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Will Packers lead the league in sacks?

Get ready for some overreaction


Nik from Greenville, SC

I live in South Carolina and my wife hates the cold. I turned 40 this year and want to go to Lambeau to tour everything. How late in the year is too cold to keep her happy?

You might want to wait until you turn 41.

David from Vienna, Austria

Since coverage isn't that great in Europe during halftime, the first thing I do when the first half ends is turn to "Ask Vic Halftime." What do you expect your inbox theme will be?

Overreaction. "Ask Vic Halftime" has its own unique personality, overreaction, which is the result of the column being composed as the game is being played. I never considered that uniqueness when I created the idea, but it didn't take long for me to appreciate what was happening. The fans writing to me are interchangeably celebrating and suffering from play to play, question to question. The Packers will give up a pass completion and I'll immediately get a question demanding the Packers fire Dom Capers. On the next play, the Packers will blitz and force a fumble, and I'll get a question asking me if this is the best pass rush the Packers have ever had. The swings of emotion are amazing.

Jim from McLean, VA

Does "every day this week" for the "Cenex Question of the Day" include Saturday?

No, but you deserve a little something for the effort, so I'm going to send you one of those things we gave out at "Ask Vic Day." I don't know what it is but everybody seemed to like it.

Anthony from Jamestown, ND

Vic, I find it fascinating to go back and read the "Ask Vic" segments from the past on and appreciate the site for keeping them up. Also, even though I didn't win tickets this week, thank you and the rest of the staff for the work you all put into making this one of the more fan friendly team sites out there.

I'm gonna send you a thing, too.

Brandon from Corona, CA

Vic, I'm taking a break from making a guest list for my wedding to tell you I really like the term "Blitz Bay." Is that a Ketchman original?

Yeah, I think I invented it. Yo, Adrian!

Aaron from Holton, MI

If you could attend any sporting event in history, which would you choose?

I think I know what you're going for here, but I'm going to give you a little different type of answer. The game I love more than any other is the NFL's conference title games. I think they're better than the Super Bowl because the Super Bowl is the prize. The 1975 AFC title game and last year's NFC title game are probably the most memorable games I'll ever cover. I'll never forget the carnage that was the '75 game, and I'll never forget the feeling of numbness I experienced while sitting in the interview room at CenturyLink Field, as I wrote and re-wrote lede after lede in the final minutes of that amazing football game. I've been to the Olympics, the World Series, the equivalent of the college football national championship game and the Super Bowl, but I've never experienced anything in sports that dug at me more than those two games.

Brett from Green Bay, WI

Vic, who do you think will win the Michigan State/Michigan game today?

Brett, you are back, baby. What a great question. Two great coaches. One's program is entrenched; the other one's laying the foundation. It's a turf war. Recruits will make decisions based on who wins this game. This is football at its finest. We need more of these games. It pains me to say we're losing these types of games due to conference jumping. I have no rooting interest in this game, but I can't pick against Coach Harbaugh. There's something about that man that wins.

Isabella from Cologne, Germany

Vic, has Sam Shields always been this good? Or is the defense just clicking, making everyone better?

He's playing the best football of his life. Shields is, yet, another example of why draft-and-develop works. The Packers discovered him, developed him and then committed to him contractually, and now they're reaping the rewards.

Randy from Medicine Hat, AB

I'm with you on the old powder blue Chargers jerseys, but I especially loved the players' numbers on the sides of their helmet.

That's a '50s and '60s thing. Where I grew up watching college football, Pitt, Penn State and Syracuse wore numbers on the sides of their helmet. A lot of pro teams did. The Chargers, of course, were born in the '60s. Alabama still wears numbers on the sides of its helmet. We wore them in high school. I love the look.

Mark from Cape Coral, FL

Vic, I understand your theory of run, run, run, but every team expects us to run, so isn't the opposite also true. If we use the best quarterback in the league more often, won't that open up the run game? If you pick my question, please donate the tickets to some kids. I'm lucky enough to be coming up for the Dallas game. I can't afford to come up for both. I really enjoy your posts.

One massages the other. If you can't do both, you'll find it more difficult to do either. When you can do both, you force the defense to pick its poison. As Coach Noll was fond of saying, "How do you choose to die?" For being a good guy, I'm gonna send you a thing.

Chris from Longview, WA

Will the Packers be able to get to Philip Rivers with our pass rush?

It is my expectation the Packers will lead the league in sacks next week.

Brian from Ferndale, WA

Are reporters allowed to interview assistant coaches during the season?

We interview the coordinators on Monday and the assistant coaches of our choice on Thursday – unless the team plays on Monday or Thursday. Thursday's interviews appear in my Friday "Scouting Report" story.

Andrew from Tomahawk, WI

"You can't win if you don't try." Is that like "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't make"?

No, it's more like "Never up, never in," which is golfese for leaving putts short.

Andy from Rhinelander, WI

The screen play is effective against an aggressive team. When does the draw play work best?

You screen against blitzing linebackers. You draw against pass-rushing defensive linemen.

Kurt from San Francisco, CA

Vic, Philip Rivers and the Chargers always seem to have a good offense. What's been holding them back the past few years?

A few years ago, when they drafted Melvin Ingram and Kendall Reyes, I thought the Chargers were on the verge of becoming one of the power teams in the AFC. I genuinely believe the constant threat of the franchise moving to Los Angeles has hurt the team. It's difficult to overcome that kind of distraction.

Brett from Des Moines, IA

What will be the treasure of this year's team? I'm thinking pass rush.

I think the Packers are stepping into the early days of a period of defensive dominance. This is not a snowman. This is a defense built on young speed. It just took some time to put the pieces together.

Dave from Dekalb, IL

If you had a chance to go back in time and do a press conference with Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr after the "Ice Bowl" victory, and got to ask one question to each of them, what would they be?

I'd ask Coach Lombardi what he would've called, and I'd ask Bart what if his play hadn't worked? Does everybody understand and fully appreciate the burden Bart Starr accepted when he called the play that decided the game? What if it hadn't worked? What would his life have been like since then? The "Ice Bowl" can never be minimized.

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