Will Raiders sell out to stop the run?

Packers.com Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


Hi, everybody. So what's on your mind?

Comment From Guest

Vic, can you actually ban people or that just in jest?

You're banned.

Comment From Harrison

Vic, how are you doing this afternoon?

I'm well. After the chat, I'll clean up some business in the office and then head to the airport.

Comment From Amber

Update on quarless?

Coach McCarthy was asked this morning. There's none to report.

Comment From Scott LC

Vic, what's your gut tell you about Montgomery for the rest of this season? Do you see the Packers putting him on IR and activating Quarless to fill the roster spot?

There are only two regular season games left. Are we expecting a miracle?

Comment From Imp

how many pairs of khakis do you take on road trips?

Three, counting the ones I'm wearing. Usually it's two, but this is a three-day trip.

Comment From Michael

You mentioned memorable coin tosses. How do you feel about "We want the ball, and we're going to score"?

It's right up there with the Jerome Bettis goof on Thanksgiving Day. Of course, nothing is better than "Kick to the clock."

Comment From Tony

Vic, did you ever interview Al Davis? What was he like?

*Calculatingly quirky.     *

Comment From C-Lee

Not a Star Wars fan, Vic?

It's not my cup of tea.

Comment From Dustin

Can you tell us more about the behind-the-scenes of packers.com? Give us some insider info.

Have you ever seen "The Office"?

Comment From Ryan L

I have a feeling football and warm weather are the only types of tea Vic really enjoys.

I also like golf, sitting on the porch, BBQ, shrimp, friends and family.

Comment From Canadian Mark

Nothing is bigger than the next game. What is your gut telling you today Vic?

This one isn't as big in the standings as you might think, but it's huge when you consider the importance of a team's arrow in December. The Packers' arrow is pointing straight up. This is no time to let that arrow droop.

Comment From Tony

How do you pass the time on a three-day trip?

Normally, watching college football. My college roommate lives in the East Bay. I hope to see him tomorrow. Three-day trips are rare. I've only made a handful of them in my career.

Comment From Toby

That screen pass to Starks from the Dallas game almost looked like it was drawn up specifically for that game. Do you think that play was already in place before the season and made its first appearance in Dallas or did McCarthy draw it up specifically for the game?

The Packers have turned hard to the screens in recent weeks. Jack Del Rio mentioned them prominently in his conference call on Wednesday. I hope the Packers haven't worn them out.

Comment From Corey

Golf, eh? What is the best course you have played?

*Oakmont.           *

Comment From Corey

What effect do screen passes have on the defense?

*They force linebackers to stay at home. Screens work when they catch linebackers up the field in rush mode, or taking deep drops to help the pass coverage.   *

Comment From Robert

Vic, What age would you say is a good age to take a kid to an NFL game? Do you have any grandchildren that you are looking forward to taking upon retirement?

*That's a tough one, because of the cost of a ticket. My dad took me to my first game when I was seven or eight years old. He paid $3 for the ticket, which was kind of pricey back then. He always bought his tickets from scalpers outside the home plate gate at Forbes Field. My first game was Giants vs. Steelers. Little Mo was from my hometown and we went to see him play. When your kid shows interest, take him. You'll never regret the money you spent. My dad is gone, but the memories of that day live forever. *

Comment From Linda P

Vic, Are you planning to see the Will Smit movie "Concussion?"

I read the book. I know the sad story. I have a great sensitivity for it because Mike Webster is one of my all-time favorite players. He treated me warmly. I've told the story about him hooking his arm under mine at Super Bowl XIII. I'm ashamed to say I didn't know his life had turned bad as it did. To answer your question, I can't remember the last time I went to a theater. When it's available to me on TV, I'll certainly watch.

Comment From Scott LC

Vic, do you consider players faking injury as cheating or acceptable gamesmanship?

I don't like it, but I'm a defensive guy and if the offense is going to go no-huddle on me and try to trick me into having too many men on the field, then I'm not above trying tricks of my own. I say line and play; no tricks.

Comment From Robert

Vic, What did you think of Tyrann Mathieu coming out of LSU?

Top end talent that introduced an element of risk. I'm not opposed to swinging for the fence when you really believe in a guy's talent.

Comment From Scott LC

What about if faking the injury was to buy time for the coaching staff to decide whether or not to challenge the previous play?

I'm not above that, either. I have a dark side when it comes to those kinds of things. Hey, you wanna snap the ball to avoid replay review, I'll fake an injury to get a review.

Comment From The Dave

Vic, What part of the packers team is your greatest area of concern currently? Anything you will be paying particular attention to on Sunday?

Health of the wide receiving corps.

Comment From Robert

Vic doesn't have concerns, he just watches!

Bingo! Try it. You'll like it.

Comment From Bob

Not Shields being out?

Randall? Rollins? Depth at cornerback is a wonderful luxury.

Comment From Tony C

Window or aisle seat ??? Do you guys get assigned seats or is it "festival seating" on the charter ??...

*We get assigned seats. Everybody wants an aisle seat. I'm legendary on Steelers charters for having invented the phrase, "Burger and an aisle seat."        *

Comment From Margo

And, why is the carpet all wet Todd!??

