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The best team will win on Sunday

Kissing in the cold could be problematic


Tim from Rosario, Argentina

Vic, I love that packers.com put up the video of Cobb's winning TD on the site. I really like two parts of the video: 1.) After the TD it shows Cutler on the bench. Appears his teammate is looking at him for reassurance Bears can win; there is no reassurance on his face. 2.) At the end of video, Larry says, "The Bears are shell-shocked; it is breaking my heart."

No chortling! Remember the golden rule: Chortle unto others as you would have them chortle unto you.

Tim from Westport, CT

Hey, Vic, long-time 49ers fan who enjoys the history between these teams and reading your columns. I must say, I was surprised by your prediction of a GB win this Sunday. You're usually more guarded, and I think you are suffering from a desire to beat the Niners after the defeats of the past two years. Don't underestimate our ability to harass Aaron Rodgers and pound the rock, even if it's freezing. Also, our special teams are playing lights out. Good luck and may the best team win!

I'm sure it will.

Mark from Wausau, WI

Has Colin Kaepernick ever played in single-digit cold or snow before?

I don't know, but he might think twice about kissing his bicep on Sunday. His lips might stick to his arm.

Kyle from Richfield, MN

Vic, there is a lot of talk this morning on reseeding the playoffs. I don't understand the hysteria over it. Where is this argument coming from? Wouldn't it make divisions meaningless? How is that good for football?

It's not good for football, it's good for all of the crybabies that go through this ritual every time a wild-card team with a good record has to play on the road against a team with an average record. Remember New Orleans at Seattle? The crybabies want life to be fair. What a joke. Vic to crybabies: Deal with it!

Todd from Carson City, NV

I never saw Elroy Hirsch play, but I think of him whenever James "Crazy Legs" Starks carries the ball; giant strides in a jumble of knees and elbows. He is fun to watch.

Sometimes I think his legs are going to leave without his body.

Pat from Altoona, WI

Vic, have you had any more dreams since Sunday's win over the Bears?

I haven't had any dreams because I can't sleep more than 10 minutes without being awakened by the sound of my roof making loud cracking noises due to the cold. I've never experienced this kind of sustained cold. Fortunately, the press box is a climate-controlled environment. I hope it doesn't get too stuffy in there this Sunday.

Kevin from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, I love you and your column, but I'm calling (baloney) here. When everyone questioned Coach McCarthy going for two a few weeks ago, you defended it and said every coach in the league would have done the same (not true). This week, a reader suggests not going for two against the Bears (in virtually the same situation score and time wise) was the right move and you also agree that McCarthy made the right move. Which is it?

They're completely different. The Packers trailed by 16 when they began their fourth-quarter charge against the Vikings. They needed to score a lot of points and two touchdowns and two two-point conversions seemed to be their best chance at sending the game into overtime. Let's not forget that Matt Flynn was in his first game action since rejoining the Packers, and I think you would agree that the Packers defense was struggling to stop the Vikings; there was no reason to expect the Packers defense to get two three-and-outs and one five-and-out, which is what happened. This past Sunday, both teams were racing up and down the field. A one- or two-point difference was not the big deal an eight- or 10-point difference was in the Vikings game. I stand by what I wrote on both accounts. A one-point conversion guaranteed the Packers would stay within one score of the Bears; a one-point conversion against the Vikings meant the Packers would have to score twice.

Robert from Racine, WI

After the game, Rodgers was interviewed by a lady. One of her comments to him was that some "questioned your toughness." Where was she coming from to ask such a question?

Maybe she got it from my inbox.

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