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Aaron Rodgers, Lambeau Field winning combination

Eagles will play to their identity


Ryan from Haddon Township, NJ

Who do you predict will win and what will be the score of the Packers vs. Eagles game.

I'm not big on predictions, but how could I not like Aaron Rodgers at home? I think it's a winning combination. My expectation is for the winner to be in the 30's and the loser to be in the 20's.

Carl from Dickinson, ND

Vic, my expectation for Clay this game is that he will remain mostly at OLB. The Eagles' high-tempo offense will try to catch him out of position at ILB and keep him there.

That's a salient thought. My thought is that I can't help but think Nick Perry is headed for a move to inside linebacker. Dom Capers said on Monday it's not an easy transition. Maybe that's what's holding it up. I had a feeling in the spring the Packers might move Perry inside, but he missed OTAs. Maybe that held it up.

Patrick from Dallas, TX

Mike Florio says if the Bears lose to the Vikings this week "everyone should be terminated." I prefer your approach to journalism.

What would that accomplish? Calm the howling wolves? That's all. Obviously, the Bears are headed for change, but they're not mathematically eliminated from the playoff race and firing everyone now would be nothing more than a white flag of surrender. I think we need to be more disciplined as media and as fans than to just blurt out whatever we're feeling.

Adam from Lancaster, UK

Coach McCarthy seemed to suggest Sitton and Lang were in the same situation as last week, playing without practicing. How long can this be maintained at this level?

You have to be smart about managing your team. Recovery is more important for Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang than practicing and possibly compromising the speed of their recovery. It's not what you want, but it's what you've got.

Walt from Skandia, MI

We often hear a team talk about controlling the clock to keep Aaron and our offense off the field. Do you think the Eagles will try that, or just stick with their fast-pace offense and try to outscore us?

At this point in the season, especially for a team heading toward the postseason, you are what you are and you must play to your identity. The Eagles' identity is for up-tempo offense, and they will play to it.

K.J. from Minneapolis, MN

Vic, it's been said that having three rookies contributing to your lineup constitutes a good draft year. It looks like the Packers have four rookies this season that are making an impact and are likely to be in the starting lineup into the future. What's the most rookies on any one team you have seen make an impact on their team in that first year?

It was the Steelers in 1974, and for two obvious reasons: 1) They had a killer draft. 2) It was a strike year and veterans picketed training camp, which allowed rookies to take jobs from veterans that were absent from camp. Four of the Steelers' first five picks are Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Mike Webster. Another draft pick, Jimmy Allen, was a contributor on that team, and undrafted free agency produced Donnie Shell and Randy Grossman, both of whom earned four Super Bowl rings. For the Packers to have produced four top rookie contributors in each of the last two drafts, and in an era of a seven-round draft and training camp roster limitations, is amazing. It's even more amazing when you consider how low in the order this team is picking.

Jocelyn from Crawfordsville, IN

There's a defensive formation in Madden for the Packers that lines up Matthews as an inside linebacker. I bet your readers are fond of that defense when they play.

Maybe that's what started the craze. Is there a defense for the Packers in Madden that lines up Jared Allen at defensive end, because my inbox was full of people that wanted the Packers to sign Allen over Julius Peppers.

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