*Don't go there. Margo from Bloomington is very sensitive about that. *

Comment From Shawn

Happy Festivus, Vic! Ready for Feats of Strength?

Dec. 23 is airing of grievances. I have some grievances.

Comment From Kyle

What game is more important for the Packers in their remaining schedule?

The Vikings game.

Comment From Scotty

The Steelers won 4 Super Bowls in the 70's, while the Raiders won 1. Both had ferocious defenses, top quarterbacks, hall of fame coaches, and great receivers. What did the Steelers have, that the Raiders did not have?

The Raiders didn't have the Steelers' talent. That one win was largely the result of Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier missing the AFC title game. I think the Raiders' Super Bowl ring bears the score of the AFC title game. That's how intense that rivalry was.

Comment From Raff

Hi Vic, just curious, do you consider yourself as a risk taker?

Yes. I've made significant career moves. I'm glad I did. Don't fear defeat. Pursue victory.

Comment From Dustin

How did you balance career decisions vs. family?

I didn't. My family supported me, whatever the decision was.

Comment From HP

Vic, should teams go for it more often on 4th and 1?

Yes. Today's game is about scoring. Go for it on fourth-and-one and go for two.

Comment From Derek

BBQ - Carolina style?

Po Pig's Bo-B-Q in Edisto Island, SC. It's my favorite and they offer four BBQ sauces. My favorite is the Orangeburg sauce.

Comment From Kevin D.

I don't like this week's chat so far. I want to know about the Packers.

What would you like to know? The stage is yours.

Comment From Scotty

do you ever forsee in December, the NFL playing games on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights?

Yes, I do, when the game gets softer and safer.

There's another Kevin in here. Make sure you use Kevin D. I'm not clairvoyant.

Comment From Kevin

How long until the 3-point stance is abolished?

That's the one the league wants to avoid. Can it?

Comment From Michael

I'd like to go on record to complain about Kevin D complaining. Stop complaining Kevin D.

I've got nothing from Kevin D. and questions are pouring in. I've got to move on.

Comment From Jake

How long do you see Clay Matthews staying at ILB?

I think that's an offseason decision. Sacks are just too important in today's game to get a natural pass rusher tangled up in traffic.

Comment From yooper

Jake Ryan missed a few assignments last week. I see him as a solid future ILB. Agree?

*Yeah, but I'd like that to happen now, and I think it can. He wants to run and hit. Coach Moss will coach him up. It'll happen. Ryan could be a missing link player late in the season.               *

Comment From Daniel

Mack or Clowney -- is it clear yet who was the better choice?

At this point it's Mack. Clowney has had injury issues. Microfracture surgery is major.

Comment From Josh

I stink at this! Is it my grammar or just terrible questions?

*I love your questions, especially the one about my expectations for this Sunday's game. I expect Coach Del Rio to sell out to stop the run. Coach Del Rio hates allowing rushing yardage more than losing a golf match to me -- I hope he doesn't read this. Anyhow, I think he'll sell out to stop the run so much that it'll open the door for Aaron Rodgers to have a big day.          *

Comment From AllanFQ

Vic, has the committee reached an agreement on what a catch is?

Yes, the receiver must take the ball home and sleep with it.

Comment From Lee M

Aaron Donald or Mack - still Mack?

I don't know, Margo, but let me say this: Donald is every bit the defensive lineman J.J. Watt is.

Comment From Larry

Vic - Do you consider the Patriots a dynasty?

*Yeah, I do, but the problem is it's a two-man dynasty.  *

Comment From Dustin

Any asterisk on that dynasty?

I made that mistake once. I'm not going to do it again.

Comment From Bill from KC

Andy Reid for COY?

*Not Ron Rivera?              *

Comment From Kevin

Anyone like the Seahawks for another Super Bowl title? It wouldn't shock me.

It's wide open. I really mean that.

Comment From Tony P

Do you think the Pack can grab the #2 seed or do you think the #3 is more likely?

I think No. 3 is more likely, but No. 2 is doable.

Comment From Cole

I don't like the idea of playing the Vikings back-to-back and into the playoffs. I'll never forget the turned tides in the 2009 series against Arizona

I don't like threesies, either, but playing at home is important.

Comment From The Dave

Vic, is it just me? Carolina doesn't scare me at all. I prefer playing the panthers, even at carolina, than playing the seahawks or cardinals or even the giants if they got in. Carolina is the Cincinnati of the nfc

You're not giving the Panthers enough respect. I'm OK with the Packers playing there, but mostly because they've already played there once. If I knew who was going to win the NFC East, I'd give my opinion on seeding. I gotta tell you, the Giants scare me. They have that look about them.

Comment From Kevin

What happened to Kevin D?

There you go. That's one of my grievances. He complains about my choice of questions, so I clear the deck so he can ask one, and he doesn't ask.

Comment From Tony

Pound, pound, bomb -- that's the Panthers style and you must love it. I don't think you can underestimate them.

I love pound and bomb. I wouldn't mind seeing some pound and bomb this weekend. Well, that's it, folks. I have a burger and an aisle seat waiting for me. Thanks. See you in Oakland, if you know what I mean. I know you'll be there.

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