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Packers playing best football in NFL?

Don't let garbage time ruin your enjoyment


Mike from Somerset, WI

Vic, was Lambeau as loud vs. the Chiefs as it was during the Seattle game? Did the Milwaukee season ticket holders do their job?

It was loud, but it wasn't as loud, and that's probably the result of there having been so many Chiefs fans in the crowd.

Cindy from Sun Prairie, WI

Why can't we keep the foot on the gas? With seven minutes to go, we always lay back when we are ahead and get conservative with play-calling and run the ball and try to eat the clock.

I knew this was coming. As the Chiefs moved the ball during the final minutes of the game, I said to myself, "It'll be Atlanta all over again in my inbox," and it is. It's so sad. It's never good enough.

Patrick from Tampa, FL

What happened to the defense at the end? Just too big of a lead or reason for concern? Do you think they were using the points cushion to work on different blitz and coverage packages? If so, I suggest ripping those pages out of the book.

The worst thing you can do to an opponent is beat them. It's troubling me today that we're allowing a few meaningless minutes of the game to taint our opinion of what was a sensational defensive effort. Right now, this team has it all, and I'm not going to allow what happened in the final minutes of last night's game to shape my opinion of what I saw last night. I saw domination. I saw a team that was ready to play. I saw a team that won the physical battle and was armed with new looks that were executed with precision. Enjoy the victory. Why worry? It's not a job. You're allowed to feel good.

Hans from Front Royal, VA

Vic, besides Clay Matthews and Mike Daniels, what two players on defense stood out to you?


Sam Shields had a sensational game. After the season opener, my inbox was filled with angst for the way Shields played, so I think it's important to note what Shields did last night: Led the team with six tackles, made an interception that led directly to a touchdown, and made a tackle for loss and a pass defensed. Casey Hayward had a tackle for loss and a pass defensed. Nick Perry had a sack, two tackles for loss, a hurry and a forced fumble. Joe Thomas and Jayrone Elliott each had a sack, a tackle for loss and a hurry. There's nobody that didn't play well. With those gaudy stats, are we really going to focus on garbage time? I'm getting angry. Congratulations, Coach Capers, for having your guys ready to play.**

Megan from Chicago, IL

Vic, my mom and I both enjoy reading your column. We're in a bit of an argument right now, though, and we'd like you to weigh in on it. Do you think Ted Thompson and the organization are grooming Brett Hundley to eventually replace Rodgers when the time comes? I think it's too soon to tell; my mom thinks he's their next guy. What do you think?

It's too far out to think that way. Aaron Rodgers is in his prime and I think he might still be on the way up.

Matt from East Lansing, MI

Vic, in light of the Cam Newton and Ed Hochuli issue, am I the only one who thinks what he said, if he said it, was likely a sarcastic joke? Coaches can't have fun and now the refs can't have fun? Save the NFL, Vic.

Save us all. I can't believe this is an issue. We make everything an issue.

Kent from Appleton, WI

How about the offense keeping the ball but at their opponent's 20-yard line? The defense shouldn't get a turnover without controlling the ball.

This is in response to the touchback issue – somebody did a good job of creating another unforced issue. I don't like your suggestion because the 20-yard line is too arbitrary of a placement spot.

Kevin from Lenexa, KS

Name a college with a less-successful football program, yet, has produced as many NFL stars as Kansas: Gale Sayers, John Riggins, Nolan Cromwell, John Hadl, John Zook, Dana Stubblefield, Gilbert Brown and Aqib Talib.

Kansas is known for basketball, but it's had its moments on the football field. I'll always remember Kansas football for the too-many-men-on-the-field Orange Bowl game it lost to Penn State. I'll also remember Kansas for a player I covered who appeared to have a bright career ahead of him, and then had that career ended by a broken leg. I'm talking about a running back named Laverne Smith. He had beep-beep speed, but he lost his speed with the injury. He was never the same and then he was gone.

David from Withee, WI

You really think the touchback rule about fumbling in the end zone is less fair than pass interference, where you can get a 50-yard penalty for getting pushed? Give the defense something!

You're absolutely right. The rule stands the way it is.

Hans from Front Royal, VA

Vic, are we seeing an offense that's playing defense? Time of possession seemed to be a big factor through most of this game.


The Packers had a seven-minute time of possession advantage, and it helped keep the defense fresh. By the way, the defense held the Chiefs to seven possessions of three plays or fewer through three quarters of the game. In his postgame interview, Rodgers said the Chiefs were loaded up to stop the run, which left man coverage across the board, and the Packers receivers won their one-on-ones. There's your analysis of what happened. Imagine, playing run against Rodgers. That's what Eddie Lacy has done for this team.**

Matt from Green Bay, WI

Vic, during the game, Gruden gave credit to McCarthy for changing up his coaching staff and meeting structure. He said it was a way for him to stimulate Rodgers. I thought that was a great observation and a testimony to McCarthy's coaching ability. He finds new ways to engage one of the smartest players in the NFL. I love listening to Gruden.

Coach McCarthy says they're going to improve the running game, and the Packers respond with a running game that's causing teams to focus on stopping the run. Coach McCarthy says the defense will be improved, and now it's dominating. Coach McCarthy said special teams will be improved, and they are. Coach McCarthy says he wants a fast start, and the Packers are 3-0 and playing as well as any team in the league. I wish Coach McCarthy would say on my deathbed I will achieve total consciousness.

Adam from Columbia, MO

Vic, I know there are people out there who don't truly appreciate the things No. 12 is doing. Fortunately, I am not in that category. I think we may be watching Jordan in his prime. Time to enjoy the ride.

I don't think there's anyone who doesn't truly appreciate Rodgers' greatness. I've been covering football for 44 years and I've never seen a better quarterback. He sees more of the field than any quarterback I've ever watched. He was reading the Chiefs' sideline last night. He saw their sub packages getting ready to come into the game and he knew what the Chiefs were going to do before they did it, and he was doing all of that as he was listening to his sideline talk to him in his helmet communicator. I think he's the most intelligent quarterback that's ever played the game.

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