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Two players could make all the difference

Time to bid farewell to Mobile and the Senior Bowl


Jake from Mobile, AL

Hey, Vic, what do you think of our winter weather?

I think Mobile is a wonderful place and I always enjoy my visit there. It's where the Senior Bowl has always been and I hope it will always be there. I left Mobile this morning and I hope to return next January.

Jay from Sheboygan, WI

I keep reading about this Mike Glennon kid and every knock on him is that he does not make sound decisions at times. I right away think about another QB by the name of Brett Favre. He threw into a lot of coverage but it worked 90 percent of the time. Is that a fair comparison?

Glennon should not be compared to Favre. Glennon is 6-6 and a pocket passer only. He doesn't possess the improvisational skills Favre did. Glennon is what I like to call a paint-by-the-numbers quarterback and he needs to follow the numbers more carefully and stay within the lines. What he confirmed at the Senior Bowl is that he has the tools. He has a top arm and a classic throwing motion. He threw on time and accurately in the all-important Tuesday and Wednesday practices. He proved he can make all the throws. I saw just one misstep: He threw into double coverage on a deep ball on Tuesday, which immediately confirms the decision-making concerns.

Carl from Jacksonville, FL

The new GM here in Jacksonville says the Jaguars will be a needs-based drafting team. In your time here, you always taught us the best way to go was BAP. Can you talk me off the ledge? I was super excited with both Caldwell as GM and Bradley in at coach, but this has me really worried.

I have come to believe that BAP and needs picking in today's game mean the same thing. I say that because everyone is trying to do the same thing: Address their needs by moving in the order so they don't have to leave their board. I've used Atlanta as an example. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones were both need picks, but they were at the top of everyone's board when they were picked. David Caldwell came from Atlanta and he will try to do the same thing.

Mike from Boise, ID

Tramon Williams is getting older and good defenses have a solid secondary. Any cornerbacks jumping out at you in Mobile?

On the North, Will Davis of Utah State and Dwayne Gratz of UConn made plays. On the South, San Diego State's Leon McFadden stole the show on Monday.

Wallace from Jacksonville, FL

Vic, just how do they decide what team the players play on in the Senior Bowl? From the picture I saw in "Ask Vic," it looks like Louisiana Tech is in the North.

It appears to me the SEC is in the South, and everybody else is wherever they're needed. Make no mistake about it, the Senior Bowl has always had an SEC flavor. They still have to sell tickets.

Jacob from New Bremen, OH

"Nothing is more important than toughness." I'd say a quarterback is more important. All the toughness in the world won't make up for not having the QB.

And all the quarterbacks in the world won't mean anything if they're not tough.

Ross from Jacksonville, IL

It's the first round and D.J. Fluker and John Jenkins are still on the board. Who do you take?

It doesn't matter which player you take, you're getting a premier lineman. If you need an offensive lineman, take Fluker. If you need a defensive lineman, take Jenkins. I think Jenkins would especially appeal to a 3-4 team. Jenkins is a nose tackle for the ages.

Jocelyn from Crawfordsville, IN

I just read a report that said the NFL is looking into a laser projection as a first-down marker all the way across the field, like the yellow line we see on television but actually on the field for everyone in the stadium to see. I'm not sure how I feel about this. What are your thoughts?

I'm absolutely sure how I feel about this. I hate it.

Mark from Seattle, WA

Vic, I ran into John Clayton the other day while out to eat. He's a very nice person. I mentioned your name and he asked how I knew you and said that you had both worked together covering the Steelers in the '70s. When I got home, I read a bit about John. What rules violation did he report that caused the Steelers to lose a draft pick?

Woodward and Bernstein gave us Watergate. John gave us Shouldergate.

Brad from Calgary, Alberta

Vic, do you think a move to safety for Davon House would make sense?

No, I don't. House has the classic body type of a cornerback. He has length and flexibility. When a guy can flip his hips as House can, you don't move him to safety. Cornerbacks are always more difficult to find and House, in my opinion, has the tools to be a special cornerback. I thought he was headed in that direction last summer.

Dan from Milwaukee, WI

Would you trade Aaron Rodgers for any other player in the league?

Absolutely not. He's the best quarterback in the league.

Mike from Emerald Isle, NC

I don't know what Jay is talking about; you always express how much Packers fans love their players.

It's one of the first things that struck me as being unique about Packers fans. They have an unconditional love for the players. This is the best place in the league to be a player.

John from Port Edwards, WI

Can you tell us what you and Tony do each day?

We go to the North practice in the morning, get some lunch, and then go to the South practice in the afternoon. We watch. After that, I go back to my hotel room and write a story. Then I go eat shrimp and do other things. Tony's a health nut. I don't know what he does.

Tuomas from Turku, Finland

More and more players from Europe are pursuing a career at football by coming to USA to play football at college level and maybe to get a chance to get drafted. There are at least dozens of players from Europe who play football at JC and college. This year Margus Hunt and Bjorn Werner are considered to go rounds 1-2. When do you think NFL teams will send scouts to Germany?

America is loaded with football talent. The NFL doesn't have to leave its boundaries to find players, but as other countries begin playing the sport, the NFL will broaden its search for talent. The commissioner seems to be intent on putting a team in Europe. When that happens, the seed will be planted.

Jason from Dillsburg, PA

I won't watch the Pro Bowl this weekend. I like football and that isn't football. Had the Senior Bowl been a featured game this coming Sunday, however, I would be glued to my set, eager to see tomorrow's stars playing real football. Do you think it might happen one day?

I think the Senior Bowl is a wonderful event and concept. What has to happen for it to grow, however, is that Mobile must improve the facilities and commit to a bigger project. I sincerely hope Mobile will find the resources to do that because I think the Senior Bowl has a big upside and it would help grow Mobile. Mobile is the Senior Bowl and the Senior Bowl is Mobile and it would be a shame if that ever changed, but we all know about progress: It stops for no one.

Will from Mt. Laurel, NJ

I follow Pauline on Twitter. Gray porch sneakers with khakis? Really?

Hey, it's how I dress. I don't know why he was so bothered by it. I got several compliments on my shoes.

Hansen from Whitewater, WI

In yesterday's "Ask Vic" you received questions from people from Monterrey, Mexico, Cologne, Germany, Willemstad, Curacao and Florianopolis, Brazil. How do you feel that your daily article is read all over the world?

It says everything about the Packers and the NFL. Their reach is worldwide.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

In your opinion, how many more players do we need and what are the odds of us getting them for next season?

A feature running back and an impact player on defense would make all the difference. They can be found in this draft. I think the bigger question is: Should we expect that kind of immediate contribution from rookies? Maybe the kind of contribution I'm describing will come from last year's rookies.

John from Ellison Bay, WI

Vic, what exactly is finesse?

Finesse is an influence block instead of a drive block. Finesse is rubbing off a defender instead of beating him deep. Finesse is a naked boot instead of a lead draw. Simply put, finesse is tricking your opponent instead of physically whipping him. When you trick him, he gets angry. When you whip him, he gets scared.

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