Mike McCarthy Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 13

(You have Chillar as questionable. Has he shown some improvement?)

Feels good. He had an opportunity to put the hand in a cast. We'll go watch the practice. I spoke to Brandon on the field about what he felt comfortable (with), both special teams and defense. We'll talk to the medical staff. So he definitely has a chance to play. Now, I'm not certain what his role will be. We'll probably take these next 48 hours and visit with him and I'll probably talk to him tonight based on once I get all the information. But he felt good today in practice with the club.

(Is Clifton ready to go?)

Chad's ready to go. This is his normal Friday. I thought he's put together two good days of practice, Wednesday Thursday, and then just with all his postseason surgeries and so forth, this is the plan for him not to work on Fridays.

(Do you have a starter on the right side at tackle?)

Well, we'll probably go with T.J. Lang. Both T.J. and Allen worked over there, and also Breno has some reps and is ready to go. But we'll go with T.J. Lang at the right tackle.

(How did Lang do throughout the week?)

I thought he had a good, solid week of practice. There's some things going from the left side to the right side that's an adjustment for him. We had a pass under pressure period yesterday that I think there was a look that our defense gave him that I'm glad he saw during the practice structure. I think he'll get in there and compete and do a good job.

(Does he have much history over there with you guys?)

Well, I can't sit here and tell you how many reps he has, but he has moved around, the way it broke out and the way we train them, as far as the drills and the assignments and so forth. But he's had a full week of work over there. We feel like he's ready to go.

(What is it with him that makes you think he can handle this?)

Based on what he's handled to this point. I think he's been put in some very challenging situations, starting up there in Minnesota. Just the way he's responded. He's had a number of snaps that he can learn from. I like his toughness. He's competitive, and we're going to give him a shot.

(You started Barbre seven games. Why do you think Lang gives you a better shot to win this game than Barbre?)

Based on what we've seen from T.J. in live action. I think Allen needs to reset himself. We've taken a step back with him, and we're giving T.J. a chance based on production. It's a little bit of a challenge, a little bit of a forecast, I understand that. But that's kind of the realm that we're in with this offensive line right now. It started obviously because of the injuries, but we're trying to build some continuity and consistency.

(There's no chance Kampman might improve over the weekend?)

I don't think so. Dr. John Gray is not very comfortable with the progress that he's made. Like we've always stated, we're going to play the high side with our players.

(Have you figured out what's going on with Brady's quad?)

Have you seen it? It's different. It's a different type of injury. Just a lot of swelling. He kind of took a step back today. I thought he was going to progress during the week and be fine. But we'll find out in the next 48 hours.

(Do you know what's causing the swelling or is it a mysterious deal?)

No, he was either stepped on or landed on a cleat in the game. The swelling didn't really start until Tuesday. It's a little unusual, there's no doubt about it. I'm not a medical staff member, but there's just an unusual amount of swelling in there.

(After eight games, are you what you are, or can things improve and change dramatically?)

I think you have to improve, regardless of your record. That's something you always focus on. We feel that November is the opportunity to start playing your best football. The third quarter, Mike Eayrs did a presentation Thursday, very evident about how roles change and how you have to adjust and make the adjustments from a personnel, schematic, that's the challenge. I don't think we're very far off of where we want to be, and we need to stay focused on that and make the adjustments as we move forward.

(Did Spitz have surgery this week?)

Yes he did.

(So you think you have a handle on that?)

I think so. The history with his particular injury, more the relief that happens when you have that type of injury, we feel that he'll have a full recovery.

(It was a herniated disc?)

The exact, I couldn't tell you. I just know the one nerve needed to be released.

(Any idea when he might be able to work out again?)

Well, it's what, six eight months. Pat hasn't given me the (timetable). We'll try to get him ready for the offseason program.

(Who gets the start in Kampman's spot?)

Well, we worked both Brad and Jeremy over there, and we're going to go with Brad. So this is a big opportunity for him. He's had a good week's work, and I'm sure he's up to the challenge. I like what I've seen.

(What does he give you in that spot?)

He's different, to be honest with you. He's very athletic. You talk to our offensive line, the guys that block him in practice, he's slippery, he's instinctive. Dom Capers has compared him to Chad Brown, the linebacker he had in Pittsburgh and then up there in Seattle. But he's young and we'll be smart with him, but he's a cagey player.

(Do you know what you're going to do on kickoff return?)

Yes, we're going to go ... well, I'd rather not say that today. But yeah, you won't be surprised who's out there.

(What's your reaction to the controversy surrounding the firing of Mike Wood?)

I'd like to address it. I was made aware of it this morning on my radio show, or a radio show I do in Milwaukee. I was taken back by it, naturally. I walk through that loading dock every day, and I had a conversation. A comment was made, I commented back, got in the car and had a chance to inquire to Allen about what the man's name was, and that's my involvement.

{sportsad300}(He says he didn't make the comment. Are you sure it was him that made that comment?)


(You heard him say, 'Don't lay an egg'?)

I was hoping you guys wouldn't go this far with this. I'm going to be honest with you. He is ... I don't really know the man. He made a comment to me, I made a comment to him. It's not the worst thing ever said. But I would not say that to a fellow employee. That's as far as I'm going to go with it.

(Did you ask anyone for him to be fired or disciplined?)

Absolutely not.

(Do you think the Packers are becoming overly sensitive?)

I don't think so.

(Did you suggest or recommend to Allen Johnson or Ted Eisenreich that he be dismissed?)

It was a one-minute conversation, and that's the last I heard of it. I asked what his name was.

(What exactly did you hear him say?)

Like I said, it's not the worst thing ever said, but I wouldn't say it to a fellow employee.

(Do you think the organization's course of action was correct?)

I'm not involved in that decision, and frankly I had zero intention, zero conversation and zero ... conversation, intention, anything to do with that.

(Wouldn't you say you played a part in that decision?)

It's not my responsibility. No I didn't.

(Hearing his remarks in the paper today, would you like to see him get his job back?)

I've addressed it. Once again, I had one conversation, I inquired about what the man's name was. That's as far as I took the conversation, and now I'm answering questions about it.

(You said something back to him. What did you say?)

Once again, he made a comment, I commented back to him, I walked to my car, another comment was made, and that was it.

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