Season Tickets

Season Ticket Waiting List
Lambeau Field has been sold out on a season ticket basis since 1960 and we've been accumulating names on our legendary season ticket waiting list ever since. To add a name to the season ticket waiting list for seats in the stadium bowl, or to be added to a separate list for premium Club seats, print and complete the season ticket waiting list form (click here) and mail to:

Packers Ticket Office
P.O. Box 13564
Green Bay, WI 54307-3564

You will receive a confirmation letter once your name is added to the list, followed by an annual postcard to keep you informed of your progress.  In order to remain on the list, it is imperative that your current address is on file with our office at all times.  Address changes can be reported by mail to the above address or by calling (920) 569-7501 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday–Friday.

To express your interest in obtaining a Suite or for more information on premium seating opportunities at Lambeau Field, please contact our premium seating team at 920-569-7260 or contact them by mail at:

Packers Premium Seating
P.O. Box 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628
Phone: (920) 569-7260

The Green Bay Packers, in conjunction with its marketing partners, may occasionally use the names and addresses on the season ticket waiting list to inform you of promotions or special offers deemed to be of general interest to Packers' fans.


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Season Ticket Holder Policies

Account Holder Definition
The first line of your account information (as shown on your invoice and season ticket package) denotes the season ticket holder of record. For your protection, we will only accept payments, address changes, transfer requests and inquiries from the person designated as the season ticket holder, his or her spouse, or a legal representative. Tickets held in the name of a business should designate a company representative to make such changes and inquiries, whose name would appear on the second line of the account information.


Address Changes
Should your address or contact information change, please contact the Packers ticket office at (920) 569-7501 or email the changes to


Seat Upgrade Policy
To request a change in your seat location, send a written request to the Packers Ticket Office indicating the general area you wish your seats to be located. Your preference will be noted in your account and will remain a permanent record until we are able to accommodate you. Fans with special needs are given first consideration, while other requests are prioritized by the date the request was submitted. In the event we are able to accommodate your upgrade request, we would contact you for your approval prior to any changes being made. Please bear in mind that the ticket renewal rate at Lambeau Field is usually close to 100% and the few cancellations we do receive are rarely in prime locations.


Transferring of Packers Season Tickets
Season tickets can be transferred to the below qualifying heirs and transferees upon the season ticket holder's notarized authorization on our official transfer form. Transfers are processed at the completion of the football season up to June 1. Transfer requests made after June 1 will be retained on file for processing the following year. Should you wish to transfer your tickets upon death, a completed transfer form can be left with your will to be presented after your passing. To obtain a copy of the transfer form, please contact the ticket office or Download a printable PDF version of the transfer form.


Official Policy on Transfer of Packers Season Tickets:
We will honor a request for transfer as follows:

  • a) Upon death of ticket holder
      • 1) To surviving spouse; or if no spouse, the surviving children of a deceased
        ticket holder without authorization. (If children do not agree, the tickets shall revert to the Green Bay Packers.
      • 2) If direction by deceased under will or specific writing to family devisees defined in (b) but not to devisees who are not defined in (b), even with direction.
  • b) To family, defined as, spouse and “blood” relatives who are not more than first cousins, on direction of ticket holder in writing during his or her life-time. (Excludes, for example, transfer to friends.)
  • c) Transfer of business-owned tickets to primary owners or officers of the business by written direction and acquiescence of other primary owners (if any).
      • 1) On voluntary dissolution to owners of closely held corporations with corporate resolution established by affidavit or documentation.
      • 2) On involuntary dissolution, tickets revert to the Green Bay Packers. (Trustees or Receivers to have no claim of right.)
  • d) Upon divorce or separation, we will honor a stipulation authorizing retention or transfer of tickets to one or both of the parties. Without stipulation or agreement, the tickets shall revert to the Green Bay Packers who shall have the right to divide the tickets between the parties.
  • e) The Green Bay Packers remain committed to the many fans on the Season Ticket Waiting List. For this reason, the Packers strictly prohibit any transfer of season tickets except in the limited circumstances outlined above. Any unauthorized transfer of season tickets, or any attempt to circumvent the Official Policy on Transfer of Packers Season Tickets, will result in a violation of the Season Ticket Holder Policy, which may result in the revocation of season tickets and season ticket holder privileges.

