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Cardinals No. 1 in time of possession

You might be surprised by these stats


Tom from Madison, WI

"All we'd do is run the ball." Your mentality is outdated and needs a refresh. This is not the same game as 50-60 years ago. Maybe out-of-date people like you hold the Packers back from Super Bowls. I'm glad you won't buy a team.

I saw an interesting stat recently: Nine of the league's top 10 run-defenses belong to teams in the playoffs. The only one not in the postseason is the Jets, and they nearly made it. What does that stat say, Tom?

Dominik from Frankfurt, Germany

Vic, if we win on Saturday, we will get eight days of rest; our opponent will only get seven. Isn't that unfair?

It should be that way. It means more to us.

Gary from Fitchburg, WI

I've always found the idea you increase your chances of winning by limiting your opponent's time on the field flawed. What matters is having the higher average number of points per possession. End. Stop. Doesn't matter how long you keep the other team on the sideline if you score three points on a 10-minute possession while they score seven on a three-minute possession. Players, not plays, and points, not time.

The Cardinals lead the league in time of possession, just as they lead the league in total yards offense and they're No. 2 in points per game. I reject your theory as it pertains to the Cardinals. By the way, the Panthers are No. 1 in points per game and No. 3 in time of possession, so I guess I reject your theory as it pertains to them, too. I pretty much reject your theory. It's baloney.

Michael from Redding, CA

Are you surprised by Carson Palmer's play the last two seasons? What do you make of him playing arguably the best football of his career at 36, when he seemed done a couple of seasons ago?

He's never been a runner, so age isn't as much of a factor for him.

Jeremy from Grande Prairie, Canada

Vic, what can you tell us about Ben McAdoo as Coughlin's potential replacement, from your experience with the two men?

Ben is a zone-blocking guy all the way, and he's got great media savvy. That's the first thing I noticed about Ben. He has the ability to give the interviewer what he needs without providing information. That's a valuable skill for a head coach to possess. Coach Coughlin is headed for the Hall of Fame. His are big shoes to fill.

Matt from Boston, MA

Vic, I'm a Packers fan from New England. You talk about how scheme is overrated and it really comes down to players winning their matchups. What is different about Bill Belichick? The Pats seem to always have a scheme or plan for big games that you wouldn't expect. Could it be not the scheme that is that much better, but continually refreshing and changing the plan which provides continued inspiration for players to try hard that results in them doing their job?

Why didn't that work in Cleveland? Brady, not plays.

Caleb from Eau Claire, WI

Vic, how crucial will it be for our receivers to gain yards after the catch against this Cardinals defense?

If the Cardinals employ the same aggressive man-to-man coverage scheme they used in Week 16, it'll be critical to the Packers' success that they gain yards after the catch. Why? Because that kind of daring scheme invites it.

John from South Bend, IN

Vic, I'm from Notre Dame country. I'm curious of your thoughts on the players entering the draft this year. Which ones stand out to you and how early would you expect them to go in the draft? Also, what's your opinion on players who leave school early for the NFL?

I'm not familiar with all of the underclassmen coming out, so I'll make a general statement. College football is losing its best players sooner and more fully every year. It's a terrible problem for college football, and I wish it wasn't so. To combat this exodus, I would favor college football increasing its eligibility to five years in six years. Why not? Those young men aren't headed to the NFL. They're in the prime of their athletic lives. Let them enjoy it for another year. It would help deepen college football's talent base and provide continuity, especially for the "little" programs and especially at the quarterback position.

Jim from McLean, VA

What do you see as the Cardinals' biggest stress point?

As I wrote above, the scheme on defense is aggressive. It invites big plays. Beat your man and you might go all the way.

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