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'72 playoff game helped end home TV blackouts Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


*Hi, everybody. Let's chat.           *

Comment From Guest

Hey Vic. How do we stop Jordan Reed without leaving Desean Jackson wide open?

Coach Capers has a plan for that. The players have to execute it.

Comment From Guest

How do you think the outcome of the game is going to be? Are we on track to get this wild card round?

I like the Packers.

Comment From Ben

No vote for Terrell Davis?

A lot of WRs will be coming into candidacy. I think you have to look ahead, and when I do that, I don't think he fits with the WRs soon to become candidates.

Comment From Canadian Mark

Hi Vic. I'd be curious to hear why you think Dick Stanfel is not considered a favourite to get into the HOF. 7 years in the league in the very tough 50's, 5 Pro Bowls and 2 Championships. Is it that 7 years just wasn't enough of a career?               

Cliff Christl convinced me.

Comment From Guest

Do you have the scoop on our offensive line situation?

Bakhtiari will get a hard look tomorrow. I know nothing more than that, but I have a feeling he'll play.

Comment From Bill from Staten Island

Hi Vic. Curious to know why you picked the Vikings over Seattle the other day? Seems like Seattle is the hot team right now.

*I'm big on homefield advantage in the playoffs and I sense a lot of energy for the Vikings. I think the storylines favor them. I think the weather is in their favor, too.    *

Comment From Pat

How difficult will Washington be to defend if both Shields & Randall can't make it to the field?

*If Shields can't go, Randall will become a huge player. He's my player to watch in Final Thoughts.         *

Comment From Jack

Hi Vic. Wayne Larrivee, in Packers Extra, called Aaron's fumble on Sunday "controversial." To what extent has officiating become a team's 4th Phase, another obstacle for the opponents to overcome?

I think it was a fumble.

Comment From Guest

Hi Vic! I have no concept of how many plays an NFL playbook has - or how many are used in a game. Are there 10 plays that are used 5 times each? Are plays two parts? 1 part formation, 1 part duties, or are there 10 formations with 10 duties for 100 plays total?

*Every team has half a dozen staple-type plays. They'll disguise them by running them out of different formations. That's what Mike McCarthy means by less volume, more creativity.      *

Comment From Rob

Can I wear white socks with khakis?

*I am today.        *

Comment From Justin-GA

Do either of our running backs carry the ball more than 15 times?

I sure hope so. I think that would be an indicator of success.

Comment From Scotty

Did you ever wear a leisure suit?


Comment From Steven

Why did you pick the Bengals to beat the Steelers?

As I said, I'm big on homefield. Also, the Steelers are without DeAngelo Williams. They couldn't run at all in Cleveland. The Bengals are a strong team. The Steelers are No. 30 against the pass. Mike Tomlin has done a sensational job getting that team into the playoffs, considering its losses.

Comment From Scotty

What stands out to you about "The Over Hill Gang" of the early 1970's?

They traded draft picks for older players, which means they mortgaged their future for the present.

Comment From Tom

Hi Vic: The Packers need to open the field up this Sunday by throwing deep passes to their receivers. Do you think the weather (rain) will prevent this?

It's supposed to clear in the afternoon and then get windy. If that happens, the short passing game will become most important.

Comment From Lonny

Does it mean anything that Washington hasn't beaten a team with a winning record?

*It means they have a chip on their shoulder from being reminded of that fact. *

Comment From Tony L

Is it possible for the Offense to 'turn on the switch' so easily this game?

*In other words, can the win-or-else nature of the playoffs flip a team's switch. I think it can.    *

Comment From Jordan

You've been saying you are big on homefield but then you also said you like the Packers? Is there a particular reason you favor them on the road vs other teams on the road or are you just saying you like their chances because of the idea of "any given Sunday"?

I have a strong belief in Aaron Rodgers. He's a special QB. I know the Packers have struggled on offense, but mystiques die hard.

Comment From Steve 

I remember '72 game. Our lacking of passing prowess mirrors that game. At least we have Rodgers and not Hunter. Are the '16 Packers ready for 8 in the box?          

*If that's what you remember from '72, then you're remembering the wrong thing. The 72 playoff game was instrumental in the 1973 Act of Congress. It's why people who live in Green Bay are able to see the Packers play on TV when they play at Lambeau Field.    *

Comment From The Dave 

Vic, what are the chances we all remember this as "the Jeff Janis game"?

*I think the fans that keep pounding on this subject are creating pressure for Jeff he doesn't need. I'd like to see everybody give this a rest and let this young man learn his craft and grow his career.   *

Comment From Justin M 

Vic - do you think McCarthy will be hesitant to put Starks in the game due to his recent fumble issues?

*I don't think he'll hesitate to play him, and I'm sure he won't hesitate to bench him if he fumbles again.           *

Comment From Shane 

Does this year's team and it's injuries remind you of any other squad?

