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Wisconsin is Aaron Rodgers' home

How good can this team get?


Carl from Key Largo, FL

At his press conference after the 49ers game, Aaron Rodgers was asked how he felt about playing at home, since he grew up in northern California. Without blinking an eye and with a smile on his face, Rodgers responded: "I am a proud resident of the State of Wisconsin. I have a Wisconsin driver's license and I vote there." End of story. End of question. In my opinion, his incredible on-the-field exploits can only be matched by his off-the-field grace, class and general demeanor.

I asked the question and the answer surprised me. He's a cool customer. He gets it.

Paul from Saint Paul, MN

Vic, I feel the defense is starting to form an identity. We don't care who you are and we don't care who we have on the field defensively, we are going to stop you.

I think that might be a little heavy on the bravado for this stage in the season.

Wayne from Neenah, WI

Vic, can the emergence of defensive players taking a step forward have anything to do with McCarthy spending more time with the defense since he turned over play-calling?

I think the improvement on defense is mostly the result of the emphasis on drafting defensive players. The last four first-round picks have been defensive players. Three of the last five second-round picks have been defensive players. This team understood coming out of the 2011 season it needed to focus on improving the talent on the defensive side of the ball, and it has.

Joshua from Lake Geneva, WI

What was up with the false start/offsides call in the first quarter on Sunday? I thought Raji was clearly offsides.

Colin Kaepernick bobbed his head. You can bark, but you can't move your head when you bark. I clearly saw the bob, and that's when I began to think Kaepernick is being asked to do too much.

Anthony from Janesville, WI

Yesterday, Steve Mariucci went into detail about the bubble screen play like the Packers are using and how they are going to change the rule in the offseason because receivers are blocking defenders too early while the ball is being thrown, which is illegal and unfair to defenses. What do you think?

If it's early, then flag it. Maybe the league needs to put a major emphasis on that, as they have on illegal contact, holding and pass interference on the defense. Too much dink and dunk. I want to see the ball thrown down the field.

Cassandra from Chandler, AZ

Do the Packers have a team that is a threat in every area, rushing, passing and defense? Are the Packers already in midseason form?

No, because it's not midseason. The Packers' arrow is pointing up. It's a better team today than it was on opening day, and there's no doubt in my mind the Packers will continue to improve. I asked Mike McCarthy on Sunday if his team had another gear, and he bristled a little at the question in his answer. It would be an insult to Coach McCarthy and his coaching staff to suggest the Packers won't improve as the season progresses. That's what coaches do, they make their teams better. This team could get scary good. Injuries or the lack thereof will determine how good.

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