Note: When tickets are transferred between family members (or other parties authorized by the Green Bay Packers), the user fee is not charged to the transferee and therefore no direct reimbursement is made to the transferor. The season ticket user fee will be reimbursed only when tickets are relinquished to or revoked by the Green Bay Packers and thereafter purchased by the next person(s) on the Season Ticket Waiting List.


Relinquishment of Season Tickets/Reimbursement of User Fee
Season ticket holders who choose to relinquish all or a portion of their season tickets must submit their intent to cancel in writing to the Packers Ticket Office prior to making payment for the season and on or before the final season ticket payment due date.  The original amount you paid will be refunded to you, provided there are fans ready, willing, and able to pay the user fee to acquire the open seats.  The only way your user fee would not be refunded would be in the unlikely event the season ticket waiting list is exhausted and there are no longer interested buyers.


Green & Gold Package Scheduling
A preset formula assigns the Gold Package (former Milwaukee ticket holders) the preseason "Shrine" game, and games 2 and 5 of the regular season home schedule. The Green Package (original Lambeau Field ticket holders) receives the preseason "Bishop's Charities" game and games 1,3,4,6,7 & 8 of the regular season home schedule. The NFL determines the date, time and opponent of the games in the spring of each year.


NFL Flexible Scheduling
The NFL may shift the kickoff times of some Sunday games (Starting with Week 5) in an effort to highlight more prominent matchups during primetime. If a game is to be shifted, an announcement will be made at least 12 days in advance for Weeks 5-16.  A change for Week 17 could be decided on 6 days’ notice to ensure a game with playoff implications. Please monitor for schedule updates.


Season Invoicing and Ticket Distribution
Your season ticket invoice will be mailed to you soon after the completion of the Packers previous season with payment due by the end of March. Accepted forms of payment include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, check, cash or money order. To insure the integrity of your account, we will only accept payments from the season ticket holder of record, his or her spouse, or legal representative/guardian. You can expect to receive your season tickets several weeks prior to the first scheduled home preseason game.


Playoff Invoicing and Ticket Distribution
Season ticket holders will have the opportunity to register for potential playoff games by signing up for the Pay as We Play Early Entry option, when they receive their regular season invoice. Green package ticket holders will have first right of refusal for their seat locations for the playoffs. However, Green package holders will have to commit by mid-August to ensure they are getting the same seats. Gold package holders can register a credit card to be placed in a drawing for any seats not taken by Green package holders. The deadline to register for the early entry playoff tickets will be in mid–August. Both Green and Gold ticket holders will have the opportunity to register the same number of seats as they hold in their regular season package.  Green package holders will be sent confirmation that their seats are secure and we will notify Gold account whether or not they have been assigned seats and, if so, where the seats will be located in September. The credit card registered will not be charged until each home playoff game is clinched. In the unlikely event that seats remain available after mid-August, tickets will be sold at a later date in a manner yet to be determined. Purchasing playoff tickets is optional for Green and Gold package ticket holders (Club and suite holders are required to pay for playoff tickets per their contractual agreement). Playoff tickets are mailed in late December.


Super Bowl Tickets

  • As a Non-Participant - The Packers receive a minimal amount of Super Bowl tickets for the players and coaches, leaving none available for general sale.
  • As a Participant - If it appears possible that the Packers could advance to the Super Bowl, all accounts that registered for playoff tickets will automatically be entered in a computer-generated, random drawing, held in early January, for the opportunity to purchase two Super Bowl tickets. In the event your account is drawn, a letter/invoice will be mailed to you with the applicable instructions.


