Who's on Chris Banjo's GBP hoops dream team? Read his chat

Packers defensive back and special-teams leader took questions from fans


Hey everybody. I'm ready for your questions!

Comment From Maggie

If you weren't a Safety, what position would you play?

If I could pick my position, I'd be either a defensive end or a pass-rushing outside linebacker. They get all the praise, but nobody sees when they mess up.

Comment From Kayla Cochrane

favorite football movie?

Remember The Titans

Comment From Katie

Hi, you're amazing! Are you friends with Ha Ha?

Me and Ha Ha are worst enemies. He's my arch nemesis. Nah, I'm playing. He's one of my good buddies on the team.

Comment From Tom

Hi Chris,

Hi Tom.

Comment From Maggie

Do you play any musical instruments?

I'm actually a professional at playing the banjo, believe it or not.

Comment From Tyler

hey banjo i went to training camp and i didnt get an autograph and your my favorite player, next year when i come can i get an autograph?

Of course!

Comment From Justin

Who is the best basketball player on the team?

Richard Rodgers. He's a beast.

Comment From Kayla Cochrane

when did u realize you wanted to play in the NFL

When I realized I wasn't tall enough to play in the NBA

Comment From Justin

Call of Duty or Halo?

Call of Duty

Comment From Tyler

What do you like to do for fun at green bay?

I like to bowl.

Comment From Dylan

Are you a lightweight?

No, I like to consider myself a heavyweight.

Comment From Casey

Who has the best hair in the team?

Me! Can't you see it in my picture?

Comment From Beer Cheese

No question. Just want to wish you good health this year.

Thank you. Much appreciated!

Comment From Kaeleigh

Favorite disney movie?

The Lion King. That movie can make me cry.

Comment From Packer Fan Dylan

Should I buy your jersey?

Of course!

Comment From Trace

Why do you play safety?

I like to hit people.

Comment From Alec

Did you stay in Cockrell-McIntosh?

I stayed in McElvaney. At least I think so.

Comment From Pete

Bro, how'd you get guns like that?

The Gun Store!

Comment From Packer Fan Dylan

How's your time on the Packers been?

It's been a complete honor and blessing.

Comment From Deborah

Hi, Chris, send a message to your fans in Brasil

Go Pack Go!

Comment From JSC

Nickname growing up? Nickname on the team?

Banjo is a nickname.

Comment From james

What's wrong with the pack? Go a Trojan set 3-4 cover flats more.

Is that a play on Madden?

Comment From isaiah p

Chris. why were you late?

Trying to figure out ways to beat the Lions. Please don't fine me, though!

Comment From Bill

Chris who dunks on you the most in the locker room?

Nobody! I do all the dunking!

Comment From james

Bring scouts over my way. Gotta go pro.

I hear you.

Comment From Pete

favorite superhero?

The Flash

Comment From Drew

Simpsons or Family Guy?

Definitely Family Guy

Comment From Travis

Hey dude way to represent Fort Bend in the pros! I graduated from Austin High School recently and played DB. Cool seeing someone from Fort Bend doing good

Did you know my brother? My brother went to school at Austin. His name was Victor. And my sister Victoria.

Comment From Cole

Funniest person on the team?

Either Morgan Burnett or Demetri Goodson. Just saying one of their names makes me crack up.

Comment From Katie

Who would win in a fight you are Ha Ha? By the way thank you for responding to my question! You are very kind. :)

I'd definitely win.

Comment From Mike - Orlando

I guess it's cupcake question hour, love your play. Thanks for being here. Sorry the Packers made you do this


Comment From Drew

Do you still have your wisdom teeth?

Yes, I actually do.

Comment From Chris Banjo

It'll look like you're talking to yourself :')

Is that you, Kayla?

Comment From LA Packer Fan

Who on the team are fans of The Walking Dead

I don't know who else is, but I am.

Comment From Dave

What drives you?

My family.

Comment From Travis

Keep representing Fort Bend! You and George Iloka stay in touch?

Yeah, George is my best friend.

Comment From Jeff

Besides yourself who is the toughest individual on the team , the guy you would hate to fight in an alley?

Just by looking at him, I would hate to fight Pep. But I would still give him the business.

Comment From Justin

If the team had a Hunger Games, who would win?

I would.

Comment From Tony P

Who wins an arm wrestling match between you and Mike Daniels?

I would never even put myself in that situation. Mike would try to break my arm, dislocate my shoulder and everything.

Comment From Kayla Cochrane

it was me Chris :')

I knew it!

Comment From Chris

What are you wearing?


Comment From Justin

Who is best suited to survive a zombie apocalypse?

I think I am. I know everything about zombies. I don't think anybody else in the locker room watches The Walking Dead, but me.

Comment From Justin

Who was your inspiration?

My mother.

Comment From Max

Favorite movie?

Life is my favorite movie.

Comment From Drew

Do you say, "shoes and socks" or "socks and shoes"?

I would just say "go put your shoes on." I'd assume you already have socks on.

Comment From Arthur

I never get my questions answered by the Packers here :(

I hope your day is going well, Arthur!

Comment From Cole

5 v 5 basketball match who would you want on your team

I would go with Richard Rodgers, Julius Peppers, Davante Adams and either Demetri Goodson or Quinten Rollins (and myself).

Comment From Arthur

Do you get hair style tips with Clay Matthews?

Yeah. I keep telling him to use what I use, but he won't do it. He's a little hesitant.

Comment From Clark

Who was your favorite high school teacher?


Comment From Trace

When you get ready, do you put on sock, shoe, sock, shoe, or sock, sock, shoe, shoe?

Sock, sock, shoe, shoe. Depends on how I'm feeling.

Comment From Drew

I'm considering carrying a "man purse" but my girlfriend thinks they're dumb. What should I say to convince her that man purses are in?

There is nothing you can tell her, unfortunately.

Comment From Packer Fan Dylan

Do you like to plan things or just go with the flow?

Go with the flow.

Comment From Tyler

Banjo you were late...how will i receive my refund?

Unfortunately, I can't help you with that.

Comment From Juliana

What kind of music do you listen to?

All kinds.

Comment From Matt

Favorite kind of food?

Junk food.

Comment From Balaji

Mr. Banjo, If you were asked to do a dream job for a day, what that would be?

What I'm blessed enough to do now.

Comment From Erin

what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Watch movies.

Comment From Tyler

PS4 or Xbox One?


Comment From Arthur

Just realized you are a very funny guy. I'm following you on Twitter right now

Thanks! You can find me at @Chris1Banjo

Comment From Tony P

Have you ever been to Nigeria?

No, I have not been to Nigeria, unfortunately.

Comment From Al from Pa.

Just a good well wish for the rest of the season,

Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Thanks for sending in your questions, everyone. Sorry I couldn't answer them all! I have to get going.

Go Pack Go!

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