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'Project LEAP!' Returns To Lambeau Field Atrium


For the second consecutive year, thousands of fans filed into Lambeau Field Atrium Saturday for 'Project LEAP!' (Lambeau's Exercise and Activity Playground) -- an event focused on getting kids out of the house to enjoy non-strenuous physical activity.

This year's activities included a jump house, climb-and-slide, mini-golf, obstacle course, climbing wall and stilt walkers. Also new for 2005 was a dazzling performance on the trapeze, and a BioMeasure machine, where kids could measure their body mass index.

"In the past few years, child obesity has become more and more of a concern," said Cathy Dworak, manager of community relations for the Packers. "We felt it was important to have an event that provided more physical opportunities as opposed to just entertainment.

"In just its second year, 'Project LEAP!' has become one of our favorite community events simply because of its message to families. And that message is the importance of daily exercise in all of our lives."

Packers defensive end James Lee, who was on hand signing autographs and playing with kids, reiterated Dworak's message.

"Getting out of the house," he said. "It's too cold to go outside but with 'Project LEAP!' you're able to come in here and climb the wall, bounce around on all the inflatables and do all the fun stuff. They've even got the putting greens here.

"This is a much better way of spending the day than being in front of the television playing video games all day. It's important that you get your body up and moving, it really makes you feel better once you do."

'Project LEAP!' is one of four free community events the Packers host each year, each geared toward bringing families together.

'Spooktacular Fun' -- a Halloween event that features interactive and entertaining activities including sing-along music, magic, miming, clowns and jugglers takes place in October. Each November, the Packers serve a Thanksgiving meal to more than 600 people, while 'Summer Traditions' is an event set in the year 1908 -- when Curly Lambeau was 10 years old -- and features exciting activities that children experienced at the turn of the century.

"I love the fact that these events give families something to do together," said Bob Harlan, the Packers' president and CEO. "'Project LEAP!' is a great family experience at no cost. I think that no matter what your age is, physical fitness is important to look at. This gives the kids a great opportunity to come in and play in a nice atmosphere and to be with their families while their doing it. Judging by all the wonderful comments I'm hearing from people today, I think the families are really enjoying themselves."

On Sunday, 'Project LEAP!' will also host nearly 1,500 4th graders from the 'Fit Kids!' program -- a joint program between the Green Bay Packers, CBS-5 WFRV and the Green Bay Area Public School District.

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