Away Game Tickets
Please contact the host stadium to inquire about single-game ticket availability, or visit NFL Ticket Exchange to safely purchase tickets through the secondary market.

Lost & Stolen Ticket Policy
Under most circumstances, lost, damaged or stolen tickets can be replaced for the season ticket holder of record. Please contact the Packers Ticket Office at 920-569-7501 for assistance.


Sell Your Season Tickets to Other Fans
Can't make it to a game? Post them for resale on NFL Ticket Exchange through your “My Packers Account” online. If your tickets sell, they will automatically convert to a mobile ticket, which the buyer must retrieve and present at the gate from a smartphone. When a ticket sells on NFL Ticket Exchange, the barcodes on your original tickets become invalid. The proceeds of your ticket transaction are automatically deposited in the bank account you provide at the time of posting. If your tickets don’t sell by the expiration date you specify, or if you cancel your posting before they are sold, your original tickets are valid for the game.

If your tickets are sold through NFL Ticket Exchange, you can rest assured that your season ticket account will not be in jeopardy if the fans using your seats violate our Fan Code of Conduct policy.


Buy Additional Tickets to a Game
Looking for extra tickets to a game? Buy from other season ticket holders and fans through NFL Ticket Exchange  - the official ticket exchange of the NFL. Once a ticket is purchased, log into your account where your tickets will be available for entry with a mobile device. The unique QR code on your smartphone insures that you have the only valid ticket for that seat.

Season Tickets as Revocable Licenses/Renewal of Season Tickets

Season tickets are revocable licenses that may be revoked, and admission refused, at the sole discretion of the Packers. The Packers reserve the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct the Packers deem to be disorderly or in noncompliance with the rules and regulations as promulgated by the Packers from time to time.

Season tickets are offered on a one-year basis only. The purchase of season tickets does not entitle a season ticket holder to purchase season tickets in any subsequent year. The opportunity to renew season tickets is a privilege granted by the Packers, which may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Packers. While the Packers have and will continue to exercise reasonable efforts to allow season ticket holders the opportunity to renew season tickets, the Packers nonetheless reserve the right to review all accounts before offering season tickets for the following season.


Fan Code of Conduct
The Green Bay Packers are committed to providing an enjoyable and safe game experience. Irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated at Lambeau Field or in its parking lots and, in some cases, may result in arrest and/or ejection from the game. The following will not be tolerated:

  • Smoking: Lambeau field is a smoke-free facility.
  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that result in irresponsible behavior.
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
  • Interference with the purpose of the game (including throwing objects onto the field).
  • Failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel.
  • Verbal and physical harassment of opposing team fans.
  • Any other conduct deemed to be beyond the bounds of reason.
  • While standing and cheering is permitted, please keep in mind that continued standing can interfere with others’ ability to enjoy the game from their seats. To be courteous to all guests in attendance, we ask fans to stand and cheer when appropriate with the flow of the game.

Violations of the above policy may result in the permanent revocation of season tickets, regardless of whether or not the violators using the tickets are the season ticket holders of record.  (Season ticket holders who sell their tickets through NFL Ticket Exchange or donate them to the Boys and Girls club of Green Bay or the Veteran Tickets Foundation are exempt from having their season tickets revoked as a result of violations to the aforementioned policy.)


Official Notice of Unauthorized Ticket Use
Any season ticket holder whose Green Bay Packers ticket(s) are found to be used for, or in conjunction with, any commercial purposes or promotions, including, but not limited to sweepstakes, giveaways or drawings will have their season ticket privileges permanently revoked with regard to those tickets in question.

The Green Bay Packers marketing department must approve the use of Green Bay Packers tickets for promotional purposes - charitable or otherwise.

Please submit written requests to:

Green Bay Packers Marketing Department
Attn: Ticket Promotion Requests
P.O. Box 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628

2017 Season Ticket Holder Handbook