Time To End Home Slide


One of the more perplexing turn of events surrounding the Packers early season struggles has been their inability to win in three games at Lambeau Field. In the past, their treasured stadium has given the Green and Gold a sense of near invincibility, which for some reason has eluded them in 2004.

The three-game Lambeau losing skid is the Packers' first since 1991 - all the way back when Brett Favre was patrolling the sidelines at Fulton County Stadium as a rookie back-up quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons. Favre and the rest of his teammates are ready to build on their success last week in Detroit and chalk up their first home win of the 2004 season.

"We've lost three at home and that's unheard of around here, at least since '92," Favre said. "Every head coach will sit there and start off the season saying we have to win at home and find a way to steal a few on the road. We've always done that. We're running out of games at home, so we need to start now."

Relative Green Bay newcomer fullback Nick Luchey, who is in his second year with the Packers, is incredulous at the team's mysterious performance on their home field so far. He knows that Sunday is going to be another difficult test against a struggling, but talented Dallas Cowboys team.

"I can't even imagine us 0-3 at home, but we are," said Luchey. "It is what it is and our backs are still against the wall. We just won one game and we're still 2-4. We're sub-.500 so we've got to get back up. Our goal is to get to 4-4 at the bye week, and to get to 4-4 we've got to win this weekend. We've got to win here at Lambeau.

"Our fans are too good for us to let them down. We let ourselves down, but letting this city down and letting this great franchise down to keep losing at home is what happens if we keep losing at home. We've got to come out clawing and fighting. Dallas is in a similar situation with their record, but it's not going to be easy. We're expecting a dogfight."

Javon Walker is disappointed with the product that he and the rest of the Packers have shown to their home fans and knows that Sunday would be the perfect time to start to make things right with the Packer Nation.

"We haven't given our fans what they've wanted, especially at home, so it's going to be our job to do whatever it takes and try to win at home this week," said the receiver. "It is frustrating because you're supposed to win at home. You've got everybody behind you, you've got everybody on your side and when other teams come in to town, they have no fear of us because we've been having a down streak so far, but hopefully we can turn it around this weekend."

Linebacker Nick Barnett knows that the fans haven't forgotten about the thrashing the defense took in their last Lambeau outing, and he wanted to remind the faithful that he and his teammates won't be forgetting it anytime soon either. They will be out to correct it, though, he explained.

"Every game from here on out we've got to come in there with a chip on our shoulder," Barnett said. It's embarrassing to have 48 points put on us as a defense and as a team. That's unacceptable."

GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman, who delivered an impassioned speech to his team the night before last Sunday's win, said he doesn't think he will have to go to that well again to get the point across to the team just how important this encounter with the Cowboys is.

"I've already tried all of those tricks at different times, Sherman said. "The bottom line is you should be able to go out in front of your home crowd and play the way we're capable of playing. They understand how important a game this is. We're playing against an opponent who also has the same situation they're in and has the same desires to win that football game. I believe our team understands how important it is to win, and more importantly even to win at home."

Look for the Packers to come out Sunday an inspired bunch, ready to put on a good showing and send their fans home happy for the first time this season.

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