Services for Guests with Disabilities

The Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field staff recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and continues to make every effort to comply with both ADA and state accessibility mandates. In addition, the facility strives to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities.

Gameday Information


Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The two specially designated parking areas are accessible from either Lombardi Avenue (Lot 3) or Valley View Road (Lot 7). A state-issued disabled placard or license plate is required to gain entrance and a parking fee of $40 is collected at the gate. All stadium parking lots open four hours prior to kick off. Spaces often fill to capacity, therefore an early arrival is recommended to secure a parking space.

Drop Off Zone
A northbound lane of Ridge Road (on the stadium's west side) is sectioned off on gameday to provide a safe and convenient passenger drop-off zone. As this area is very congested after the game, it is not designated as a post-game pickup zone. Drivers should arrange to meet their passengers at an alternate location or wait for traffic to clear after the game to approach the area.

Stadium Gates
All stadium gates are accessible to fans with disabilities. Fans are encouraged to use the gate suggested on their ticket for the most direct route to their seats.

Fan Assistance, Lambeau Field Greeters & Club Level Concierge Service
Fan Assistance can be found in the following locations; at the Lambeau Field Atrium Guest Services Desk, underneath Section 109 in the main concourse, underneath section 353 in the upper concourse, and at the concierge desks located on the club and suite levels. Additionally, you will find Lambeau Field Greeters offering assistance at each gate and stationed throughout the stadium.

Ramps, Elevators & Escalators
Lambeau Field has a network of ramps, elevators and escalators to assist fans in accessing the various areas and levels within the stadium. If you are unsure of the best way to get to your section, please ask a Lambeau Field Greeter, stationed inside each entrance gate.

Assisted Wheelchair Transport
Wheelchair transport is available for guests who need assistance travelling from the gate to their section. Please ask a Lambeau Field Greeter or visit one of the Fan Assistance booths located underneath Section 109 in the main concourse and Section 353 in the upper concourse, and at the Atrium Guest Relations desk.

Wheelchair/Mobility Device Storage
Individuals who use their own wheelchair or mobility device to maneuver the parking area and concourse but transfer to a stationary stadium seat to watch the game, can store their wheelchair/mobility device at a Fan Assistance booth which are located underneath Section 109 in the main concourse, underneath Section 353 in the upper concourse, and on Level 3 of the Shopko Gate lobby in the South End.

Seating For Fans Using Wheelchairs
To view the game in your wheelchair or scooter, you must obtain wheelchair and companion tickets prior to entering the stadium. Please review the section below, "Wheelchair & Companion Accommodations, Relocations and Ticket Sales" or contact the Packers ticket office at 920.569.7501 for more information.

Restrooms/Family Restrooms
Restrooms are easily located on all levels throughout the stadium and all are accessible to fans with disabilities. For families with small children and/or those with special needs, family restrooms can be found near Sections 109 and 134 in the main concourse, near Section 109 in the upper concourse, near Section 431 on the Associated Bank Club Level, and on every level throughout the South End.

Emergency medical teams and a doctor are on call in the stadium at all times. If you require medical assistance, contact the nearest security personnel, call the Stadium Security Office at 920.569.7400, dial 911, or proceed directly to one of the stadium’s three First Aid Stations.  First Aid Stations are located underneath Section 133 in the main concourse, near Section 330 in the upper concourse, and adjacent to the elevators on Level 4 in the South End Shopko Gate lobby.

Emergency Phone Numbers & Paging Policy
To contact someone during a game in the event of an emergency, please call the stadium security office at 920.569.7400. Security personnel will be on hand to assist you. If you are anticipating an emergency phone call, report your name and seat locations by calling the phone number above. Paging within the stadium is reserved only for extreme emergencies.

Emergency Evacuation
Always be aware of your position in the stadium, and note the nearest ramps and exits. In the unlikely event an emergency situation would require the stadium to be evacuated, instructions will be relayed via the public address system. If such circumstances arise, please remain calm and follow instructions as they are given.

Please charge your scooter or electric wheelchair before visiting Lambeau Field. Electrical outlets are not provided for this purpose.

Service Animals
Service animals are welcome at Lambeau Field.

Wheelchair & Companion Accommodations, Relocations and Ticket Sales


Wheelchair and companion seats are located throughout the stadium and at most price levels.

Disability Requirements
In order to utilize wheelchair & companion seating, one must have a disability that requires the use of a wheelchair or scooter.  (Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for patrons who do not use wheelchairs or scooters, but whose disability requires the use of wheelchair & companion seating.)

Season ticket holders can trade their non-accessible game tickets for wheelchair and companion tickets on a game-by-game basis, pending availability. A limit of two (one wheelchair and one companion ticket) applies. Please contact the Packers Ticket Office at 920.569.7501 for more information.

Season Tickets

Wheelchair & companion seats are sold on a season ticket basis to individuals whose disability requires that type of seating.  A limit of four (one wheelchair and up to three companion tickets) applies.  Please contact the Packers ticket office at 920.569.7501 for more information.

Policy on Fraudulent Use of Wheelchair and Companion Seats

The Packers will take appropriate action, which may include ejection and/or revocation of season tickets, against any individual who fraudulently obtains or sells wheelchair and companion tickets. Such fraud may include, but is not limited to, the misrepresentation of a disability for the purpose of obtaining wheelchair and companion seating, and/or routinely reselling wheelchair and companion tickets.

Anyone observing consistent abuse of the above policy should report the section, row, and seat numbers to the Packers Ticket Office at 920-569-7501.


View Entire Official Wheelchair & Companion Seat Ticket Policy (PDF)

Visiting the Atrium (Non-game Days)


On non-game days, parking spaces for guests with disabilities are located on the east side of the stadium, adjacent to the American Family Insurance Gate.

When visiting the Lambeau Field Atrium on non-game days, guests with disabilities should enter at the American Family Insurance Gate.

All Lambeau Field Atrium business are fully accessible.



Additional Assistance
On non-game days, a limited number of wheelchairs are available to assist guests with mobility. If you'd like to borrow a wheelchair during your visit, or if we can assist you in another way, please inquire at the Atrium Guest Services desk.