crunched. All quarterbacks get crunched, either by another player or by time.

Sam from Utrecht, The Netherlands

Vic, I started taking an interest in football just as Brett Favre's career took off. His performance at quarterback is one of the reasons I fell in love with the game. You couldn't ask for a more exciting quarterback. But this week, I read a behind-the-scenes recount of his departure from Green Bay and his tenure in Minnesota. In my head, I get it. For a through-and-through competitor like that, of course he would want to keep playing. But in my heart I still feel some anger, some resentment, some bitterness toward him for that. I thought I was over it, but I guess I'm not. I want to look back on his time in Green Bay fondly, but right now I can't help but feel a bad taste in my mouth about it all. Any advice for how to get over it?

This weekend will change that.

Chris from Minneapolis, MN

Do you think it would have been more fun to write this column during the Favre era? Think of all the drama you could cover.

It would've been a joy to cover him.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, what do you miss most about the old days?

The relationships between players and the media. Everybody had their guy.

Dylan from Amery, WI

What's your favorite Brett Favre memory?

It's going to happen tomorrow.

Mike from Phoenix, AZ

Why did you say "offset language" meant no surfing? That isn't it at all. The point of offset language is to ensure the player doesn't get to double-dip and still get paid by the Titans if he winds up at another team during his rookie deal while getting paid by the new team, too. The new team's money offsets what the Titans owe him. Do I really know more about football contracts than you?

I was trying to be funny. I liked it better when it was erroneously reported a surfing clause was holding up the contract, until it was discovered Marcus Mariota doesn't surf. Huh? What Hawaiian doesn't surf, right? Does anybody from Wisconsin not eat cheese?

Larry from Stanley, WI

Is there anything stopping a coach who is already in the Hall of Fame from coaching again?

No, Joe Gibbs returned to coaching. It was a mistake. All of a sudden, he didn't look like a Hall-of-Fame coach.

Dek from Sterling, IL

Is there any player you've covered before that reminds you of Brett Favre?

Terry Bradshaw. They both threw interceptions, and you had to live with them because you knew you couldn't live without him.

Jay from Janesville, WI

Vic, I remember being outraged the Packers traded a first-round draft pick for Brett Favre, a third-string QB and former second-round pick. Not considering the outcome, would you agree with that trade back then?

I have no doubt I would've had a negative reaction to that trade. Ron Wolf took a tremendous risk. So much of what the franchise is today is the result of that trade. It's really a great story.

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