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2004 Packers Draft Picks


Thanks to an additional compensatory draft choice, the Green Bay Packers will have eight selections to make in the 2004 NFL Draft.

The compensatory selection, the 251st overall, is compensation for the Packers' losses in free agency last year, and unlike other draft picks, cannot be traded.

Listed below are the Packers' draft choices in the upcoming NFL Draft, April 24-25, as provided by the NFL, April 6.

Round (Overall)

1 (25)

2 (55)

3 (86)

4 (118)

5 (153)

6 (185) To Philadelphia on Draft Day 2003 to move up in seventh round to select CB Chris Johnson

6 (188) from Dallas for WR Terry Glenn

7 (226)

7 (251) Compensatory Selection

Draft Did You Know...

In the first round of the NFL Draft, the last time the Packers selected a (an) ...

Wide receiver was 2002 (Javon Walker, Florida State, 20th overall)

Defensive end was 2001 (Jamal Reynolds, Florida State, 10th overall)

Tight end was 2000 (Bubba Franks, Miami, 14th overall)

Cornerback was 1999 (Antuan Edwards, Clemson, 25th overall)

Defensive tackle was 1998 (Vonnie Holliday, North Carolina, 19th overall)

Offensive tackle was 1997 (Ross Verba, Iowa, 30th overall)

Offensive guard was 1994 (Aaron Taylor, Notre Dame, 16th overall)

Linebacker was 2003 (Nick Barnett, Oregon State, 29th overall)

Running back was 1987 (Brent Fullwood, Auburn, 4th overall)

Quarterback was 1981 (Rich Campbell, California, 6th overall)

Center was 1967 (Bob Hyland, Boston College, 9th overall)

Fullback was 1966 (Jim Grabowski, Illinois, 9th overall)

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