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Additional Press Conference Notes


GM Ted Thompson

General Manager Ted Thompson knows that trading Brett Favre is a move that will be debated and scrutinized by fans for years to come, but his focus throughout the whole process has centered on doing what is best for the organization.

Despite being confident he is doing that, Wednesday's trade was by no means an easy move for him to make.

"This is in many ways sad that this is where it came to," Thompson said when asked if he was comfortable being known as the man who traded Favre. "At the end of the day though, I think all parties involved felt like it was the best solution to a very difficult situation. Hopefully we can do things going forward that maybe people will not remember that, but the answer to your question is no.

"I think our job is to do what we try to do every day: do the very best we can to put this team in a position to win games and to represent this community and this state and all the Packer fans around the country well. That's all you can do, is try to do your job and do it well."

As the decision-maker for one of the most storied franchises in the league, Thompson bears the responsibility of making the final call on personnel decisions, with the awareness that some of his choices won't necessarily be popular with the team's passionate fan base.

"We understand that when we sign on," Thompson said. "But there's all kinds of risks in the NFL, there's all kinds of risks in life. You make the best decisions you can based on what you believe is in the best interests of the Green Bay Packers, and you do it firmly and you do it the way a leader is supposed to do it. That's what we try to do every day with every decision we make."


As Favre heads to New York, Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy said Thursday that they wish him well because of all that he has done for the Packers organization.

"Despite opinions to the contrary, I like Brett a lot," Thompson said. "I'd love to see him have the time of his life. I'm wishing him well, that he does well. I think all football fans want to see him do well, and we pray he will.

"Brett has been obviously an unbelievable legend here as a Green Bay Packer, and I think even though he is going to do it in a different uniform, I think all of us would like to see him do well."

Added McCarthy: "He's a remarkable football player. I've enjoyed coaching him, he's fun to watch, and I'm sure I will watch him when he does play."

Jersey retirement will wait

President/CEO Mark Murphy said that with Favre returning to the field in 2008, the Packers' plans to retire his jersey in the opening game of the year against the Vikings on Sept. 8 will obviously be put on hold, but the team will conduct the ceremony at some point in the future.

"That goes back to what he's done here," Murphy said. "He deserves that. But it will be at a point when we know he's absolutely done with his playing career."

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