I covered a Jaguars team that had a run of injuries at OT, as the Packers have had at WR. It happens quite often. What's that law?

Comment From Ben 

Murphy's law

*Yeah, that's it. Have you ever heard of Ketchman's law? "If you want it, you can't have it. The moment you don't want it, it's yours." I made that up.        *

Comment From COPackerBacker 

Vic, are you excited to watch this Packer playoff game? I have not really been excited about it this week, but today it's changing. Now the games count.

*I am brimming with excitement. That part of me is ageless.       *

Comment From Matt 

Vic, for the Packers to pull off a victory this Sunday...the offense needs to _____.

Move the ball and score. There's no way around that. These are the playoffs. You have to be at your best.

Comment From Juan 

Vic, what is are your opinions on Rollins and Randall?

*As a pair, they've exceeded my expectations.  *

Comment From Chris 

Win the toss. What do you do ???

*Defer. I'm a defensive guy. I wanna play defense, get a three-and-out and give my offense the ball at its 40.   *

Comment From Brian 

There are rumors of friction between MM and AR. My thought is that sometimes that friction can make both parties rise to greater things. What's your take on this?

It worked for Bradshaw and Noll, Staubach and Landry, Elway and Reeves and plenty of other QB-coach combinations. Otto Graham told me he had to be held back from going after Paul Brown on the sideline. Didn't Lombardi and Starr have some friction? Packers fans are warm and fuzzy types. I like friction. I think it's important for teams to have an edge, a feeling of something to prove. For sure, this offense has something to prove.

Comment From Del 

Did Andy Warhol know you made that quote up about wanting?

Andy's a Pittsburgh guy. He wouldn't mind.

Comment From Lee 

This is Jay Gruden's first playoff game as a head coach - any advantage or disadvantage?

I don't know, but he's done one helluva job.

Comment From Joe 

This is a super boring chat. If this performance is any indication of what to expect Sunday, we're going to fall flat on our face.

You have my permission.

Comment From Colton 

Whos had the most consistent season so far for the Packers?

*Mike Daniels and Julius Peppers immediately come to mind.   *

Comment From Joe 

This is a very uninspired performance by you Vic.

I know, Joe. I hope your day improves.

Comment From Matt 

I know this is looking into the future..but what college prospects excite Mr. Ketchman and what prospects do you think have a shot to be there when the Packers make their 1st rd. selection?

I've watched a receiver from Pitt named Tyler Boyd for three years. He's smooth and would expect him to be available late in the first round. College football is loaded with top WR talent. Boyd is just one of them.

Comment From Joe 

Calm down, learn to handle a little ribbing. You're great at dishing it out. My day couldn't be better, it's playoff weekend!

I'd like to speak to Sybil now.

Comment From Guest 

Earlier this week you mentioned that the NFL is a national game, and this has lessened the importance of divisional rivalries and the feeling of true Inter-Conference competition. If both the Chargers and Raiders end up in LA, let alone the same stadium, do you see the NFL restructuring the league to separate these teams?

They'd have to do something. I would expect some kind of minor realignment. If one of them switched with the Seahawks, for example, it would in effect bring the Rams back to LA once a year. Something will have to be done.

Comment From Jared B 

How many games have you covered in LA?

A lot, including Angels Stadium. The last one I covered in the Coliseum was in 1994. The press box was condemned. I sat in a makeshift outdoor press box in the end zone.

Comment From Michael 

Vic, after sitting 4 hours in the press box with your media buddies, how different is the feeling among those writing for the winning team, and losing team?

No difference.

Comment From Ben 

At what point in Sunday's game will we know?

The last play of the game? Get ready for it. I am.

Comment From Josh P 

I disagree, I think division rivals in the same stadium would be great.

*It would be new. You might be right.    *

Comment From Ben 

Does the Packers media team follow a draft and develop philosophy?

I believe in it. I don't know about the other guys. Tom Coughlin was a needs guy. I struggled with it. He knew I did.

Comment From Chris 

What kept those 60's and 70's Vikings teams from winning the Super Bowl?

*The AFC was dominant.               *

Comment From Willie 

Vic I know you're bringing your best verbs this weekend. We're counting on you!

Playoff adjectives go to a higher level.

Comment From Ben 

How do you feel about the Washington team name controversy?

*I've expressed my opinions on it but this is not the week to do it again.              *

Comment From Lonny 

Who does Kirk Cousins remind you of?

I see a little Theismann.

Comment From Ben 

Who on the Washington defense scares you the most?


Comment From Shawn 

I don't know if you have answered this before but what is your favorite novel?

I'm a big Steinbeck guy. I like the Moon is Down.

Comment From Bob 

Vanilla questions are the worst.

*The last one is yours. Go for it. *

Comment From Bob 

Who seals the deal defensively for the Packers this game?

Clay Matthews. Enjoy the game, everyone.

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