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Here's the breakdown on Clay Matthews

Have the Eagles found the answer at quarterback?


Rob from Elkhorn, WI

Vic, has Chip Kelly discovered a way to make the quarterback interchangeable? The success he's had plugging in castoffs may be the advantage you've said would get around the cost associated with "The Man."

It's only been two games. Let's wait a little longer before we decide that a revolutionary way of building a football team has been invented.

Thomas from St. Johns, FL

Vic, I'm going in to have my hip replaced this morning. Sorry, I won't be responding, but I will try to get my doctor to comment for me. I will be reading and responding to your column once they get me up to my room.

Hip, hip, hooray!

Mike from Rochester, NY

Vic, saw the locker room birthday celebration for Coach McCarthy. It gave me goose bumps. Quiet Julius is stepping out of his shell and becoming a big leader, and you can just feel that something special is brewing with the team. Do you know what I mean?

Yes, I do, and I feel it, too.

Fred from Monroe, WI

I think the Bears were surprised by Matthews on the inside. Not something to be done all the time, but good to make opponents think about in the last half of the season.

Maybe Coach Capers was saving something, huh?

Keith from Greendale, WI

Vic, don't you think all of the excitement about Clay at inside linebacker stems from the fact that we haven't had a big-time playmaker in that position for a really long time?

I don't think that's it. I think all of the excitement is for the possibility, the hope, that one move will be a difference-maker for a defense that was last in the league against the run. We'll see.

Tim from Otsego, MN

Could less practice be the cause of the increase in lopsided games?

It's a game of execution, and it's only logical to expect that less time practicing execution in game-like conditions will have a negative impact on the product.

Ron from Corpus Christi, TX

Why wasn't Rodgers given the chance to go for the single-game NFL record for touchdown passes?

Hey, the Packers are classy, right?

Nic from Milwaukee, WI

Vic, you asked about the playing time breakdown for Clay Matthews. Here it is: 53 snaps, 38 inside, 14 at ROLB, one at LOLB.

Thanks, Nic.

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