Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 28

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference Friday night from University of Phoenix Stadium. - More Packers-Cardinals Game Center

(Inaudible question)

You want to win. That's what we are - we're competitors. Obviously it's the goal anytime you take the field. But I'll say this, we can definitely learn from some of the things that went on here at the end of the game. We had a chance to end the game twice and we did not. I can promise you one thing, we'll learn from that as a football team. I thought we were impressive in the first half as a football team. I thought the special teams did a very good job with the field position. I thought the offense was sharp (with) the point production that they were able to generate, defense with the takeaways once again. We had a challenge there early in the first half where both the headsets on the offense and the defense went down, and we probably could've handled that a little better. There's always things you can learn from in this game. I think overall three weeks in a row we've been very positive in a lot of our production, but it's important to win. You always go out to win. I think both sides showed that tonight.

(Can you give an update on the injuries?)

Greg (Jennings) had a blow to the head, he did not return. Atari Bigby had a sprained thumb. Mike Montgomery has a broken hand. Brandon Jackson has a bruised shin.

(What was Jennings' injury)

I'm not sure if they classified it, but we were not going to take any chances. He looked OK. I just saw him briefly in the hall.

(What did you think of Anthony Smith?)

I have to see the film. The second defense was out there a long time so a lot of pass defense. Really I'd have to look at the film to give you a better answer.

(What did you think of Brian Brohm's performance?)

Well, what was it, three series he played? I really didn't have an opportunity the first two. Had the third down, the deep ball, the second third down, he had zero protection. But I thought in the third series he did a nice job leading that drive down the field. I thought he definitely played better than he did last week.

(Was the holding by Ruvell Martin a little erratic?)

We'll have to look at that. I think he double clutched the first one, (that) was the communication. Once I see the film I'll give you a better answer.

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