Who Will The Packers Pick? The 'Experts' Answer.


Fans predict Tulane's J.P. Losman will be the Packers' top draft choice.

As the 69th NFL Draft begins, the Green Bay Packers are at pick No. 25.

The Packers could trade up or down from that position, but assuming they stay at that spot, opinions are mixed in regard to whom the team will take.

Packers.com now provides a handful of draft predictions from NFL 'experts' -- both the employed and armchair variety:

Media Predictions:

Dennis Dodd, Sportsline.com: Derrick Strait, CB, Oklahoma

Vic Carucci, NFL.com: J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane

Jay Glazer, Sportsline.com: J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane

Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN.com: Matt Ware, DB, UCLA

Pat Kirwan, NFL.com: Michael Clatyon, WR, LSU

Pete Prisco, Sportsline.com: J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane

Dr. Z, Sports Illustrated: Ben Troupe, TE, Florida

CNNSI.com: Jason Babin, DE, Western Michigan

Scouts, Inc.: Ben Troupe, TE, Florida

Fan Predictions: Following are the top 10 guesses submitted by fans from April 10-23 in the Packers.com Draft Day Challenge predicting the identity of the Packers' first pick of the 2004 draft:

  1. J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane
  1. Antwan Odom, DE, Alabama
  1. Chris Gamble, CB, Ohio State
  1. Lee Evans, WR, Wisconsin
  1. Philip Rivers, QB, N.C. State
  1. Marquise Hill, DE, LSU
  1. Derrick Strait, CB, Oklahoma
  1. D.J. Williams, LB, Miami
  1. Matt Ware, DB, UCLA
  1. Darnell Dockett, DE, Florida State
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