Green Bay Packers Front Office Roster

Front Office

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Football Operations





  • Sarah Quick Assistant Director of Communications
  • Tom Fanning Communications Manager
  • Nate LoCascio Communications Coordinator
  • Evan Siegle Team Photographer
  • Jack Carney Communications Intern

Public Affairs

  • Aaron Popkey Director of Public Affairs
  • Katie Hermsen Public Affairs Coordinator
  • Cliff Christl Team Historian

Brand and Marketing

  • Joan Malcheski Director of Brand and Marketing
  • Garrison Cummings Business Intelligence Manager
  • Brian O'Connell Digital Analyst
  • Tessa Ruid Email and Fan Acquisition Coordinator
  • Bill Luebker Manager of Creative Design
  • Elizabeth Lasee Graphic Artist
  • Haylee Helmle Fan Engagement Specialist
  • Lexi Kinnard Brand and Fan Engagement Intern
  • Serena Larie Fan Programs Intern
  • Paul O'Brien Brand and Marketing Intern
  • Kelli Krueger Email Marketing and Fan Insights Intern
  • Paige Apkarian Graphic Design Intern

Community Outreach

  • Cathy Dworak Director of Community Outreach and Player/Alumni Relations
  • Bobbi Jo Eisenreich Manager of Corporate and Foundation Giving
  • Ryan Fencl Football Outreach Specialist
  • Tony Fisher Player/Alumni Specialist
  • Amanda Wery Community Outreach Senior Coordinator
  • Julie Broeckel Corporate Giving Coordinator
  • Sandy Roubal Corporate Giving Coordinator
  • Ambria Berryhill Community Outreach Intern

Development and Hospitality

  • Charlie Millerwise Director of Development and Hospitality
  • Jackie Krutz Manager of Titletown Residential and Programs
  • Mallory Steinberg Titletown Programs and Marketing Coordinator
  • Wendy Jansen Manager of Lambeau Field Events
  • Casey Ausloos Lambeau Field Events Outside Sales Account Executive
  • Jenny Zuege Lambeau Field Events Specialist
  • Amy Baker Lambeau Field Events Administrator
  • Tina Hermus Administrative Assistant of Events

Digital, Broadcast and Game Presentation

  • Kregg Shilbauer Director of Digital, Broadcast and Game Presentation
  • Kandi Goltz Manager of Game Presentation and Live Events
  • Duke Bobber Manager of Digital
  • Michael Atkinson Producer
  • Ryan Hartwig Social Media Manager
  • Mike Spofford Senior Writer
  • Wes Hodkiewicz Staff Writer
  • Larry McCarren Sports Analyst
  • Mike Vandersnick Videographer
  • Adam Hoebelheinrich Senior Editor/Associate Producer
  • Tyler Gajewski Videographer/Editor
  • Matt Haberkamp Digital UX Coordinator
  • Matt Arvin Game and Live Production Coordinator
  • Jessica Dickhut JTV Game Entertainment Intern
  • Morgan Murphy Game Entertainment Intern


  • Ted Eisenreich Director of Facility Operations
  • Mike Moynihan Assistant Director of Facility Operations
  • Justin Dantzman HVAC Manager
  • Todd Edlebeck Facilities Manager
  • Brad "Gus" Gustafson Manager of Atrium Operations
  • Kyle Nooker Titletown Facilities Manager
  • Bill Rasmussen Facilities Manager
  • Bill Roubal Electrical Manager
  • Christine Wahlen Facilities Office Manager
  • Anne Larson Facilities Office Coordinator
  • Dave Tilot Facilities Supervisor
  • Corey Wentland Facilities Supervisor
  • Craig Nooyen Sr. HVAC Technician
  • Clyde Watson HVAC Technician
  • Ken Sulewski HVAC Technician
  • Bill Miller Plumber/Beverage Systems Technician
  • Dale Vannieuwenhoven Janitorial Coordinator
  • Jon Corpron Journeyman Electrician
  • Eric DeMars Facilities Assistant
  • Brian Cornelius Atrium Operations Lead
  • Joe Setzkorn Atrium Operations Lead
  • Dan Skaleski Atrium Operations Lead
  • Israel Torres Atrium Operations Lead
  • Tom Whitman Atrium Operations Lead
  • Chad Dalebroux Titletown Facilities Maintenance Assistant
  • Joe Felhofer Titletown Facilities Maintenance Assistant
  • Tony Lensmire Titletown Facilities Maintenance Assistant


  • Allen Johnson Fields Manager
  • Derek Paris Fields Assistant
  • Bart Bartelme Fields Assistant
  • Ryan Blise Fields Assistant
  • Joe Ranthum Horticulture Technician


  • Carla Schrank Accounting Manager
  • Scott Murphy Accounting Manager
  • Ben Brossard Senior Accountant
  • Andrew Podlasik Staff Accountant
  • Ryan Thurk Staff Accountant
  • Ann Dabeck Payroll Coordinator
  • Jill Austinson Accounting Assistant
  • Wendy Pasowicz Accounts Payable Assistant
  • Julie Van Asten Accounts Payable Assistant

