Lambeau Field

Sports and the Arts

The collection of over 145 pieces of art throughout Lambeau Field was created by 19 artists, many of whom have close ties to Wisconsin – whether they live locally, have parents who raised them as a Packers fan or were born and raised in Wisconsin. Collectively, they have created pieces of art that depict the grandeur and glory of our unique franchise. The artists worked with their mediums of choice, from sketches to photographs, mixed media to oil on canvas, assemblage and more to create one-of-a-kind pieces that pay homage to the Green Bay Packers and the community that has always surrounded and supported this historic franchise. Hear from some of the artists who are a part of the collection.



Los Angeles, California

Growing up in Hollywood, artist Stanley Silver became fascinated at an early age with musicians, athletes, celebrities and American landmarks. Silver’s art has been exhibited in prominent galleries and museums throughout the United States and he has been selected as the "official artist" for many prestigious sporting events including the MLB World Series and All-Star Game and the New York Marathon. Hollywood has embraced Silver’s art for years. Most recently, Silver’s art captured the attention of the set decorator, cast and crew of the hit TV show, Entourage.



Los Angeles, California

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Samantha Wendell grew up amid the strong influence of the entertainment industry. Classically trained as a portrait painter in France and England, Ms. Wendell further developed her concepts through vigorous research and discipline. By incorporating her education and experiences, she has evolved to a level of perfection and uniqueness in her portraiture. Through Sports & The Arts, Ms. Wendell’s artwork has been commissioned by the Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Kings and FOX Sports, among others, and her work can be viewed in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., and U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.



Malibu, California

John Robertson earned a BA degree in English Literature from California State University, Northridge. He was a senior executive with a large retail corporation for over 20 years. In 1991 John left the world of business in order to pursue his interest in art on a full-time basis. His work has been used in movies, television shows and many commercials, and he has produced pieces for FOX Sports and Disney. Robertson’s artwork has been exhibited in numerous one-man art shows across the country.



Dallas, Texas

Bart Forbes’ unique approach to painting is the result of many years spent both as a fine artist and an illustrator. His interest in sports has led to a wide variety of major commissions. Forbes has created theme paintings for a variety of PGA and Seniors’ tournaments, and is known for his many posters and prints. He has designed over 20 commemorative postage stamps for the U.S. Postal Service including stamps of the 1988 Olympics, Lou Gehrig, Jesse Owens and the “America is Beautiful” series. His work has appeared in countless magazines, including Sports Illustrated and TIME. Corporate clients have included Exxon, Pepsi-Cola, ABC-TV, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, American Airlines and the NFL.



Oshkosh, Wisconsin

After pursuing a degree in molecular biology and a masters in biomedical illustration, Sue was propelled into becoming a studio artist in 1980, working primarily in the medium which later became known as the Art Quilt. Sue is an innovator in her field, creating original dyed and painted fabrics which she combines with recycled textiles to form fields of structured pattern, vivid beauty and riotous variation. Sue’s artwork is in many private, corporate and institutional collections. She also lectures and teaches workshops nationally and internationally in the fields of surface design, textile collage, fused quilt construction and artistic inspiration. Her work has been juried into Quilt National seven times, and she served as a juror in 2009. Living in Dallas with her husband, Craig Jett, and their two sons, Sue works in her studio built in the backyard of their family home. However, a part of her heart resides still in her home state of Wisconsin.



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sports & The Arts resident artist Tom Mosser attended Penn State University and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts. In the mid-1990s, Tom was awarded four national sports awards for his portraits of Roberto Clemente, Honus Wagner, Mario Lemieux and Mark McGwire. Tom has also completed a 75’ x 4.5’, three-panel mural that is currently on display in the Pirates’ administration office at PNC Park. Through Sports and The Arts, Tom was commissioned and completed “The Mural,” a 195’ by 35’ mural housed in the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, and has contributed to art collections at Levi’s Stadium and Marlins Park.



San Luis Obispo, California

A California native for over 40 years, Jenny has always had an artistic and graphic career, from her time as Creative Director for Netflix and Partner Marketing at eBay, to her own graphic and promotional agency, Kompolt Online Auction Agency, which raised over $22 million for charity in her 10 years at the helm. Jenny has a unique way of finding the good in some¬thing common and turning it into something unique and beautiful. She has a passion for social good and giving back to the world in her messaging and her style. Her work has been purchased by a number of celebrities, and is featured at the Sundance Resort in Utah, in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, as well as many other locations.



Nipomo, California

Tracie founded Sports & the Arts (SATA) in 1992 to provide professional athletics and sports franchises with original artwork and lithographs. Under her leadership and direction, the company has grown from commissioning original one-of-a-kind private artworks to curating multi-million dollar stadiums that house hundreds of original works of art and photography. SATA collections grace the walls of organizations and venues such as the San Francisco 49ers and Levi's Stadium, the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium, the Amway Center, the Prudential Center and The Miami Marlins Park. Tracie's strengths are her inherent ability to foster relationships with artists and to discover up and coming artistic talent. Her discerning eye and strong art direction are paramount in creating insightful and compelling collections. Her skill in identifying emerging artists and combining their talents with nationally established artists creates distinct and unique collections for each venue the company curates. Tracie excels in negotiating artist rights, providing clients with the potential of return on their investment and marketing opportunities. In addition, she is quick to identify sponsorship integration opportunities. Prior to founding Sports & The Arts, Tracie was director at the Sports & Entertainment Gallery in Los Angeles where she coordinated art openings for the Los Angeles Kings, featuring Wayne Gretzky and Mickey Mantle, among others. Throughout her career, Tracie has generated more than two million dollars for charitable causes through donations and fundraising efforts. Tracie enjoys golfing the beautiful courses of California's Central Coast and spending time with her family.