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'The Man' makes or breaks his team

The truth about Morgan Burnett


Jeff from Minocqua, WI

Vic, regular readers of your column know your opposition to admitting punters and kickers to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What about general managers?

In a contributors category? I'm fine with that. Go ahead and induct the punters and kickers in a specialists category; just don't lump them in with the every-down players. We're trying to get some real football players into the Hall of Fame, and it bothers me that a punter, a few-plays-a-game player, is keeping a deserving every-down player out.

Pat from Altoona, WI

My how the tables turn so quickly. Last year, the chatter was get rid of Morgan Burnett, he's a liability. This year, it's all worry that he may miss a game with a calf injury. Thank you for the lessons you have taught me, Vic.

Burnett was unfairly targeted by fans for criticism last season. They were unhappy with the safety play so they lashed out at Burnett without knowing what the truth was. The truth was the Packers defense needed more players and more development. It wasn't one position and it wasn't one man.

Nick from Springfield, VA

Vic, I've heard several national radio hosts over the last week say Rodgers is the only reason the Packers are good. Their argument is the rest of the team is less than average but Rodgers is what makes them 5-2. That seems very ignorant since the defense is playing better than the stats say. Rodgers is the variable that makes the Packers scary, but is not the sole reason they are playing well.

What great quarterback doesn't tilt the field? Has Tom Brady tilted the field for the Patriots? Does Peyton Manning tilt the field for the Broncos? That's the new NFL. The quarterback is "The Man." He's the guy that makes or breaks his team. I would say this to those radio show hosts: Duh!

Mike from Melbourne, FL

Vic, have you ever been around another player that has the guts to tell all the fans to relax and then come out and play to the level he has?

Terry Bradshaw allowed a mynah bird to be placed on his arm, boldly predicted he felt its power and then led two long touchdown drives with an arm so injured that he never played another down, but I've never covered a player that's boldly told the fans to R-E-L-A-X. That one's going to be in the book.

Justin from Danbury, CT

Vic, do you think McCarthy will try to avoid a shootout and a frenzied home crowd by pounding the Saints with Lacy and Starks? They can't put up a ton of points if Brees is sitting on the sideline. I feel like time of possession will be a very big deal in this game.

I like the way you think.

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