Human Resources

  • Melissa Malfroid Human Resources Manager
  • Robyn Waller Benefits Analyst

Information Technology

  • Kenny Ansel Assistant Director of Information Technology
  • Mike Jelenic Senior Computer Systems Administrator
  • Tony Smith Security Compliance Analyst
  • Bobbi Cameron Business Services Analyst
  • Andy Cornelissen Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Justin Ruckel Network Engineer
  • Travis Conard Computer Systems Administrator
  • Joe Reuter Information Technology Systems Analyst
  • Robert Konitzer Client Support Specialist
  • Ryan Maes Client Support Specialist
  • Troy VanWychen Information Technology Support Specialist
  • Becky Lamal Help Desk/Administrative Assistant

Retail Operations

  • Peggy Prebelski Director of Retail Operations
  • Jennie Robertson Ecommerce Manager
  • Adam Dax Ecommerce Content Specialist
  • Amy Vigue Ecommerce Marketing Specialist
  • Pam Burnett Merchandise Manager
  • Jennifer Pertzborn Buyer
  • Patrick Luce Buyer
  • Theresa Pagel Buying/Ecommerce Assistant
  • Krissy Prosser Buying Administrative Assistant
  • Cody Boeck Manager of Retail Operations and Customer Service
  • Derek Dimmer Retail Store Manager
  • Lisa Treichel Assistant Store Manager
  • Darren Lohr Assistant Store Manager
  • Tim Hodek Assistant Store Manager
  • Andy Bomske Assistant Store Manager
  • Tim Schroeder Manager of Retail Distribution Center
  • Gavin Carrigan Assistant Manager of Retail Distribution Center
  • Judy Pedersen Assistant Manager of Retail Distribution Center
  • Mark Merkey Assistant Manager of Retail Distribution Center
  • Hannah Fields Ecommerce Marketing Intern

Sales and Business Development

  • Chad Watson Director of Sales and Business Development
  • Jon Schweitzer Manager of Broadcast Sales
  • Carl Moll Broadcast Sales and Operations Specialist
  • Justin Wolf Manager of Corporate Sales
  • Stephanie Blavat-Vesely Partnership Sales and Service Executive
  • Dana Kressig Corporate Sales Executive - Digital Sales
  • Jon Murphy Corporate Sales Executive
  • Craig Decker Corporate Sales Executive
  • Steve Reedy Corporate Sales Executive
  • Sara Webb Manager of Partnership Services
  • Shea Greil Senior Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Lisa Nortman Senior Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Tammi Schroeder Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Krista Bye-Nagel Partnership Services Fulfillment Coordinator
  • Nick Beauchamp Digital Sales Partnership Services Coordinator
  • Aaron Hart Manager of Corporate Sales - Milwaukee Office
  • Michelle Ratchman Partnership Services Coordinator - Milwaukee Office
  • Shea Hansen Corporate Sales Executive - Milwaukee Office
  • David LeGrand Media Sales Executive - Milwaukee Office
  • Scott Thompson Business Information Analyst
  • Zach Epstein Sales and Business Development Intern
  • Eric Kittel Sales and Business Development Intern
  • Kinsey McLaughlin Sales and Business Development Intern


  • Doug Collins Director of Security/Risk Management
  • Scott Peters Assistant Director of Security
  • Justin Crabb Building Security Manager
  • Andrew Wellens Building Security Supervisor
  • Mike Agnew Security Officer
  • Scott Hansen Security Officer
  • Ken Kirkpatrick Security Officer
  • Doug Maes Security Officer
  • Jesse Motto Security Officer
  • Paul Schmit Security Officer
  • Bob Slaby Security Officer
  • Craig Stevens Security Officer
  • Joe Stewart Security Officer
  • Randy Vogel Security Officer
  • Jamie Woodbeck Security Officer
  • Peter Yurek Security Officer
  • Brandon Arndt Shipping and Receiving Coordinator
  • Laurie Taicher Security/Risk Management Assistant
  • Barb Gehlhoff Mail Clerk
  • Randy Van Camp Mail Clerk

Stadium Services

  • Jennifer Ark Director of Stadium Services
  • Krissy Zegers Hall of Fame and Stadium Tour Manager
  • Hillary Nick Hall of Fame and Stadium Tour Sales Executive
  • Marc Leisgang Hall of Fame and Stadium Tour Operations Coordinator
  • Brent Hensel Hall of Fame Curator
  • Keith Cronin Manager of Guest Services
  • LaFawn Joslin Guest Services Assistant/Switchboard
  • Ginny Schram Guest Services Assistant/Reception
  • Sindi Anschutz Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
  • Betsy Frenzel Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
  • Sue Last Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
  • Barb Van De Hey Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
  • Karen Wiesner Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge
  • Carolyn Zeise Guest Services Assistant/Atrium Concierge

Ticketing and Premium Seating

  • Jason McDonough Director of Ticketing and Premium Seating
  • Philip Caldwell Manager of Ticketing
  • Daniel Moss Manager of Premium Seating
  • Chris Kloehn Ticket Office Coordinator
  • Sue Zernicke Ticket Office Coordinator
  • Cassandra Polansky Senior Premium Seating Coordinator
  • Reece Oliver Premium Seating Sales Executive
  • Molly Linnane Premium Seating Coordinator
  • Derek Corral Premium Seating Intern
  • Dustin Hall Ticket Office Intern